The Divine Romance between Yin and Yang

DIVINE LOVE may be radiated and therefore transmitted to others through the open heart of a living Soul. Both men and women may do this. The male, however, is able to transmit a higher spiritual frequency of Truth and Purpose. This does not make man superior to woman, it is just a universal pattern. To further illustrate this point let us first recall the ancient hermetic axiom: “As above, so below”. We may observe the same divine blueprint that underlies the All also expressing itself in the sexual act between human beings. The man provides the life-seed to the woman who, after receiving it, brings forth the child. Similarly, we may regard the Sun, the Father (male), radiating forth life-energies which are received by Mother Earth (female) who then enables all the diverse life-forms to spring forth from her womb, her matrix of creation.

This same universal pattern is applicable between man and woman with regard to the Path of Return. Historically, we may recognise that the Avatar, the Messiah or Christ, has always been male. He comes to establish the Truth, to transmit the Purpose, to open up the Way, and the female, by devoting herself to the spiritual male and his mission, also attains liberation. This relationship between male and female, yin and yang, is the immutable archetypal pattern of the Universe. A delightful symbolical example of such a divine romance between man and woman is given in Luke 7:38, where Mary Magdalene anoints the feet of Jesus with precious unguents.

Divine Will, or spiritual Potency, may fertilise or catalyse divine Wisdom and Love in woman. By way of their true union, Spirit (male) brings forth potential divine blessings, and Matter (female) dispenses them unto all. This is how male and female unite for the common good; He giving the divine Seed and She, the Fruits thereof.

The spiritual male is the provider of divine Purpose and carries the Spirit-Spark to ignite its manifestation in matter. The spiritual female receives the seed into her womb and is able to nurture the Christ-Child (Love) in matter. Together, their union fertilises the prepared and so fertile womb-consciousness or creatrix of the divine Mother who brings forth the offspring: a new creation, born of Love. Male and Female, therefore, combine vision with manifestation, pure divine Intent with the creative Means to manifest the Divine Plan in matter. Thus, in order to re-enter the Kingdom of God man must remember his divine Essence and give that in love to the female, and she, in turn, must open herself to receive the Spirit-Seed and thus provide the creatrix for birthing the Christ-Child.

Today, chiefly owing to ignorance of right relationship between the sexes and therefore due to the distortion, misuse and perversion of the divine Romance, there is much disease in the world, psychologically, emotionally and physically. All disease may be healed instantly by divine Love, which may be experienced as Ecstasy in right relationship between yin and yang. Ecstasy may be fully realised and brought down to the physical plane only by way of divine union between male and female. Such is Universal Law: the divine pattern underlying all creation, which is demonstrated by all natural life, from the atom and its electrons to the sun and its orbiting planets, and beyond. 

The fallen male heals himself by transmitting the Spirit-Seed, the fallen female by receiving it and subsequently giving birth to a new creation. In this way male and female need one another. Under the Law of Polarity, male and female must integrate themselves all the way down to and including the physical plane, and this may be done only by looking up and out together, as one, in the same direction.

When a fallen female identifies with the ‘I’ and thus remains in servitude to self, there will always be competition, self-grasping, fear and selfish desire, plus and a tendency to seek escape routes for self, which will include a sick orientation toward the ‘winning over’ of men for her personal gratification and ‘security’. 

When a man proceeds to live for self, he will seek to ‘use and abuse’ women, endeavouring to satisfy his innate spiritual longing by way of sexual lust and domination.

This, then, is the essential cause of the ‘battle of the sexes’: ignorance of right relationship and right sexual Purpose.

The fundamental sickness of all men, then, is the same, just as is the fundamental sickness of women.  Just as the male sickness may be healed by one essential divine Solution: divine transmission or giving Love, so also will the female sickness be healed by receiving that divine transmission, by receiving Love from the male. 

The open, trusting, devotional and receptive Love of the divine female dissolves the fear of the male, a fear that has over the ages turned into violence towards women due to man’s terror of the woman being unable to receive him and so help him to realise his divine Purpose. Therefore, once females awaken to their true divine Nature and Purpose, then the patriarchal dominance on Earth in all its manifestations will be ended, and Christ may, at last, lift humanity’s burdens into the Light of Redemption – both for women and men.

In order to completely understand the nature of the great complications and problems created throughout history by the battle of the sexes, we will need to further explore the essential make-up of the Universe, or God.

YHVH (Yahweh)

The most ancient name for the Universal Spirit – or God – is Yod He Vau He, often written as YHVH. But this ancient name is far more than just what another religion calls their version of the concept of God, or even a name. In fact, it was not meant to really be just a ‘name’ at all. It is from before our time of human manifestation on Earth. It is the physical-word equivalent of an esoteric, vibrational Reality. It is an actual representation of the Universal Law that governs the primary pattern of all Creation. 

The name itself is the key to Creation and the representation of the Universal Law of polarities and the replication/reproduction of all vibration. And remember, everything is vibration. Contained in this name for the One Life, then, is the actual formula for Creation, and the manifestation of all life within the One. Therefore this name of God is probably the single most significant metaphysical concept there is. It is the simplest thing in the Universe, but perhaps the most difficult to really understand by the uninitiated and unenlightened.

The name is represented by four letters of what is now called the Hebrew alphabet, which have numerical as well as symbolical meanings. However, the name is actually far more ancient than the Hebrew alphabet. Yod-He-Vau-He (YHVH) is allegedly pronounced ‘Yohd-Hay-Vah-Hay’. This simple name was changed through time, translation, and misinterpretation, to many variations of the original, including within several religions. Consider the similarities Yahweh, Ya-Ho-Wah-Ho (YHWH), Ya-He-Wa, and Je-Ho-Vah, to name but a few. Jehovah and Yahweh stuck pretty well. YHVH is also sometimes referred to as the Tetragrammaton in magical and metaphysical circles. 

The first part of the name, which was the positive polarity or Father aspect of the name of God, was Yod. See the similarity here even: Yod, God, Yod, God; not too hard to change through time and even pronunciation. It was thus that the Father principle, Yod, was distorted from Yod into God, which is also most often given a father-principle connotation: “My Father God and I are one.” – Jesus.

The ancient teachings aver: “He who can pronounce this name properly opens the gates of heaven”. This saying is vastly misunderstood. But even now, in some major religions it is forbidden to even attempt to pronounce YHVH. This is because in the early days of organized ‘religion’, certain ‘priests’ in positions of power, and who desired even more power, did not want the common people to know this great key. They wanted people to look in deference to the priests and so turn to their religion for their understanding of God and spiritual matters. This gave them great power and control, so they hid the name, changed the name, or made it forbidden to be used by anyone other than the ‘high holy people’. However, chanting the name in meditation properly can create major changes in consciousness.

The symbolism and structure of Yod-He-Vau-He is simple, yet deeply profound. And when its few simple elements combine, they give birth to the entire complexity of life. In part, YHVH represents a perfectly simple pattern which is holographically present in all life, from the atom to the deity which is a solar system, and beyond. It also speaks of human procreation, and stellar/planetary procreation.

The first part: Yod, represents the positive (+), SunLightthe Father or Spiritual Seed principles. The first He represents the negative (-), not in the sense of ‘bad’ or ‘evil’, but in the sense of negative polarity, pure darkness, like that of the void of space, the womb, the receptive, feminine, Mother principles. Vau is the creative result of the meeting of both Yod and He in the place of interplay, intercourse. The union of the first two principles begets the Love-Child, Christ, a new creation, which is Vau.

Vau is its own principle, the principle of Love, which is androgynous. It therefore has within itself the same attributes as its Father and Mother, so it is actually both a Yod and He in its own microcosmic realm. In terms of cosmic frequency, Vau is on a vibrational plane an octave down from its parent-creators. It is also the place of conception of, and the birth of, the second He and Yod (the second He is placed before the second Yodbecause the polarities of creation are reversed in every new Birth; see diagram below). 

So Vau begins the cycle (Yod-He-Vau-He) again, but in microcosmic form. The second He and Yod, then, are the offspring of Vau, the result of the interaction of the new microcosmic Yod and He of Vau.

The Circle of Life



                                                                                    YOD    –    HE

                                                                                          \        /


                                                                                           /       \

                                                                                      HE     –   YOD

                                                                                          \        /


                                                                                           /        \

                                                                                    YOD     –    HE

                                                                                           \        /




This, then, is the play of divine Creation, and it is not difficult to understand how so much karma has been created, and so much suffering and error known in the fallen universe through the breaking of its laws due to ignorance and selfishness.

Adam and Eve

If we examine the structure of the cosmos, perhaps starting at an atomic level, we will see that the negatively-charged electrons (‘-‘ or feminine) orbit the positively-charged nucleus (‘+’ or masculine). The planets that orbit the central sun of a solar system are also feminine (-) while the sun itself is positive (+).

Here again in the physical cosmos, then, we observe the Father and Mother principles in operation: Father-Sun radiates light and life and the Mother-Planets receive these vital life-forces for their creative manifestation.

Therefore, it may be recognised that the feminine polarity of God (-) exists on the outside of the Body of Father-Spirit (+). This is in insuperable pattern for all life in the Universe.

This simple example is, in itself, sufficient to understand the Old Testament allegory of the Adam and Eve story. But let us consider this vitally important subject further.

The story of Genesis in the Old Testament tells us that Eve was tempted first by the serpent in the Garden of Eden, and that Adam followed Eve in her fall. Bearing in mind what we have observed regarding the arrangement of the feminine and masculine polarities within cosmic creation, it is clear that the feminine (-) or outer part of creation was the first principle to Fall from Grace, or to move out from the centre, being farthest away from the Spiritual Heart (+) of God, as it were. This, then, was the Fall of Eve. Adam (+) then followed in order to try to redeem Eve (-), for in separation from his divine consort Adam became only half a unity, half a being. In order to rescue Eve, Adam was required to also Fall from Grace and enter the undivine universe of illusion. Hence both Adam and Eve’s banishment from Paradise.

In order to reverse the Fall from Grace for both women and men, Eve must open her spiritual womb again to Adam and Adam must love Eve and so transmit the Purpose from the purest place in his heart. This, then, is the immediate and only true Goal of all fallen life in the undivine universe.

The Fall from Paradise as demonstrated by women and men on Earth is also replicated throughout the undivine universe by the physical planets and suns (and, indeed, of all lives, including the atomic).

For example, planet Earth, Gaia, having become a fallen world long ago has repeatedly reacted in fear to malefic seedings, that is to say, cosmic evil manipulations rendered through the selfish distortion of the true spiritual Purpose of the male. And it is hardly surprising that the female consciousness has not been receptive to being seeded (raped!) by a consciousness that has repeatedly approached her with force and manipulation! This has, of course, only perpetuated and exacerbated the battle of the sexes on Earth over the ages, until today when we may observe a repulsion of men by many women and an equal and opposite animosity of women by many men almost everywhere in the world. Such aversion is recorded in the spiritual subconscious of all human beings on Earth today.

Women innately sense within themselves the excessive injustice perpetrated by men upon women historically and, indeed, this has been the case. Witch-hunts and burnings are but one extreme example of the general domination and suppression of women by men over the millennia. However, woman has entirely forgotten that it was she who fell from Grace first and that in his growing frustration over vast stretches of time, man has also distorted his original pure intentions to give his Love to Eve and so redeem her. She has entirely forgotten the essential requirement of opening her womb to the spiritual male, thus reversing her ‘original sin’ and allowing both yin and yang to unite once again.

As has been mentioned, the aforesaid distortions have occurred repeatedly for aeons throughout Earth’s history, and the karmic ramifications of this are legion. So again, let us explore the true Solution to this terrible dilemma from which the human race has suffered for so long.

In order to reverse her fallen condition (and so also her corresponding sickness of heart), Eve must remember who she is as well as her true function and purpose in matter. Indeed, such remembrance is precisely what the spiritual Adam has been attempting to catalyse within her for ages and ages, in order that they may unite as one and so respond positively to their perennial Call to re-enter the divine Stream of Evolution. Having remembered this, Eve may proceed in faith and intelligent surrender to the Divine Plan, and again re-dedicate herself to manifesting her true, divine role in fallen matter. It is thus that she will restore Adam’s honour by receiving his Spirit-Seed.

It is thus, through her divinely-aligned focus, that Eve may remember her spiritual love and vital interrelationship with Adam and, of course, his eternal love for her, and so heal. Eve must ‘fall in love’ with Adam again, thereby ‘opening her womb’ to him for the creative Purpose. On Earth her love allows the spiritual Adam to truly incarnate in matter through the male incarnation. But first ‘the Prince must kiss Sleeping Beauty’ and cease in chasing her for himself!

After the kiss, the male divine Spirit is invoked by Eve through the long-awaited Adam in order to fulfil their joint purpose in matter together: Redemption, through the rebirth of the Christ-Child, Christ-Consciousness, or divine Love, by way of their true Union. Eve, then, cannot fulfil her purpose without Adam, and vice versa, but first Adam must evoke Eve’s feminine, receptive love. She cannot break the spell of fallen matter without Adam’s divine Spark; the Mother’s womb cannot give new birth without the male Spirit-Seed. 

The goal is that they re-unite: her open, receptive Love invoking his Spirit down to Earth via his personality in order that he may plant the Spirit-Seed in her womb. Note how, in response to Eve’s Love, Adam realises the Living Spirit, even in his physical body, in order to give it to her. Matter, therefore, unites with Spirit all the way down to the physical plane. This is the Alchemical Marriage, which transfigures matter, returning the reunited couple to the original divine State. Their divine union brings forth or births the Christ-Consciousness, and YHVH – the Law of Creation – is fulfilled on Earth. It is thus that Adam and Eve’s rightful place in Paradise is reinstated, as Heaven and Earth unite for the blessing of the whole world.

Yin and Yang

The dual polarities of yin and yang, female and male, are complementary aspects of one Whole. Only in the fallen universe does this Whole express itself in the form of two separate polar ‘opposites’: man and woman, the split of the sexes being necessitated in the distant past due to the misuse of the creative Power for selfish purposes. 

Yin and yang may be compared to transistors for the alternating current on a circuit-board. Negative and positive polarities do not create conflict when the circuit is closed and co-operating. It is only when the circuit is broken and therefore ‘+’ and ‘-‘ are no longer working together that a short-circuit is created, and then man and woman become mere polarity potentials (and even enemies!). This is the painful situation on Earth today between men and women. However, when functioning in their rightful and united way, i.e., as selfless agents for divine Purpose, male and female do not have a consciousness of separation from one another. 

Every individual personality-microcosm, whether a male or a female incarnation, has both polarities within them. When united, the yin/yang principles become one functioning ‘electrical’ (or spiritual) transformer, allowing the Creative Spirit to be active and usable all the way down to the most material plane.

The Archetypal Roles of Male and Female

The archetypal roles of yin and yang have been played out repeatedly throughout history. For example, the Hindu Avatar, Krsna, had his favourite consort, Radha, and there is Shiva (divine Will) and his consort, Shakti (feminine creative Intelligence or Power); the Egyptian Osiris had his Isis, and Lancelot found true love with queen Gwenivere in the Arthurian legend. The Buddha’s wife remained devoted to him even after he left her and their child to seek Liberation. As an example of her pure devotion to the Buddha’s Cause, she ate only one meal a day from a single wooden begging bowl for six years during his solitary meditations.

Wherever there is a divine male expression, there is a female (or females) behind him. Note the old saying: “Wherever there is a good man, there is always a good woman behind him”.

Seemingly separate, yet united in purpose and therefore function, these divine yin/yang archetypes always work together for the same Cause in perfect harmony and united collaboration. The Father’s role is to plant the seed and then to direct, guide and energise the Child (as does the Sun), while the Mother’s role is to birth and then nurture the Child in matter (as does Mother Earth). Although the two polarities have unique and separate functions, they work not in one another’s shadow and they must ultimately meet and unite in divine Union. Only in the Mystical Marriagemay both become Free.


The blessings of the divine symbiosis between male and female may, of course, be extended to embrace and include a whole community, and probably one of the finest examples of this on Earth is the legend of Camelot.

While Queen Gwenivere carries the flower of compassionate Love for the benefit of all in the kingdom, there is also a need for the sickle of King Arthur’s righteous Will, which clears the path of weeds in order that the delicate little love-flowers may grow again in God’s garden: Mother Earth.

In England during mediaeval times, generally the highest honour and spirituality as enacted in the Arthurian legend, for example, was one’s dedication to king and country.

The sword was wielded righteously to protect Camelot from the dark hoards outside that would have otherwise desecrated the inner sanctum of the kingdom and raped the women.

So while the brave knights were at war, protecting the kingdom, the women were in the castle preparing for their return, tending to the gardens, managing the provisions and generally nurturing a welcoming environment of home.

Yesteryear, the knights of Camelot used the sword and wore physical armour; today the same battle-pattern is being expressed on Earth on a higher level and will culminate in the final battle of Armageddon. Today, our spiritual knights wield the sword of Truth, which is the energy of divine Will, again to protect Camelot, the people’s Solace. Their breastplate is righteousness and their shield is consecration to the cause of the kingdom.

The kingdom would not be whole without both the Sword and the Flower of Love, and both Arthur and Gwenivere know this and so understand how each needs the other for the kingdom to flourish, and they recognise and realise the unique duties, talents and responsibilities of one another in meaningful co-operation.

In purposeful livelihood, devoted to the cause of the kingdom, both the king and queen have a divine relationship for something higher than themselves, and so they serve the people and the kingdom in the name of truth and love. And all is well.

It is said in the Bible that “God is Love”, yet God is more than Love, and Love without Will is not enough to ensure the perfect functioning and continued thriving of the kingdom, just as Love and Will work together in unison under universal law. And in a darkened land on Earth, both must collaborate for the one cause: Love ensures the nurturing of the people’s lives, while Will deals with the enemy which harbours within itself those weeds that seek to choke the garden of Camelot. Any enemy of Truth will therefore not welcome the sword of righteous Will, even though it is wielded honourably and so is good and true.

The decree of Camelot: Lord, may you give us the Wisdom (Love) to see what is right, the Will to apply it, and the Strength to endure.

See the excellent movie: First Knight, with Richard Gere, Sean Connery and Julia Ormond.

The Birth of a New World on Earth

In alignment with ancient prophecy, Father Spirit today approaches Mother Gaia in order to seed Her anew and to thus birth the New World Consciousness (Christ-Consciousness) on Earth. The Father ever approaches the Mother of the Universe who dwells in Her Cosmic Physical-Plane body, in order to unite and so give birth to the next development of their Eternal Romance. Their divine Child may be a human personality (as in the case of baby Jesus, for example), a race of beings, a planet, a solar system, a galaxy or a whole field of manifestation, a whole octave or universe of expression; the divine formula is always the same, and both yin and yang are required to play their part.

Mother Gaia (together with her female children) is today expressing Her lament of eons: 

“My Beloved is about to answer my Call for reunification, all the way down to the physical plane. Yet, today He is not yet quite welcomed here on my Body – planet Earth – nor His Kingship recognised. For, my feminine expressions (women) constitute His doorway into physicality and they are not yet Calling from the heart in true understanding, trust and surrender. Yet the Sword of Righteousness is being unsheathed again in these “end times” and my great ailing body will be healed at the close of this cycle, just as prophesied, as my long-standing illness will be transmuted into the light of a New Day”.

The Call for Adam, to be sounded by females, is an accolade or recognition of the spiritual Kingship of Father Spirit, and is an intrinsic part of the divine mythic pattern exemplified and expressed throughout human history by all Yin archetypal human figures. 

In ancient times, when the Earth was naturally more aligned with Nature, worship of the divine Mother was common and widespread. In these epochs, lineage and therefore rulership was held by and therefore awarded to others and handed-down through females, not males. Females, through marriage to suitable male lineage (i.e., those who carried suitable bloodlines of past royalty) disposed the title of “king” to the one they married. Many different civilisations created positive alliances in this way. Over time this pattern was all but forgotten and became terribly distorted as the feminine quality was devalued upon Earth, her unique powers ignored by the patriarchal imbalance and she is today regarded in many cultures to be subservient to the male, the weaker sex. This is why, during the advent of the Aquarian era, there is an historic awakening and revival of the Feminine archetype on Earth. Without Her, our planet cannot heal, awaken and re-align with Divinity. On a feminine planet, women should be given greater responsibility in society for the Earth’s care. Such a harmonious pattern will be reinstated on Earth in the coming cycle.

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