The Final Liberation

The Final Liberation


Evil compels us to take a side,

For it’s a tool used to test our souls, 

And should we fail, over us it controls.

So we need hear the message, and hear it right, 

For evil is unleashed today with all its might,

And all those souls who did in past evil sow, 

Will now feel that darkness within them grow.

These tempting forces of the shadow within, 

Seek to bend our minds and make us sin,

And amidst such transgressions that are so unwise, 

We may fall down far as all hear our cries.

As our sin seeks to clear from lifetimes past,

Our perception may brighten if the light we can grasp.

Yet should we react to such rising dark,

Then again evil is sure to make its mark.

So let us pay attention and listen hard,

For the time has come when we may get charred,

Just like a coal as it burns in the fire,

For all debts must be paid before we retire.

So, brothers and sisters, now we shall reap,

During the day and even as we sleep,

For evil powers and forces below,

Are arising fast as challenge they sow.

Such icy darkness so far from the Light,

Is being purged from the Earth and is seeking a fight.

All hatred, vengeance and cunning now free,

Will surely seduce all those who can’t see. 

As evil effects do draw to us near,

With right understanding we shall not fear,

For we are only reaping what we have sowed,

Let us then calmly accept lest we add to our load.

All negative reactions must be laid to rest,

For if they are not then we prolong our test.

Should we fail to embrace karma as forward we go,

Then we’ll err again and pain we shall know.

Yet should we but see opportunity today,

Then occasion may be seized and grief kept at bay.

If we bend our will to do what is right,

We shall keep pending glory within our sight.

Our loving God from way up on-high,

Says, “Now is the time to do or to die.

Yes, souls do live forever and that you well know,

But those who fail now choose long delay below.

“Oh, dear, sweet children from out of My past,

Will you not see the light and do My Will at last?

Or will you forever on this Earthly plane roam,

Back and forth within the twilight zone?

“Oh, what silly children you all have been,

Living for self thinking you cannot be seen,

But now dear ones the truth will be known,

So prepare you all for your past to be shown.

“Be strong of heart and bold in faith,

Though mistakes have been made you’ve not yet lost the race,

For My great compassion from high above,

Will cleanse all those souls who now choose to LOVE.”

So now is the ‘testing time’ spoken of old,

Time to do good or be left in the cold.

Our minds in this season will need to be,

In perfect control of all negativity.

And when our dark feelings begin to rise,

Deafening our ears and clouding our eyes,

We must remain calm with hands by our side,

For only thus can we the storm outride.

So we should be restrained as along we go,

Doing no wrong lest we know more woe,

Let us keep a tight rein upon mouth and mind,

And by living in truth, to others be kind.

But should we proceed to think selfishly,

In breaking the Law we’ll pay a large fee.

We must give of what we have, all that we own,

For if we cannot then grief will be known. 

A penny in the pocket and we’ll never go;

A camel through a needle’s eye we cannot sew.

That which we cherish we may fight to retain,

And what we hold onto will become our bane.

Let us give as we can and serve as we may,

Reaching out to all who may come our way.

Compassion and forgiveness must be to the fore,

In dealing with all who come to our door.

So today the time, just like before,

Has come ’round for us to tend to the poor;

The needy and hungry must all be fed,

A pillow found and a comfortable bed. 

Clothing too and medical supplies,

All these things will help ease their cries.

Shelters and havens must be prepared;

Family homes; all must be shared.

Many arrangements should be made in good time,

To put food in storage, to stow all the wine,

Nuts and seeds and rice and bread,

All this will be needed for those who have fled.

Mountains of food, tinned for sure,

Must be carefully placed under many a floor.

Money, you see, will all soon disappear,

As greed and suspicion erupts in mass fear.

So all must be sold and our bindings cut free,

While provisions are made for shortages to be,

For time is so precious, we have little left;

Soon, very soon, millions bereft.

And all of the servers and helping hands,

Must be pre-warned of the coming bands;

Groups of brigands rising tall,

Filled with madness and grasping all.

But those vengeful and violent who are suffering thus,

Are the ones who’ll most need to rely on us,

For as their inner darkness rises to clear,

They, too, will emerge as angels dear.

So we must reach out and do what is right,

To help all of those in the coming plight;

To feed, clothe and shelter each person in need,

And thus in our charity we shall be freed.

It’s crucial today that we all understand, 

That the fate of our soul rests in our own hand;

If we cannot contain rising feelings within,

We may further fall dragging all of our kin.

Whatever we’ve caused along Life’s Great Road,

Will now begin to surface, whatever the load;

We must all accept what happens to us,

With such understanding we’ll avoid much fuss.

For ’tis a mighty test that we all now face,

Yet a chance to move on from this self-seeking race,

For greener pastures and joy evermore,

As angels guide us to Heaven’s door.

Yet dark forces will try to fill us with doubt,

For misery loves company and they won’t leave us out;

For eons have they toiled upon Earth in the dark,

They are thus well-practised and cunning is their mark.

Indeed, in the darkness our souls can learn,

Yet age after age we shall wait our turn,

For trials must be passed and victory known,

Before at last we can soar all the way Home.

Harder and harder will life now get,

As more and more souls inwardly fret,

As tighter and tighter our nerves are reeled,

And hearts will be tested as emotions are steeled. 

We must not falter but just look ahead,

Though many may suffer and fall down dead,

For every soul its own journey must take,

And each one of us our own choices must make.

Now, most people believe only what they are taught,

And such blind faith can with danger be fraught,

For religion and Truth are far, far apart,

Thus the Aquarian age gives all a fresh start.

A new presentation to all who on Earth stroll,

Which seeks to draw out a response from the soul,

Of any true heart under the sun,

No matter what in past they may have done.

And thus in this prophesied ‘time of the end’,

Is given one last chance for our ways to amend;

Great opportunity to come in from the cold, 

The Final Liberation that was promised of old.

But many have been taught: ‘Jesus will us save’,

Yet these words of untruth are born of the knave;

Jesus came only to show us the way,

Now it’s our turn to act just as he in his day.

It is clear to some that these words are not new,

Yet the one who can see knows them to be true,

For each man saves himself, of this let’s be sure, 

And only by LOVING, no less and no more.

We must make the effort now to be true,

As we walk this last short road into the New.

Liberation is sure for each and every one,

Who acts as a conduit for the spiritual Sun.

So let us make haste to see this truth,

And in service to all let none stand aloof.

It is we who choose just where we shall go,

Our level of love and joy lets us know.

Let us open our hearts as never before,

And release our past karma by loving much more,

For only when clear will we truly be,

Prepared to fly Home for all to see.

Today the reaping bins do overflow,

From evil sown millions of years ago;

Deeds done in past by resolute men,

Who played with fire but can’t recall when.

Now as we behold the fulfilment of Law,

We shall all recollect what we did before;

When old memories resurrect for us to see,

We shall understand well that justice must be.

Yet ’tis not our task to vengeful be,

For the universe brings balance naturally,

So we seasoned wanderers from out of the past,

Must do our best to spread this truth fast.

Truth and foreknowledge of that which shall be,

Carries the power to set each man free,

For right understanding surely guides our way,

As it directs our thoughts and actions each day.

So may the sweetness of Truth help us to see,

May we be blessed daily with new clarity,

Thus we shall emerge from out of life’s maze,

Our thoughts fully cleansed and all evil erased. 

Calmer now and wiser for sure,

As we perceive the glory of that far distant shore;

All darkness is gone and our conscience is clear,

At last! At last! to our Home we draw near.

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