The fundamental choice

You are standing on the beach looking at the horizon. In the distance, there may still be water, but also a boat or a coast on the other side. Someone on that horizon looking in the same direction as you probably has a completely different view than you. The same is true of consciousness and spiritual development.

Spiritual development is peeling off, or rather, ‘passing’ to ever newer, but deeper layers of the consciousness of the personality. In every layer, you will find insights, ‘views’ of a new horizon within yourself.

An insight sometimes brings an “Aha! Moment” and if you want to share this, it can really only be properly understood by someone else who is at the same “depth” or even deeper than you. This works through energetic attraction and resonance.

Once you’ve made the leap and had this satisfaction, you can dive deeper until you reach a point of ‘the last choice’. You have not yet gotten to the core, the source, but there is a quality here that is called mysterious virtue in some deeply spiritual circles.

Awareness comes to a depth where it intuitively and deeply realizes that spiritual guidance comes from within and that any spiritual goal or ambition was merely an attempt by the ego to manifest something essential in the world.

Consciousness also realizes that it is intuitively connected to a resonant (energetic) field of awareness that is beyond the pull (gravitational forces) of the world.

Do you adopt Wu Wei, the perspective and attitude of the mysterious virtue of the inner life, or do you feel induced to go with the flow of the ambition of the outer goal? This fundamental choice is completely up to you.