THERE ARE INVISIBLE, unholy forces surrounding the Earth and the human mind, which impose a constant pressure upon man. Perpetually and without respite these forces seek to pull his consciousness into one or the other poles of duality’s illusion: good or bad, to lock him into a position of some kind: left or right. And it is through the constant activity of these forces and the pressure that they impose upon the whole world and mankind that the vast majority of souls on Earth are being manipulated and deceived. These forces are as intelligent as they are pervasive throughout this world, and they work to deter man from seeing the truth of our planetary situation or from accessing any higher reality or consciousness; they are also long-practised at leeching psychic food from humanity and in engineering world and local events to secure the perpetuation of the food-manufacturing process.

This food is energy in the form of ethers that range from the grossest qualities of psychic energy, which are produced by emotions such as fear, greed and hatred, to the more refined ether-bleedings that are precipitated by way of the higher human sentiments, personality affectations and more noble worldly endeavours.

For ages on Earth these forces have been ceaselessly at work, and today in this time of the end of a major world cycle (and the end of their tyrannical reign over mankind) they are particularly voracious in their efforts to mislead humanity and to bring about the production of ever-increasing amounts of psychic food. Such efforts certainly extend into the spiritual arena, and often it is the case that people give away their energy and a part of their consciousness to certain spiritual beings and distorted teachings that appeal, however subtly, to the ego-self. Therefore it is clear why the serious spiritual aspirant must become aware of such forces if he is to successfully find and tread the path that leads to liberation from all delusion and invisible vampirism. 

Many people today are aware of those forces that have been termed dark, negative or evil, those forces that influence humanity from the more subtle spheres surrounding the planet and which seek to impede mankind’s spiritual progress, on both a personal and collective level. These forces operate in many different ways, and there is relatively little information available regarding their various forms of manipulation and deception, and how it is that they surreptitiously victimise souls by inciting fear, doubt, anger and delusion, and even how they openly encourage these qualities to grow within humanity under the guise of spirituality and religiosity. The intellectuals and spiritually well-read are often the most targeted and misled. Those who refuse to acknowledge and so deal with these forces actually promote the problem on Earth of evil, for denial is precisely the attitude that they seek to perpetuate; denial gives these cunning forces licence to work hidden in the darkness of subconscious fear and ignorance.

*  *  *

However, there is in effect all throughout the world another kind of vampirism, one that remains entirely unknown to the majority of even spiritually disposed individuals and groups that, unconsciously and often with the best of intentions, provide its psychic food. This kind of hardly-known vampirism is perpetrated by light-forces or light-spirits, and unlike the more sinister forces, which most people possessing some occult understanding and sagacity may easily apprehend, these light-spirits manipulate humanity in a much more subtle and less apparent manner. They work from the positive side of duality’s spectrum, the lighter side, where they move through and manipulate many individuals’ cherished ideas about positive thinking, world healing, personal happiness and ‘good’ works. And while for many people such ideas may seem noble and worthy, they most often encourage a personal agenda, and so lead the soul deeper into the delusion of the separate self.

Those who have arrived at an understanding of the nature of duality and so also the implications and risks involved at either end of duality’s spectrum – both the negative and the positive poles – can clearly see just how it is that man has been and continues to be held back spiritually, continues to be oppressed by unseen intelligences, waylaid by consciously willful forces that are opposed to his healthy development, spiritual awakening and ultimate liberation from the polarities of good and evil that have for ages held humanity in psychic slavery.

Not only through the more obvious and negative forces and impressions as mentioned previously, then, but also through the more seemingly good and positive forces which the light-spirits serve, mankind’s consciousness and whole life is influenced to produce ethers. When a man entertains thoughts and ideas about his own spiritual progress and awakening, or hopes for making a better world for everyone to live in, or in his humanitarian and philanthropic activities, these forces will be present and functioning, yet mostly entirely misunderstood as they encourage such concepts as ‘social reform’, ‘personal ascension’, ‘self-empowerment’, ‘love and light’, ‘world healing’, etc. These forces also inspire within a large and growing number of people today a great desire to change the outcome of future events, galvanising them to meditate for peace on Earth (where true Peace can never be known) or perhaps to ‘create your own reality’, thus distracting the seeker from the liberating Truth itself with some form of personal or group idea or sentiment of how the world should be.

While on the surface there may seem to be nothing adverse with one’s seeking to ‘do good’ or indeed approaching one’s whole life in such a way, yet if it is for the wrong reasons, i.e., those born from subconscious fear or a desire for some form of personal security or result, then no matter how seemingly worthy or admirable are these intentions they can and will be used as a channel from the subtle worlds for the manipulation of a man’s consciousness, to imprison his mind further and to confuse and distract him from the true nature of this world and the requirements on the path that leads to Freedom. It is through many a seeker’s personal desires and grasping ideals and notions that these forces along with their unenlightened agendas spread into the New Age and traditional religious arenas, distorting and diluting the Truth until it is hardly recognisable for all its ego-balm. Many of these light-spirits are not even aware of what they themselves are serving, and they often earnestly consider themselves to be in a position of high spiritual awareness, and so have taken on the role of teacher of the ignorant and gullible masses. A great deal of semi-inspiring written material comes through in channeling sessions courtesy of the light-spirits, and is often a distortion of the clear light of Truth, a compromise on the whole Truth and almost always appeals to the personal self, the ego in some way.

*  *  *

The light-spirits reside in the more comfortable regions of the afterlife. They perpetuate their existence and delay their lawful vehicular dissolution (which is an inevitability before the soul can reincarnate), by robbing ethers, by drawing on the ethers of men, women and children who are physically incarnated here on Earth. However, this is done not by provoking and exploiting their base passions, such as anger, jealousy, hatred, greed, etc.; no, for were the ‘good’ spirits not kindly, humane, intelligent Earth dwellers? Not for nothing did they rise to the state of light-spirits in the summerland. Perhaps they are even worthy members of one of the many lofty yet nonetheless deluded brotherhoods active in the hereafter.

No, these ‘good’ spirits vampirise mankind in another way; they incite people to goodness, charity, humanistic activities, personal healing, assiduous cultivation of arts and sciences, docile church membership, New Age-style meditations and visualisations, and so on. For these activities also produces ether bleedings, bleedings of the higher ethers, exactly of the kind needed to maintain existence in the summerland, to prolong it, were it possible, forever. This is a form of psychic vampirism, much more common and all-embracing than the darker form that is generally acknowledged by thinking mankind.

Light-spirits operate behind much of the material that is being given out in spiritual, religious and New Age circles today, and are  most disposed – adept – at distorting the Truth in order to appeal to ignorant humanity’s imagined ideas of ascension and what it means to ‘be spiritual’. And unbeknown to many, it is often these light-spirits themselves who create these ideas and teachings that so many people in the world today are now devoted to through their ignorance of Reality and their personal desires for a happier life. 

A great deal of the New Age movement, its teachers and its information is blighted by such subtly spurious influences, which bear down upon the human race with their own agendas rather than for the spiritual emancipation of those who are interested. The reason they are difficult to recognise for most people is simply because they operate through the misguided desires, hopes and dreams of many people. These light-spirits will appear to have all the right answers and use all the right words, gleaned from the multifarious data available to them in the subtle worlds, and so they possess many insights and even good advice to share with the gullible and easily enamoured, but to the discerning eye they are ultimately offering only more layers of duality (illusion) in which humanity can and does become ever more deeply entrenched than it already is in this end time period.

The light-spirits behind much channeled material will often disguise themselves as some well-known saint, master or archangel, so as to first inspire awe and trust in the channels/mediums and subsequently their audience. Much of the time it is also the case that the channel themselves will not be aware of what is taking place. The medium will be unable to discern how he is being manipulated for unenlightened reasons that serve duality but not the soul that thirsts for Liberation. Such is the extent of the problem in this world due to mankind’s spiritual pride and ignorance, and the degree of that spiritual pride and blindness will determine the extent to which channels will attract the attention of these undivine light-spirits.

Channelling, as it is still widely practised in its lowest and most material form, is a low grade psychic expression. It is, for the masses, definitely one of the least demanding ‘spiritual paths’; it is easy and therefore of negligible positive influence upon real spiritual progress. In stark contrast, divine-contact has ever been the most important and prime goal of the serious spiritual aspirant, and this rule has not changed merely due to the increased psychic sensitivity in the world. Being the most direct communication with the Spirit for humanity, divine-contact facilitates the receipt of pure insight, flawless intuition and dependable wisdom, obviating the need to contact other beings for information. It will also allow for the beneficent radiation (via the personality) of the light of the Spirit, the nature of which is Love. Conversely, channelling can be very detrimental to the individual upon the spiritual path for numerous reasons, and, once divine-contact has been attained, becomes completely superfluous.

There are, of course, many humble channels in the world and also some very useful information is being shared with mankind from higher levels of life, but while the seeker is looking for understanding and wisdom from a source outside his own direct connection with divine Reality, he is laying himself open to distortions of Truth and its sundry associated manipulations, the actual extent and dynamics of which can be quite shocking when studied in detail. Likewise if one’s seeking is made for selfish ends, then again one is setting oneself up for manipulation and greater delusion.

We will find in this world whatever we are looking for. If we prefer a certain truth or type of expression over another, chances are we will find a group of light-spirits, perhaps with their physcal-plane outpost on Earth, who are of the same inclination. But none of these variations on the divine Reality are the real Truth itself; they are at best distortions or creations of man and his light-spirits, and they are designed to feed him with whatever it is he wants to hear in order to, in turn, feed the light-spirits with psychic energy. And so the mutually beneficial relationship proceeds: the groups in the physical world feeding the groups of light-spirits in the summerland who make available their second-hand wisdom to all. Yet this kind of interaction eventually leads to an inextricably complex karmic condition and even occult possession.

*  *  *

Like physically-incarnate humanity, all those affable and radiant spirits in the summerland who are doing the best they can in accordance with their state of being, are today experiencing progressive tension as the planetary Quickening unfolds, and this is galvanising them to effect greater ‘good’ activities here in the physical world. Just as people, in the course of the years, have attempted to improve the world in numerous humanistic ways, so in ‘heaven’ and on Earth they are again trying, on account of the wild turbulence of ideas and desires, to assault the world and mankind anew with a flood of experiments. Spiritual movements, communities, groups, schools, institutes and so forth are presently springing up everywhere like mushrooms. One or more are started practically every week in every country, only to disappear again, usually after a very short existence.

Throughout history, thousands of different groups in the hereafter have made attempts to work via true spiritual groups in the physical world in order to influence a consciously active spiritual public. But all these proposals have been knowingly rejected in plain, unequivocal terms by the more discerning aspirants on the Path. However, today amongst the unavoidable hubbub of a world in upheaval, many – most! – so-called spiritual groups are not rejecting such ‘help’ that is offered them from the subtle spheres, and it may now become clear that the forces of ignorance can reach their greatest effectiveness through all the bungling ‘good’ intentions of the light-spirits of heaven!

The seeker of Truth, then, must not only reckon with possible disastrous influences from the spheres of hell but is also affected by countless suggestions from various individual heavens in the summerland where innumerable, unconnected larger or smaller groups are hard at work, each in accordance with its state of being.

A motley group of various religious persuasions exists there, all kinds of humanistic communities, countless occult groups that readily proclaim themselves as ‘schools’ and which work with such a multiplicity of ideas and symbols that they make one’s head spin! Some of them bear the designation Christian, some Buddhist, others New Age, etc., etc. In short, in the heavenly world of the hereafter we find a colourful array of activity reflecting every religious and esoteric movement in the history of mankind.

There is, for example, a group in the hereafter that seeks to save the world via church-Christianity. A distinguished Egyptian group is waiting for the resurrection of all the great historical figures who were mummified in the course of the centuries, in order that they may take over the leadership of mankind! Multifarious groups devoted to a personal guru or spiritual leader who once possessed a physical body on Earth also strive to swell their ranks for the betterment of mankind, even though their favoured teacher, if he was genuine, would have dissolved into Spirit long ago, yet there is never a shortage of good-natured imposters in the summerland! There are, of course, also a great number of ET-enthusiasts who are planning, with great attention to detail, for the evacuation of ‘the chosen ones’ from the Earth at the time of cataclysm by way of spaceships. Many groups in the hereafter claim to be in direct contact with Christ (most often in the form of Jesus) and are involved in such divergent and irreconcilable activities that, facing it soberly, one cannot help having one’s doubts about many things, with the exception of their really good and humanistic intentions. And we should not forget that all such organised groups in the hereafter are represented by and influence their counterparts in the material world.

There are numerous intellectual societies that have specialised themselves, such as healing groups, groups aiming at social, political and economic influence, and even groups that practise various forms of dualistic science, their aim being the advancement of man and society in their mortal, Earthly relationships. This situation, with its many and varied consequences, is so misleading and creates so much misunderstanding, disappointment, suffering and sorrow, that it is possibly more detrimental to the true divine Work on behalf of mankind than the combined efforts of all the orders of hell! We are warned against an evil person and can be fully on our guard; we can therefore act promptly and positively. But this is not so easy when we are confronted with a really ‘good’ person who is so very gentle and has such kind intentions. Safeguarding ourselves against such influences can bring with it, at the least, some quite peculiar difficulties.

A seeker of Truth is very much on his guard against both the powers of evil and of dualistic ‘good’. The former can harm him, the latter can and will thoroughly confuse him, delay him on the Path, and fill him with indecision on account of the wildly whirling multiplicity of dualistic ideas.

It is important to understand clearly the dangers inherent in all this. When a human being enters the hereafter, he remains inwardly the same. Dying does not make him wise, even though – on the basis of a certain cultivated goodness, social integrity and spiritual striving – he may enter the so-called heavenly region and, on account of his way of life on this side of the veil, display a bright and shining auric-field.

In his second letter to the Corinthians, Paul says that the devil can appear as an angel of light. Try to understand this in a new sense, because these words do not mean what you probably think they do. An Earth-bound spirit sometimes tries to appear better and more radiant than it actually is, but such an attempt is so poor, so foolish and primitive that it is immediately recognisable, and no one who is knowledgeable in such matters will be taken in by it. There are, however, innumerable very well-meaning inhabitants of the dualistic regions of heaven who really radiate affability but who wish to maintain and animate the most unwise and reprehensible things, thereby unconsciously serving the world of illusion. The same danger exists, of course, in this material world, and a person is most dangerous and most devilish when he is convinced that inwardly he is really good and is therefore serving the Christ-Hierarchy and the Divine Plan. Then one cannot reason with him, for is he not good? Is he not serving God, possibly at the sacrifice of his life? 

Beware of these ‘ministers of light’. Be particularly careful when they speak frequently about divine personalities and holy spirits, about all sorts of Jesus or Mary figures, spiritual masters and angels, and when they sign their names in ‘Love and Light’ or ‘Peace on Earth’, for these divine qualities – Love, Light and Peace – find no need to announce themselves in words.

Many people set out with grand ideas to change or recreate reality as they deem fit, to heal the world and inform people of a truth that they themselves do not yet understand, simply because they have not made contact with the Truth itself. Such foolishness causes more problems that it solves, and there are legions of light-spirits encouraging such hopefuls to engage in these limited and illusionary pseudo-solutions today. In all of this we must therefore be mindful of what we allow to influence us, and enter into our consciousness. A seeker of the Way will question everything, and leave no stone unturned; he will seek to know exactly from where it is the medium or group derives their ideas, and the nature of that which overshadows mediums as they channel; the intelligent seeker will test everything with his heart. Yet if the seeker’s heart is impure, if his motives are not selfless, then he is bound to be deceived. And this is why the spiritual path is not for the compromised or selfish.

“At the time of the end, even the wise will be led astray.” – Biblical prophecy.

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