The End of Mara

From the journal of an infrequent visitor to planet Earth

From beyond the shores of time and space I wandered outward from the heart of Life. From far beyond human awareness, from a silent place of clear knowing and seeing, I descended towards the murky globe of planet Earth, where I beheld a darkened  and noisome world. The Earth appeared to me like a sealed sarcophagus of degraded and imprisoned life, severed from the universal harmony by mankind’s perpetuated error.

As I approached I saw surrounding this world a knotted sphere of tenebrous matter, writhing and seething about its surface like dirty oil on water. As I drew closer and entered into its atmosphere, the aura of the planet became progressively more toxic and suffocating, emanating noxious fumes like a putred sewer. And the psychic noise of the mass of human beings revealed to me the torture chamber that the Earth had become, where billions of suffering souls now struggled to breathe. The myriad separate dysfunctional minds of men and wraiths inhabiting the Earth and all the thoughts, desires and fears within this tomb of disharmony, congealed into a thick, dark burial shroud that encapsulated the Earth, choking the very life from her.

From within the extreme density of this darkened sphere, I beheld Mara, the evil one, working diligently from his place of concealment, dispatching his minions from within the subtle planes of this dying planet with both artful cunning and the deadly mien of a voracious predator.

I beheld how humanity is ruled by the god of death and the goddess of lies. I saw how man is perpetually tyrannised by an unholy intelligence, devoid of any true light, that has been feeding on the thoughts, emotions and life-force of the human race on Earth for eons, and I saw how Mara, the evil one, had ensnared all mankind in his web of deceit and corruption. And I clearly understood how all souls are delivered into a dark dungeon when they are born on Earth, and I saw all the ways in which Mara immediately goes to work on them, bent as he is upon deepening their enslavement and helplessness.

I was aghast at what was revealed to me as I drew closer to the Earth, and although my soul recoiled in horror at bearing witness to the great crime that was being committed upon the human race – the majority of which was completely oblivious to the insidious villainy being perpetrated upon it – I decided to continue my journey into the darkness of this world so that I might see in greater detail the cause and nature of the treacherous predicament that was terrorising mankind.

I was determined not to lose my sense of perspective as I delved into the denseness of this world, in order to incarnate on the physical Earth. I knew it was vital that I retain the spiritual memory I held of the harmonious and life-giving existence I had voluntarily left before being born into such an extremely limited physical body within such a cold and harsh environment. It was this memory that caused me to feel not a little regret upon having my consciousness thrust into this heavy, solid human vehicle of flesh, blood and bone.

*  *  *

A conscious remembrance of life outside this dense, fallen prison-planet has served to allow my vision to cut through the mire of the distortions and machinations of Mara’s twisted agenda. Through the veil of this biological garment that enshrouds my consciousness, I can see Mara with a clarity that most cannot. . . or will not.

And would that I might speak directly to Mara, to that collective embodiment of intelligent evil, here is what I should say:

I see you, Mara, as you surround the Earth with your net of dark matter, gleefully revelling in the cacophony and confusion that rises from the billions of separate, unintegrated minds of men over whom you rule. Encouraging disharmonious vibrations such as anxiety, fear, and guilt and all the other distortions of consciousness, I see you, Mara, you tyrannical god, imprisoning the Earth as you send forth your underlings to further your wicked plans.

I see your greed and selfishness, Mara, concealed behind the proper and acceptable veneer of social conduct and established propriety that you cultivate in humankind in order to better hide your abominable vocation. 

I witness the seeping forth of the dark forces that you initiate from beneath life, unseen by the eyes of the world, the eyes that you yourself have blinded with endless lies so as to remain hidden in the dark.

I see you, Mara. I see that you only care for yourself and want only what you want, regardless of reason or outcome. In endless processions of desires that have no lasting fulfillment, there you dwell.

And I hear you, Mara. To my ear you sound like an old, worn machine, mechanically hammering out its hidden agenda in a constant drone as background noise for the race of men, driving them mad over millennia and giving rise to an extreme lusus naturae of life that breeds in every shadowy and forsaken place, consuming life like a ravenous brute, offering nothing in return but separation and despair. I hear your endless, unholy clamour humming unyieldingly behind the audible sounds of this world, a subtle yet pervasive cacophony that promotes suffering. I hear as you beat out your hypnotic rhythms into the souls of men, sending them into ever deeper levels of sleep and ignorance. 

But, Mara, you have been unmasked. I can see you. I can see your handiwork in the rows of prison cells that people call their homes, road after road, block after block, piled one on top of the other as far as the eye can see. I observe your tyrannical grip on humankind as you force people to work in jobs they loathe and in which they suffer, only in order to feed and maintain your infernal machine. I see your twisted face glaring through the world’s media and through your commercial billboards. I hear your lies when you assure people that life will be better if they buy and use your products and eat of your bitter fruits, all the time encouraging greed, desire, and selfishness in order to become “successful” in your world.

You agitate the governments of the world, the leaders and their people, into irrational fears and wars. You live in them like a virus which has contaminated their minds and souls, turning their hearts to stone, spawning disease, separating them from their Creator, and making of them a dark parody of themselves, to become slaves amongst the ranks of lost souls in your army.

I can see your mark everywhere, Mara, when I look upon this sunken world. I see all that you hide from man. I see you in the eyes of those who unconsciously carry out your grand plan, driven by your ancient, festering lusts.

From beyond the fake appearances of this world I see you, even though you remain hidden from the averted eyes of most people who dare not look upon what they thmeselves have created and which they perpetually feed in their denial and fear.

It is man’s long-perpetrated error that has given rise to you, Mara, and in return you have initiated man through many a dark age to serve your corrupt and self-serving appetites. You are the beast that has set up camp upon creation’s shores, who  contaminates the spirit of life wherever it seeks to express itself, preventing man’s true nature from appearing and stopping him from lifting himself up out of the miasma of degradation. Instead you encourage your own fell nature to grow within him like a cancer. Thus does he become a part of your life, a life that has no place under God’s law.

Those who follow you, Mara, are lost and blind. You are the fallen one born of unholiness, now reaching the pinnacle of your power upon the eve of the darkest night of man’s sorrows.

I pity you Mara. You are that which should never have been. Called into existence by the foolishness of man’s wayward life, you live in the lower self-nature of man, and through his passions, desires and ignorance you lend yourself to every kind of evil expression. You are the fuel that drives all lies and which burns in so many souls. It is your destiny, Mara, to die alone. And never having known the Love of God, you will be abandoned by all life unto your inevitable and irreversible end.

*  *  *

Even though you pretend to be the architect of life, you are the god of death and of all misery. Even though you pretend to illuminate life, your light is illusory, fake, cold and empty. And I see now why you skulk in the darkness so: you are afraid, for these are the final days of your reign on Earth; your end is close. I have seen this day approaching, Mara, and I see why you are now becoming so desperate. It is because you, too, have seen this day forthcoming. Upon those who do see you, upon those who love God’s Truth, you spit curses, because their true vision forebodes the end of your insidious rule.

Relatively few are those who are aware of you, Mara, but those with vision can see as their eyes are being opened now everywhere within your domain. Many still do not suspect the presence of your dark spectre within themselves, overshadowing their every thought and desire. But the avante garde of the new human race see you, Mara. We see the beast that you are. We observe how your demon-host of lost souls endlessly impresses itself upon the human heart and mind so that each man might be counted amidst your dark army that is now amassing for the final battle.

The clock ticks silently but surely towards your doom, Mara, and your end is nigh. The sands in your hourglass are running out, as are the foundations of your deception, like a rotten, crumbling edifice erected on the sufferings of life, no longer able to hold itself up under its own weight.

Those who are true, those in service to God, are preparing to meet you face to face for the final battle for the Earth and the soul  of the human race. They have walked through your valleys of death, and looked into the empty soulless eyes of your slave legions. They have watched those in servitude to you gorge themselves upon your lies while lingering in the shadows, attempting to hide from the newly-rising sun as they prepare themselves for their last stand, before they are washed away forever in the coming torrents of change. 

Slowly, Mara, your army is being forced back, right up against the very walls of your own dark kingdom with every new ray of true light that shines forth into this world. The great illumination draws close now, from beyond this world. There comes now a radiance that will pierce the veils of your deceit, and as it does so the Earth will once again be restored from a world of death into a blossoming Eden. 

In these last days many will witness the stench of death being sanitised by a new and sweeter fragrance, carried upon the incoming breeze of new life. This air is clean and pure as it sweeps out over the land like a shining new garment around the world, purging the fetid atmosphere of your decaying tomb. 

Where will you run when the light of this new day dispels your shadow, shining down with the glory of a divine sun? Do you think that you can escape the light by scurrying back into the pit from whence you came? I tell you, nay, you cannot. Your army has not a chance, Mara, for marching behind every single ray of light from the rising sun there is a soldier of God bringing vision and power, each one having donned a radiant suit of armour forged from the purest truth and wisdom. And each is armed with a shield and a sword that pulsate with the glow of eternity, having been forged from the unfathomable depths of pure love. 

The Great Day is now close at hand when anywhere such a servant of Divinity awakens in your darkened sphere, life will respond in bursts of new growth and opportunity. For they are the righteous, those who have endured and overcome and so earned a place amongst the ranks of Gods army, to serve as ushers for the new era. And not one hair on their heads shall be harmed, for every step they take forward is firm, true and upheld by the power of divine Justice. 

*  *  *

The light that is soon to be infused into your fallen world, Mara, will first appear as many golden rays, beams of radiance, flashing and effusing the divine Light as it streams through the hearts of all who are true, pending the bright revelation of Truth itself throughout the world. You will see the light of Truth as terribly destructive since it will bring to an end your evil culture as it penetrates into the shrouded corners of every darkened heart and shines out from beneath every rock and stone within the minds of men.

The force issuing forth through the servants of Justice is like a great wave approaching the shores of life. For behind the pure hearts of such devoted souls is the Aurora of Christ, and your army, Mara, is like the sand scattered upon the winds  before it. Such light blinds and overwhelms all that is false, bringing an end to mankind’s blind folly in one single and purposeful stroke of righteousness. This righteousness works through those dedicated to serving the Truth, those who have surrendered any will of their own, so that Life itself speaks through their hearts, clarifies their minds and works through their hands.

And unlike your army of lost souls, Mara, God’s legionnaires do not bleed and weep for themselves on the battlefield of life, for they are fortified by Reality and Truth, not driven by delusion and lies. They are the bringers of the new dawn, the harbingers of the new world and the destroyers of the old. They stand within the ranks of the 144,000, who carry within their hearts the new song for the Aquarian age. And like the loftiest peaks of a mountain range that rise into the clear light above a sea of clouds, they will see, know and recognise one another, connected as they are by the common bond of the underlying purpose that unites them.

I pity you Mara, for even now you are trembling at the thought of the approaching light, the victory of which you know is inevitable. The very idea strikes at the foundations of the deluded world over which you have ruled for too long. But this is the end of your reign, Mara, the final conclusion to your long-perpetrated deceit, and there are fewer and fewer places in the dark fields of this realm left for you to hide as the portal leading to true Life is opened ever wider and as the light pours in.

And while your lost army has been feeding upon death and human desire, the army of light has been preparing itself silently underground, nurtured by God’s life-giving stream, the source of which rests undisturbed in the very heart of the divine Kingdom.

What comes to this world must come – there is no alternative. The law shall be fulfilled and all that is in error shall pass away. And with it, the Earth and its humanity shall once again be brought back into alignment with divine Purpose and universal Justice.

Time slips away as the final judgement approaches. Let he who has eyes to see decide now where he will stand come this great transition, so that he may meet the coming age with joy, and not in woe.

The vast and ensnarled skeins of your deceptions and delusions, Mara, your ignorance and lies, your selfishness and greed, your grasping wants, needs and desires, all of the pain, misery, suffering and strife that have been born of your sinister, maleficent purposes, and any and every distortion and disease you have ever wrought upon humanity and upon this Earth – are about to be combusted and so purged from this world. 

Through the purified vessels of those who have consecrated themselves to God, to becoming clear instruments for the hand of Divinity, through the dedicated hearts of these visionary servants of Truth, shall pour the force of God’s Will to purge the slag, dross and all the malignancies and atrocities you have committed upon this world.

The end of your long reign of terror draws ever closer, Mara. Those whose vision has been clarified through their devoted service to the Truth have seen through the vast and tangled web of lies that you have woven to enshroud the soul of humankind on this planet. Your imminent demise and the new world that will emerge and arise from the ashes of your funeral pyre have long been envisioned and foretold by the seers.

And as this long-prophesied transition comes to pass, and when this world is born anew, it will not be seen as a dark sphere of death any longer, for it will carry with it a new, glowing and vital light.

When at long last she is liberated as the veils of illusion are finally rent, once again the Earth shall sing her chorus, contributing her part to the united and universal song that is Life, having been restored to her former glory as a place from which souls may reach upwards towards higher awareness and realisation, unfettered by the delusions of separation, suffering and fear, and lifted by the inspiration of unity and the pure love of the Divine.

It is your end, Mara, and the terminus of your unholy rule that heralds the great new Beginning. 

The Holy Fire of Christ shall sear through all the illusions that you have wrought, and with it bring deliverance from your evil with the emancipating and long-promised Revelation of Ages.

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