The Great Risk

REWARDS FOR SERVICE SUCCESSFULLY RENDERED BY SERVERS upon Earth are not insubstantial. Due to the fact that there exist a multitude of trials and challenges upon the planet, especially at this time, significant spiritual merit and progress will be known by those diligent Servers who fulfil their mission. At the same time, however, the descent into third-density reality entails great risk, particularly for those Servers who are well beyond the need for physical-plane lessons. Indeed, every single soul that becomes exposed to the great temptations and negative influences upon the dark planet is in danger of accruing new and undesirable karma. Planet Earth could be regarded as a kind of intensive training school that promotes rapid progress for all who choose to act wisely when opportunities are presented, and this is well and good for those Servers who respond positively and selflessly to their wake-up calls. However, the most dire and grievous danger with which Servers upon Earth are threatened is that of actual spiritual retrogression, and this is a very real peril acknowledged by all Servers prior to their voluntary incarnation.

Affected by the pervasive, negative influence of the opposing forces upon Earth today, many Servers are themselves fluctuating around or even receding from the minimum vibratory rate required for their successful harvest from third-density reality. This is mainly due to spiritual sloth and, therefore, self-protracted forgetfulness. Instead of proceeding forth in dedicated usefulness to humanity and thereby helping others to rise with them to greet the New Dawn, many Servers today remain quite oblivious of their own identity and duty to the world. In their inertia they are not only in danger of jeopardising their personal mission and nullifying some of the positive cumulative effects of their own efforts made perhaps over many incarnations, but they are also accountable for failing their group soul. As if this were not unfortunate enough, the most devastating consequence of a Server’s perpetual slumber is that they risk becoming displaced for an indefinite period, perhaps irretrievably, amidst the tarrying stream of souls who fail to meet the requirements for success at the Harvest Time. Servers who have accrued new karma in their forgetfulness are in danger of both failing to be harvested themselves and so of being compelled by karmic law to reincarnate again in the future upon a physical planet alongside those of humanity who similarly fail to graduate. Such is the eminent risk taken by all Servers who have descended from their home-density in order to assist humanity’s transition at this time; a venture entailing the very great peril of becoming relegated for an unforeseeable number of incarnations to a lower level of existence than that from which they originated at the commencement of their voluntary mission. It is presently vital, therefore, that unawakened Servers accept the help offered to them by others from their own or kindred soul-groups who will be guided to assist in their reawakening at this most critical time.

The danger of becoming karmically entangled upon the physical plane constitutes the greatest challenge that all Servers must face, and, following their departure from Earth after the planetary deadline, fallen Servers confront untold delay upon life’s everlasting road. Any consciously unloving thought, feeling or action creates unfavourable karmic repercussions. The critical need for Servers to understand the nature of the serious dangers to which they are constantly exposed during their mission, and the vital requirement for them to discern well the corresponding opportunities that these dangers present, cannot be over-emphasised. In order for success to be known, Servers must learn to see through the illusion of separation that is inherent within third-density experience, and to practise acceptance and love through all apparent dualities. Love is the greatest aid to remembrance for Servers, and all would do well to bear in mind always that only unconditional love is karma-free!

It is an immutable requirement of cosmic law that all karma must be balanced within the density in which it was accrued: “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.” Today, a great number of Servers are teetering on the edge of a great chasm between success and failure. Many, in their forgetfulness, have indeed attracted new and deleterious karma to themselves while upon Earth, either in their present incarnation or during previous lifetimes. It is imperative that such individuals understand well that they are living in times of unprecedented grace, and that all of their past karma may be swiftly resolved as never before should they make the right decisions today. The Aquarian energies are most conducive to the rapid release of past detrimental psychological and emotional patterns. However, should Servers fail to prepare themselves for the receipt of this grace, should they continue to remain in self-regard or to react in ignorance to symptoms of purification, and consequently should they fail to balance every last karmic debt before Judgement Day, then it is guaranteed that they will know an incompatibility with the group-soul of which they were once a part as it prepares to rise into the next level of evolutionary experience which it may have collectively merited.

During the inevitable evolutionary process whereby the group-soul makes claim to its grand investment made long ago, those tainted parts of itself (i.e., Servers who have become karmically contaminated) will necessarily be rejected from graduating along with the greater whole. Due to the unresolved karmic residue that will have become an integral part of their consciousness, these Servers will separate from their group-soul and, by law, they will have to reincarnate in lower vibratory spheres in order to balance their newly-acquired karma.

Such a downgrading certainly imposes a considerable, though incalculable, delay to the onward journey of those concerned; yet while such delay is unquestionably serious and unfortunate, nevertheless the universal Law of Recompense knows no biased leniency and so can show no special sympathy for those who do not make the grade. Such blighted Server-souls who are necessarily expelled from the ongoing life-stream of their group are clearly in need of more experience within the lower worlds, and that experience they will be given, even though it may mean innumerably additional lifetimes within these grosser spheres, many of which will be dreary and may include much suffering.

Such, then, is the very worst possible outcome of a Server’s voluntary mission; that they may become lost alongside other straggling souls who similarly cannot enter the New World for an indefinite period. However, let it now be reiterated to every single Server in every part of the world that opportunity is being given today by the unparalleled grace of the times. May each and every Server recognise the call to service and, in subsequently utilising their own free will wisely and selflessly, may they become a contributing asset to the now imminent Victory of Ages, and may they thus secure their own spiritual graduation at the Harvest Time.

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