The Individual Reincarnation Process

Energy shapes matter and matter attracts energy (Gravity). Reincarnation is a cyclic energetic mechanism and is a highly complicated and dynamic process.

The entire incarnation process begins with subtle energetic metaphysical interactions in the most transcendent realms of two closely connecting souls. The two interacting energies of both partners eventually generate a conception.

The newborn baby inherits physical DNA from both parents; however, the energetic life field of this newly born Soul is a brand new combination of different charged energies in which some aspects of both parents can be recognized.

The bigger picture; Scaling up towards incarnation cycles

Reincarnation is a cyclic mechanism and every new embodiment may be seen as a singular ‘bead’ (a link in a chain) in a sequence of incarnations. In this way, one incarnation can be seen as one day or 24 hours in a sequence of days.

Four stages can be distinguished in these 24 hours: conception (midnight), birth (sunrise), individual development (noon), departure (sunset).

Between sunrise and sunset, more personal energy gradually incarnates and the personality becomes more complete. In the sequence of incarnations, the merging of the energetic fields of the parents may give rise to entirely new characteristics in the new personality, or, conversely, opportunities to complete old characteristics. The energies of a completed sequence of a personal quality can then be released. This property no longer forms a source of energetic attraction, karma, and dissolves in the All.

This process of individuation of the Soul advancing through the series of incarnations is a holistic process and extends over many lifetimes. This process is characterized by the realization of the Oneness of existence and the Unification of the individual Soul and ultimately of all Souls.

Every incarnated life field is unique in its energetic composition, we may presume however that body, personality, and Soul closely fit and belongs together.

We may also presume that every single incarnation fits energetically closely into the series of incarnations and this implies that they both closely fit into the Whole and a certain “influential movement” within the unity of the One field serve. Personal and spiritual development is achieved during incarnations.

Each incarnation crosses the boundaries of life and death in two ways. As an individual, the Soul fits in the series of its familial past and future. The incarnation of the Soul also fits into the series past and future incarnations.

Both life and death are within the incarnated Soul and that is all the more reason to test extrasensory perceptions for their validity and value.

The process of physical death is a reverse incarnation. The physical body dies when the universal life energy withdraws. The energetic life field is falling apart and all frequencies of subtle energy are released and are gradually absorbed into the All. What remains is the subtle energy of our passed loved ones that we as memories still hold within our own field of life, the microcosm.