The Group Program

THE TYPICAL LIFE UPON EARTH FOR MOST PEOPLE IN OUR MODERN TIMES may be compared to a mighty labyrinth, replete with challenges, riddles to solve, decisions necessitated regarding which direction to take, and hopefully the unearthing of a treasure or clue from time to time that may help the adventurer along his way. Like most puzzles of its kind, the labyrinth of life invariably contains a most valuable prize that rests at the centre of the maze, and it is this very location toward which everyone is headed, whether they realise it consciously or not.

The lives of Servers who are lost in the labyrinth of Earthly experience are no exception to this general pattern, and they are also attempting to arrive at the centre, though very often in their forgetfulness they may fail to realise exactly what they are seeking, let alone where it lies. Their personal program dutifully urges them toward their ultimate destination by gentle suggestion and by subtle hints along the way. Whether they opt to follow the sure guidance of their inner Shepherd or not, the group-soul endeavours unceasingly to inspire them forward upon the True Path in order that they may discover in good time all the appropriate clues, keys and other articles that are essential to the success of their mission.

Upon their gruelling quest, candidates for glory must strive to locate the vitally-required Golden Thread, which is guaranteed to guide them forth unerringly through many a dragon’s lair en route to the centre. Amongst the numerous items of use to be found along the way is the Scrying Crystal of Far-Seeing, which shall prove to be an indispensable aid in progressively revealing to them the secrets of the labyrinth as well as divulging essential hints to the mystery of their assignment. By employing such a precious find wisely and faithfully they will be able to pass safely through all the doors and passageways that lead eventually to the great Gates of Fortune. This final portal will at last deliver the wearied aspirant to the Sacred Vault at the heart of the intricate maze where the priceless Jewel of Remembrance awaits his rightful claim.

The Servers’ prize is indeed a great trophy worthy of seeking because, once located, it will lift them into unprecedented regions of expanded spiritual awareness. However, those splendid treasures to be gained in the typical fantasy-adventure are never won easily; to be so would simply present no challenge to the brave hero or heroine in the narrative. The story of the Path of Liberation is the same, and where there is tension, struggle or difficulty of some kind, then it is certain that within such an ordeal lies opportunity for a new discovery and, therefore, progress. Thus so, Servers should not expect to find the philosopher’s stone without effort, yet it ought to be remembered that the quest itself is a very important part of their unfolding program; a symphony ought to be enjoyed in its entirety, and not merely in anticipation of its grand finale.

The dense vibratory regions of the Earth-labyrinth invariably present a multitude of formidable obstacles and trials, and consequently some Servers may become hopelessly lost amidst its tortuous network of tunnels and passages. . . . or almost, for there are certain provisions made in every Server’s program in the event of emergency. Staying with our analogy, there will doubtlessly be other more successful adventurers who have come closer to prevailing over the enigmatic maze, and who may have even victoriously retrieved their personal prize at its centre. Help is at hand courtesy of these accomplished Servers who will have: i) pierced to some degree their veil of forgetfulness; ii) accessed the corresponding phase of their own program; iii) restored a greater level of remembrance than those who are still perplexed and wandering alone in the labyrinth; and iv) consequently recognised their fellow seekers and begun to advance their collective mission by uniting with their soul-group on the physical plane.

As the personal program unfolds, it is clearly recognised to be just a small but integral part of a larger and much more important group program, the success of which may be known only in association with others. Consequently, those Servers who have succeeded in reaching the centre earlier than most, will subsequently proceed back into the labyrinth in order to find other bewildered seekers and guide them along the correct path. Awakened Servers will thus lead those who are tarrying behind them upwards from the great underground catacombs of their past trials, directing them forward beyond their previous limitations in darkness and confusion, and ultimately out of the labyrinth and into the light of the New World.

*  *  *

To begin with, then, Servers primarily seek out clues to their own personal programs, individually and alone, yet they are very likely to meet with one another at certain times along the way as their paths cross. When two or more members of the same or kindred soul-groups convene, there is almost always an instinctive recognition on some level, which may be evidenced in numerous ways. Examples may include: witnessing the Law of Synchronicity in action as it manifests curious and magical ‘coincidences’ in connection with the encounter; a flash recall, a vague memory of a previous incarnation together and a warm feeling of familiarity; a sudden sensing of a similarity of vision and of life-objective; or an instantaneous electrical interplay, often experienced as a thrilling, tingling sensation in the area of the heart or head and throughout the body. Should this last dynamic be allowed to run its course, it may facilitate a major wake-up call by vivifying the aura of each Server and thereby stimulating their consciousness. A circuit of metaphysical force may be effortlessly set up in this way, and the elation conferred by such a phenomenon may be regarded as an unparalleled experience of grace by those who are affected, yet during the waiting period such a trickle of the New World Consciousness is actually but a tiny indication of far greater things to come.

By piercing the veil of forgetfulness to some degree and in thus recalling the purpose of their incarnation, Servers naturally become catalysts for one another’s further advancement toward the light of remembrance. All Servers who begin to awaken become capable of stimulating other receptive Servers into recognition of their own personal programs as well as the greater group duty. Due to the expanding and unifying awareness of Servers all around the planet today the group catalyst is beginning to be activated, the synergetic potency of which shall significantly contribute toward liberating harvestable humanity. The potential of this group catalyst is related to the harmonious fusion of the diverse but complementary characteristics expressed by each individual Server. In order for success to be known, the assets and qualities of each Server must be consecrated to the good of the group, to humanity and to the world. Servers must find one another and work together again as one unified body in their present incarnation; to remain isolated is to opt to take no part in the most important aspect of their collective mission: the group program.

Upon meeting and recognising each other, awakened Servers will know at once that their ultimate goals are identical, and they will be subsequently impelled to collaborate in order to ascertain where teamwork and supplementary endeavour may be possible for the furtherance of the One Work. However, it should be understood that group work proceeds unimpeded within the higher worlds where purposeful union and intelligent service are ever spontaneous and constant. Therefore, physical proximity is not necessary for group collaboration to be effected within the inner spheres of the planet by the Servers’ higher consciousness. Yet, an initial terrestrial encounter will often serve to facilitate co-operation upon the hidden side of life by way of the Servers’ self-generated thought-forms of one another. Such thought-forms, produced voluntarily in mental and astral matter, are then able to be utilised for communication and contact upon the corresponding planes by the souls with whom they are identified, and it is thus that occult group work may continue during the waiting period without the need for further physical association.

As important and integral parts of the group program, timely rendezvous upon the physical plane are designed to function as a stimulus for further insight, understanding and remembrance. They also serve to demonstrate the advantages of and essential requirements for group contact during the waiting period. Such encounters are scheduled by the group-soul but most often remain unknown to the  Servers’ waking consciousness, and are, therefore, usually completely unanticipated by them. These predestined appointments along life’s pathways are opportunities for Servers to confer with one another in order to exchange important key information, and to transmit and receive complementary energies. Purposefully designed and intelligently regulated, the manifestation upon the physical plane of such synchronistic meetings in the lives of Servers demonstrates just one aspect of the overall directives of the group mind; they are essential components of the larger plan, which has been carefully designed by that great collective awareness that is itself responsible for implementing and overseeing the group program, as well as skillfully guiding it toward the destined accomplishment of its goal.

*  *  *

Servers who have recalled something of their duty upon Earth will naturally wish to help prepare the way for others, and it is the responsibility of the more awakened individuals to alert those who may still be faltering within the labyrinth to the all-important existence of the collective mission. In order for collaboration to then commence without delay, it is important for Servers to join forces in wholehearted dedication to the highest good of which, as a group, they have become aware. Three major virtues will be essentially required by each and every individual who wishes to join such a valuable alliance today, and these will be vital to the restoration of complete remembrance and, therefore, group success. These virtues are: i) a basic comprehension of the design and aim of the overall Divine Plan at this juncture of human development; ii) a genuine willingness to achieve perfect alignment with the orientation and purpose of the group program as determined by the group members; and iii) a consequent throwing of the total of one’s resources into the furtherance of the immediate divine objective for humanity and planet Earth via the instrumentality of the group.

Should the solidarity aspect of the group program fail to be realised and demonstrated, then such untapped potential will necessarily prevent Servers from actualising their full spiritual capacity as a cohesive unit, unity consciousness will reside in dormancy, and the greatest triumph, the sweetest victory – known only in fulfilment of the ultimate objective of the group program – will consequently remain out of reach.

The call to world service is today being trumpeted in the ear of every able-bodied man and woman on Earth. All soul-families are presently being invited to reunite upon the physical plane, and this inevitable regrouping process is now underway worldwide. Spirited motivation for group collaboration and joint service by awakening Servers will naturally follow their recognition of the world’s dire need, a realisation of the existence of the Divine Plan, an apprehension of the immediate point of mankind’s attainment and, therefore, an insight into world potential. Subsequent to such discernment, the Aquarian age way of conscious spiritual development through collective service will be exemplified by Servers; a path that has for ages been dutifully followed predominantly upon the hidden side of life by Earth’s own planetary Hierarchy which has happily progressed while aiding and protecting its younger brothers and sisters: humanity.

The readiness today of a portion of mankind to step forward onto a higher turn of the evolutionary spiral – the path of group spiritual growth – is a very positive sign indeed, for it reflects an important and inevitable universal process whereby individuality merges back into the Oneness of the Divine. Such unification is the ultimate goal of all sentient beings within every sphere of Creation, and it is this one great objective toward which the driving thrust of the divine Spirit eternally urges all suffering life.

*  *  *

Upon their Earthly sojourn all Servers must initially venture forth upon a lonely path, separated from their soul-family and isolated in their search for Life and Purpose. During their quest for remembrance they will naturally seek to share something of the Truth which they have recalled so far, and to offer that understanding which is theirs to others wherever they may find themselves and in whatever capacity they labour. Individually, their task may seem small, but collectively they form a very substantial global latticework of spiritual light, forged today in readiness for the physical manifestation of Light Centres all around the planet.

Upon the subtle planes each individualised Server stands behind and supports the other, awaiting eventual reunification and subsequent group remembrance upon the physical plane where the culminating majesty of the group program will be realised. Today, as the planetary deadline draws swiftly closer, many of those who have worked during the past in relative seclusion are consciously seeking to unite with kindred souls in order that group synergy may be potentiated and so that the great ethereal web of light – now woven around the globe and interpenetrating it – may be vitalised to its highest capacity and its potencies thenceforth released upon the physical plane where they will ultimately proceed invincibly to effect the necessary, long-overdue and complete healing of planet Earth together with all life thereupon.

It should be understood that, contrary to popular belief and during the transition period, those Light Centres having the most far-reaching and beneficent influence will not be primarily healing centres; they will be centres of spiritual service bearing many different functions, only one of which shall be personal healing. It is the responsibility of genuine spiritual communities to offer a field of service to those who wish to help raise the planetary consciousness by purifying their own. Selfless service, in raising the vibratory rate of consciousness, induces a process of transmutation and necessarily confers comprehensive healing, yet does not focus solely upon it, and this is a vital key to success during the birth of the New World. Healing is an integral part of any truly divine work, but should it be the prime focus of any community, then such a group will be extremely limited from the start, for there is something of far greater moment than personal healing and happiness, and which is today calling humanity from divine spheres.

Following the efficient, logical framework exemplified by all successful esoteric schools of the past, the occult structure of Light Centres in the Aquarian age will incorporate inner and outer circles. These concentric rings of serviceful activity will reflect the degree of spiritual attainment and, therefore, capabilities of those souls who work within their boundaries. In accordance with their own abilities, level of commitment, purity of motive, point of spiritual attainment and merit, aspirants will be naturally drawn inwards toward those groups who demonstrate greater spiritual influence and responsibility. Each person will find the appropriate position or office that will present the best opportunities for them, while simultaneously harmonising with the collective purpose and, therefore, the good of the whole group.

*  *  *

Much more important, then, than the personal program is the group program, yet greater even than the group program is the Global Agenda, which embraces the sum total of all efforts made by the multifarious assemblages of Servers – both physically incarnated and incorporeal – who will together usher in the New World Consciousness on Earth and thus assist in preparing humanity for the birth of the New Eden for planet Earth. The Global Agenda is no less than the invincible Divine Plan for humanity and the planet itself, and the exultant fanfares of its prophesied and long-awaited triumph for this current phase of solar evolution will be heard by all mankind soon after the required critical mass has been gathered together under the auspicious guidance of the Servers. Strategically-placed nodes of light (comprising many souls who have aligned themselves with the Divine Will in holy service) will then begin to expand, linking-up around the world via the Earth’s subtle energy grid to form one great sphere of loving force that will be responsible for launching the whole planet into a higher reality.

The essential nature of the group program may be regarded esoterically as a great and sovereign Thought that was conceived within the Mind of God at the beginning of Creation, and which has since been constantly expanding and developing. This Cosmic Idea is an integral part of the Universal Divine Plan of Evolution for all life throughout Infinity. Its particular form of expression, as it influences our world, is ever being adjusted to integrate appropriately with the current cycle of development so that it may correspond with and assist the specific level of consciousness demonstrated by humanity at its particular stage of spiritual unfoldment.

Forever, the group program has manifested itself as an intelligent and purposeful evolutionary pattern incorporating great complementary Forces that have progressively advanced themselves throughout innumerable incarnations in a multitude of different worlds. Originating from diverse realms in all parts of the Cosmos, these consciously-evolving Forces are ensouled within the lower spheres of the universe by a myriad of both collective and singular embodiments. Karmically related each to the other, these temporarily individualised and differentiated lives are naturally impelled to coalesce and separate repeatedly during innumerable interdimensional transmigrations of intentional service across vast regions of space and eons of time.

Each seemingly separate life knows that it is essentially an indivisible part of the Whole, and that in synergetic union far greater achievements may be realised than by the sum efforts of the individual parts alone. Cosmic law greatly favours the cumulative and selflessly-directed attention of a group of dedicated souls who are able to work together as one. When pure motives for loving service are foremost, unity consciousness draws upon an insuperable Power that ever bestows the assurance of success, and the group program has always as its indomitable motivating thrust the sole determination to fulfil perfectly the behests of the Divine Plan. Therefore, absolutely nothing in the whole of Creation can prevent the inevitable triumph of the group program.

A brief, mystical analogy may here serve to offer just a hint of the complex dynamics that are initiated within the higher worlds when awakened Servers begin to reunite for group work upon the physical plane. Each individualised fragment of the group-soul and its personality (the Server) bears a unique musical chord. Timing is of the essence, and when the soul-family regroups once again at the appointed hour upon Earth, each individual tone will combine to produce a transcendental code that will be peculiar to the group, and which will confer certain occult privileges. When the correct number and combination of notes are sounded together synchronously, a secret latch will be triggered, a hidden portal will be opened, and a great Mystery shall be revealed.

It is thus that the overall collective mission of Servers upon Earth might be compared to a great symphony comprising many and diverse musical notes. Yet if one or more within the planetary orchestra ventured to play their instrument too early and before time, a dissonance would be heard, a confusion would eventuate amongst all the players, the medley would fracture, and the world auditorium would be thrown into disharmony with the Divine Plan. For the global symphony proper cannot really begin before a certain stage of world preparedness. However, let all awakening Servers and readied humanity alike now be assured that they are about to commence playing the most beautiful and melodious part of the Great Rhapsody in which all Earth-life has been waiting to partake since mankind’s fall from Paradise.

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