The Final Call

“There are thousands today who are hacking away at the branches of evil, to one who is striking at the root.”

Henry Thoreau

TODAY, THERE IS A GREAT WRENCHING FREE OF ALL THAT IS NEW FROM THAT WHICH is old and outmoded in the world. Those who have incarnated to exemplify the way to New Life are finding it progressively more difficult and enervating to have anything to do with the old materialistic consciousness. 

Nothing of the old world consciousness can be a part of the New. The two are utterly incompatible and mutually antagonistic. For those who would know spiritual success during the forthcoming world-transition, it is now time to allow everything of the old to disintegrate by ceasing to feed it with our attention, while simultaneously throwing all of our resources into building the New World, disconnecting completely from the dying throes of the biblical Beast (the old world consciousness, the I-consciousness). 

At this critical time on Earth, the gates of both Heaven and hell are opening wide. Every single person in the world must now make a choice one way or the other, for no one can serve two masters. 


“There exist in the world separative and destructive forces which humanity has itself created or attracted in its ignorance of universal law. These are the forces of the lower-self, and since their collective influence in the world is a most detrimental one they are regarded by many as evil forces. Due to the rapidly expanding light of the emerging new paradigms for Earth, these forces already belong to the old world, and their tyrannical reign upon the planet is finally about to end. Under the laws of the Aquarian Age, all that is of the old is now falling into decay and will eventually dissolve completely in order to be replaced by the New. Those who remain within the relationships and thought-patterns of the old world consciousness will attract the old, degenerate energies into their lives, thereby disqualifying themselves from entering the New World.” – The Call.

There is a rapidly growing proliferation of individuals and groups today who are seeking to help our ailing planet and the human race, and respect is due. However, while the vast majority of these conscientious people have their eyes on the ground, so to speak, something very divine is unfolding and beckoning upon levels which are just beyond the ordinary sphere of vision. It is from this level that the real Solution to global misery, separation and disease is entering our world, and no amount of physical plane striving can provide such a resolution or even true solace from the now escalating global suffering. 

*  *  *

The outer door of opportunity is about to close for humanity at the end of this major world cycle and, to date, precious few have chosen to look up in the right direction, although a very great number have become entangled amidst the multifarious imitation versions of the Real Solution. 

In a world which has become near-saturated with ignorance, fear and evil, there really is precious little good that can be done by the spoken or written word, social/political agendas, environmental activity, religious reforms etc., etc.

Nothing less than a torrential influx of Divine Force will shake the long-controlling forces of selfishness and greed from their thrones of power. There are only a few groups in the world who understand this today and who are preparing to become a conduit for such Force. 

“A growing number of Servers have been incarnating upon Earth in order to help prepare for the future and to exemplify a new way of living. Unity-consciousness is the new clarion keynote being sounded throughout the world by these emissaries, for they clearly recognise that selfless collaboration is vitally needed in order to liberate Planet Earth which is still presently permeated by a separative con-sciousness. They are well aware that only the potency of synergetic union as a collective force for good can dispel the accumulated darkness of ages past, overcome global fear, negativity and disease, and thus manifest the present world-objective.” – Servers of the Divine Plan. 

We invite you to consider very seriously the expositions presented by Truth Fellowship and thereby decide whether you wish to consciously collaborate with us in order to synergetically help with the Real Work of World Redemption. All that is required is sincerity, humility and an uncompromising thirst for true Knowledge and Wisdom. 

*  *  *

Do you understand the great need at this hour for unity-consciousness in order to draw upon the required synergetic potency for positive world-change? 

Are you earnestly seeking true Knowledge and Wisdom, and have you, therefore, taken a closer look at the capstone aspect of the One Pyramidal Work of World Redemption? 

Without the capstone, the foundation work of the pyramid is useless; without the foundation, the capstone work cannot be completed. 

It is now time for all the building blocks that constitute the New World Pyramid to consciously and intelligently collaborate. 

It is time to know about one another on the physical plane and to work together as One for the greatest good of all. 

*  *  *

If you are interested in knowing more about the unprecedented spiritual opportunity available to mankind at this time, the hidden side of today’s global-transition and the origins, nature, purposes, etc. of the divine agents – presently in incarnation upon Earth – who are assisting in the world transformation, the following volumes are now available:


The New Call

available on our site

TODAY, MANKIND STANDS WITNESS UPON THE EVE OF A GREAT WORLD TRANSITION. An unprecedented global metamorphosis is presently underway in preparation for a momentous leap in consciousness which the whole planet is about to take.

As a result of the Earth’s entry into the age of Aquarius and due to the new life-energies that are flooding the planet, every human being is today faced with a critical choice that shall greatly affect both the present course of their life and their future spiritual journey, throughout incalculable incarnations.



Offers indispensable keys to awakening that are required to unlock the door of opportunity leading from the old age to the New.

Reveals how success may be guaranteed at the forthcoming Harvest Time.

Clarifies the obscurities and eradicates the unnecessary complexities that have grown up around New Age thinking.

Unshrouds the sinister side of the New Age movement as well as its divine promise.

Contains everything that mankind needs to understand in order to be prepared for that which lies just a little way ahead for us all.


Servers of the Divine Plan

The Destiny of Ages is Nigh

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DUE TO THE UNPRECEDENTED SPIRITUAL ACTIVITY that is presently unfolding upon the planet, our globe has consequently become a busy nucleus of activity for interested parties originating from other planets, galaxies and dimensions. Members of various interstellar confederations have moved closer to Earth in order to assist with the now imminent Great Transition which shall positively affect all life on our world.

The memories and higher faculties of certain individuals are just today returning to them, and they are beginning to recall the purpose of their incarnation, their duty to humanity and to planet Earth. They are becoming aware of the close attendance of legions of incorporeal divine Emissaries, the exalted ranks to which they inherently belong. They are remembering that they are an essential part of a vast collective effort and tremendously important task, the scope of which stretches back across millions of years and a myriad of past lifetimes upon Earth and elsewhere, all geared toward the forthcoming and conclusive glory. In their remembrance, they are perceiving that they are about to realise the grand consummation of a vital phase of the Divine Plan for Earth, the solar system and beyond.

The Servers are awakening, and they are taking up their positions as agents of the New Spirit in order to play an active role within today’s expanding world-consciousness around the planet.

“This book not only unveils revelatory facts regarding the long-prophesied and now unfolding Aquarian Passion Play on Earth, but is also a very practical and instructive guide for those millions of individuals who are today awakening all over the world in line with the ongoing global transformations.”