The Growing Need for Networking

ESSENTIALLY, NETWORKING IS A WORLDWIDE CO-OPERATIVE ENDEAVOUR for the intelligent pooling and direction of resources and for the sharing of contemporary information, ideas, time, labour, etc. Today, as the knowledge of mankind is expanding exponentially due to the unfolding world-consciousness, networking is becoming a most valued priority for progress, and will be especially utilised for the efficient and expeditious facilitation of the important work of building the New World. Many persons have, up to now, been preparing in relative isolation, but are today ready to combine their efforts, for as the new world-vision makes itself known to them, they are remembering why they have incarnated upon Earth, and are, therefore, ready to offer themselves as instruments of service for the benefit of all. Such visionaries seek to invoke new and much needed light in the world, and wish to further the unfolding Divine Plan for humanity in any way that they are able.

Augmented within the new world-vision are all the established sciences (plus new ones), metaphysics, ecology, sociology, philosophy and new levels of spiritual appreciation. Together with the unveiling of previously unknown or, at best, merely suspected universal laws, all such advancements today stand in readiness to be revealed to the masses – if and when humanity becomes responsible enough to utilise them judiciously for the common good. Such important and timely knowledge will contribute toward the positive transformation of our planet and its populace and, at the right time, absolutely must be shared.

International networking promotes a global synergy, and therefore aids in hastening the necessary preparations upon the planet for the approaching transitions. The creation, co-ordination and purposeful utilisation of networking systems, made possible by the advanced communications available today, make way for the advantageous combination of diverse but complementary assets around the world that can together be utilised to produce far greater results than if collaboration were absent. 

As the awareness of mankind unfolds, new insights are yielding all kinds of useful discoveries and inventions. A growing number of new technologies available today include free-energy generators (which can tap the ever-accessible and limitless universal power that exists in the environment); sonic healing devices (which cure where orthodox medicine fails); and anti-gravitational mechanisms (which obviate the need for fossil-fuels to power airborne craft). Etheric scienceis revealing to the expanding consciousness of mankind metaphysical principles that have previously been known only to mystics, occultists and alchemists. Vibrational healing is already yielding very positive results in the civilised world, and will become the predominating and most effective medicine of the future. Colour, light and sound therapies are becoming increasingly accepted as valid and efficacious by medical practitioners, and are, therefore, utilised today with growing success as skills improve with experimentation. Multifarious new, safe, holistic and efficient forms of healing for the body, mind and emotions abound, and more are swiftly emerging. Vital – even critical – and pioneering practical information, as well as spiritual knowledge, proliferates today as humanity enters the twenty-first century: the age of new understanding. This tiny sample of that which is new in the world is but an indication of where mankind is headed, and there are more and far greater wonders yet to be seen.

The scope of the work to be done upon Earth stands forth revealed in staggering proportions to those who, by their serviceful attitude, make contact with the new thought-projections and idea-impressions being sent into circulation by divine Agents for the helping of humanity and planet Earth. Progressively larger numbers of people today are allowing themselves to be guided, often in subtle ways, by benevolent entities who reside and operate from within the hidden worlds. Such incorporeal philanthropists seek only to be of service in order that mankind may be assisted in its necessary preparation for the coming changes, and in the reorganisation and regeneration of the planet. Various useful skills and natural ‘gifts’ are emerging as a result of humanity’s awakening. Occult powers and natural forces are being called forth intelligently by those who are able and who can be trusted to wield such energies wisely, while all benefits derived therefrom are ready to be employed today contributively within newly-instated systems of global interchange and worldwide co-operation.

So torrential is the inpouring of new and worthy conceptions at this unique time on Earth that individuals could not possibly actualise even a fraction of those creative ideas on their own and without aid. Much greater light and energy may be invoked and utilised positively for humanity by communal, national and international co-operation. People need one another, and as soon as just a small increase in the percentage of the race begins to truly appreciate the untold advantages of working together for a selfless cause, then, ensuing under the Law of Synergy, great accomplishments will be known – worldwide, and not only in those key areas of enlightened activity. Such is the promise of the new age, and such is the immediate goal of the Divine Plan for Earth today.

We are moving toward a new utopia. As both awareness and ingenuity expand globally, and as the horizon of our current potential in service opens wide before us, those of us who have set our sights upon the New World are becoming illumined by our true and practical vision that networking is a most prudent and logical step forward for the human race. From such useful public sharing, and in the name of true progress, it is concurrently being more widely recognised that local co-operative and communal living presents a sensible and most desirable development from networking.

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