The Most Important Message

NOT ONLY DOES THE INFORMATION CONTAINED WITHIN THIS BOOK rank amongst the most momentous in the world today, but its expositions are also timely, auspicious and of great value. The discerning reader will see that this remark is not merely a prideful claim made by ourselves for our own vision (a vision which is now revealing itself to many others around the world), but is an obvious fact, for never before has there been such an occasion and eminent opportunity as that which is today offered to humanity and which is expounded herein. An adequate understanding of the very real potential during the period leading up to the most important Harvest Time ever upon Earth may inspire every person to effect the appropriate action that shall ultimately avail them of the tender-sweet fruit of the long-awaited divine Promise: Deliverance.

Those who are informed and aware will certainly not wish to allow themselves to become complacent, however, even as they discern the impending resplendence of the New World, for they know that there is much commitment and expedient co-operation required of them, both today and continually leading up to the Great Transition itself. It is a fact that every time the planetary bell tolls announcing the opening of the gateway to a new age, every time there is a tendency toward synthesis and new understanding in the world, every time a lesser reality is about to be merged in a greater, and every time new universal ideas begin to make their impact upon the minds and within the hearts of the masses, there ensues a subsequent upheaval or cataclysm, a breaking down of the old and of all that which might prevent those ideas from becoming anchored in physical-plane reality. Therefore, never before has there been such an impending spiritual opportunity, yet at the same time never before has mankind faced such a great challenge.

Today’s new opportunities and challenges are directly related to the all-important approaching Harvest Time, and this period of drastic change is affecting, and will continue to affect to greater degrees, all of the kingdoms upon Earth: mineral, vegetable, animal and human. In the human kingdom, perception of time is shifting as the transformation of world-consciousness advances. The manifestation of planetary, national and personal karma is speeding up as causal seeds sown long ago and heretofore are surfacing in order to be resolved in preparation for planetary transmutation. There is no longer time enough, as there once was in the 60’s and 70’s, to repose leisurely while contemplating philosophically whether attention to the rumours of a new age is enlightened or worthwhile, for the transitions are already underway. All those who are able-bodied, who have a dedicated heart, and who possess a comprehending and resolute mind, should brace and ready themselves, for they are needed today to aid those of humanity who are less prepared.

Many people all over the world are most aware of the inevitable upheavals to come and are consequently effecting serious material measures in order to endure the impending tempest. However, relatively few such adaptive enthusiasts realise that it is the inner cataclysm with which they ought to be more concerned today. The greatest changes during the birth of the New World shall issue forth from the inner planes, and not from the external or physical plane, the results upon which shall be merely outward symptoms of far greater internal causes. Therefore, if it is to be known at all, the real turmoil will be experienced from within, and not from outer conditions.

As long as our objectives lie within the material plane we shall necessarily be wholly subject to the laws that pertain to the physical world. Energy follows thought, and that which is focussed upon grows. If we work only in the material sense, we inevitably increase the load that crushes our own spirit. If we prepare in fear to save ourselves, we shall instigate new and deleterious causes in our self-regard which, under the now expedited Law of Karma, will only increase our struggle. It matters not where and how we are situated physically in the times ahead; much more dramatically will our well-being and prospects be affected by the attitude that we have fostered. Whether our outlook is of the old and selfish or of the new, expansive and life-enhancing, will significantly influence the deciding factors for our destiny at the Harvest Time. If our personal desires can be sublimated by right understanding we shall possess a great deal more ability to lift ourselves beyond the physical plane and its conditions. Indeed, if the subtle directives of the New Spirit are followed faithfully, then we shall be guided perfectly at the right time and from within to a most appropriate and optimum place for us in perfect accordance with our karma and merit. So now is the time to learn to trust life, to remain humble, to attune to our own intuitive guidance, and so go forth in helpfulness with regard for the good of the whole.

Of vital import today is the attainment of inner, divine-contact, and this will procure the freedom, strength and confidence that is born of true, spiritual vision. The bewilderment generated by false teachings and teachers, pseudo-visionaries and prophets, glamour, lower psychism, and all those superfluous props that tend to elicit distraction, attachment, confusion, scepticism, or even sheer disbelief regarding the real and vital truths and laws of the Aquarian age, will thus dissolve in the light of true seeing and unequivocal knowing. Similarly, when we abandon doubtful rationalisation and subconscious reservation, and when we surrender to that which our hearts – not our heads – assure us is true, no matter what others think, then, and only then, can the Spirit work through us in perfect harmony for the benefit of all.

Humanity is and has always been responsible for the unfoldment of its destiny, and is faced today with an essential choice that must and will be made by everyone alike. The time for making the right decision and for appropriate action is now, for it takes time to integrate new understanding and new ways of being into our lives. Our choices today will profoundly affect our unforeseeable future, not just for this one present incarnation, but indefinitely, due to the gravity of the impending major Judgement Day. This so-called Judgement Day, however, should not be regarded with dread as a kind of doomsday decree upon mankind for its perpetrated evils of the past; to do so would be to subscribe foolishly to the antiquated and superstitious attitudes belonging to the minds of yesterday which knew no better. To the contrary, the preceding years leading up to the more appropriately-termed Harvest Time present a great blessing for humanity; an unprecedented opportunity to resolve past karma quickly, to release deleterious patterns of thought and emotion, to raise personal and planetary vibrations, and to help one another to emerge triumphant into the New World by loving through all the forthcoming changes. Success is assured for those who righteously persevere to the end.

With regard to this being the most important message in the world today, one might ask: is it not rather pompous, nay, blasphemous! to compare one’s own vision more favourably than the great dispensations given by our spiritual masters, prophets and saints of the past? In order to answer this question fairly and appropriately, the following facts are now offered for due consideration by the earnest seeker.

The essential verities retained within past religious dispensations and spiritual traditions are, of course, most certainly as valid and valuable today with regard to the moral development of mankind as they were at the time of their introduction to the world. However, with the exception of a small number of prophecies that were made very much in advance, the great teachers and spiritual leaders of the past were naturally less concerned with the very real and pressing exigencies that are evident in our present times; their guidance was simply not given for these remarkable days of both expanding spiritual opportunity and challenging adversity. While living amidst the escalating vibrations of negativity, worry, fear, etc., which are today infecting an ill-prepared humanity, old religious dogmas and ideals are becoming increasingly difficult to practise effectively in the way that their exponents may have conceived during a less intense period.

The current and imminent transformations, together with the new and adjusted laws of this Aquarian age under which they occur, have not been thoroughly addressed by the old creeds and faiths. Therefore, past religious or spiritual techniques may not be applicable today in the same way as they once were. Although some adherents of the old traditions and established codes of theology may be sincere, they perhaps fail to realise that tenets that were presented to and for the general awareness of mankind in centuries past will avail them little in gaining a good or even adequate understanding of the oncoming changes and the need of the present moment. The uniqueness and urgency of these times demands new teachings, new understanding and perception, timely response and appropriately righteous activity, and those who remain idealistically attached to the past presentations of spiritual truths and doctrines, and who endeavour, even though in earnest, to conduct their lives in accordance with the directives of scriptural or related texts alone, may fail to recognise and therefore benefit from the necessarily adjusted methods of present day spiritual guidance; guidance which is essentially concerned with preparation for Harvest: the most important opportunity in the world today.

In the words of Thoreau: “How astonishing is this that of all the supreme revelations of truth, the world admits and tolerates only the more ancient, those which answer least to the needs of our epoch, while it holds each direct revelation, each original thought for null, and sometimes hates them.”

And: “One should not think that a religion is true because it is old. On the contrary, the more mankind lives, the more the true Law of Life becomes clear to him. To suppose that in our epoch one must continue to believe what our grandfathers and ancestors believed is to think that an adult can continue to wear the garments of children.” – Tseng Tse.

Tolstoy expresses a similar sentiment: “Let us not fear to reject from our religion all that is useless, material, tangible as well as all that is vague and indefinite; the more we purify its spiritual kernel, the more we shall understand the true Law of Life.”

And: “For the letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth life.” – II Corinthians.

Times change, and so does consciousness. It is a most worthwhile and indeed necessary measure today to prepare our vessels so that they may be worthy to contain the new wine that is being poured most liberally upon everyone alike from the heavens (the inner dimensions of life). A full or closed vessel cannot receive any new wine, and the children of the New World therefore remain open and stand ready for the instant recognition of that which is new, relevant and true. They are eager for the immediate grasp of the truth of the times and they are treading the new way in the unfoldment of the pioneering human consciousness, while receiving the revelation – steadily and constantly presented by the emerging life – of the new and superseding paradigms that shall illuminate their path into the New World.

The attitude of all awakening individuals today, then, is set for the prompt relinquishing of all that is futile, unnecessary and inadequate to the need of the hour, and for the reception of that Power from on-high that necessarily breaks and destroys all that which has become crystallised, which has served its purpose fully, and which is consequently redundant. The man of the New World is therefore ready to work as a servant of the Divine Plan in accord with his true vision, reaching out compassionately in service to humanity.

Due to the rapidly expanding light of the New Spirit upon Earth today, perhaps it is not surprising that the seeds of a new religious dispensation are being sown in those minds that are fertile; a new religion* that will duly accommodate the New World Consciousness, the new and adjusted laws, and all the various modern conditions that shall manifest in the Aquarian age. Regarding life and events in the light of spiritual values will facilitate the dissemination of the new teachings to mankind, and these will provide the blueprint of the new religion, thus offering humanity a fresh and truer understanding of the Divine Plan, and new insight into the great minds of those who implement it upon Earth, and who are the engineers of humanity’s future.

* The Latin word Religare means to re-link or reunite. True religion offers a dependable system for purification and re-alignment with the divine Spirit. It lucidly and unequivocally presents the truth of universal law and, unlike most of the existing religious dispensations, is not formulated or utilised to control people. Therefore, the new religion should not be compared to those extant today which are actually but shades of their pure and original form.

The best of the virtues and advantages of the past religions will be  brought forward into the New World and updated, taking due consideration of the new realities. The new religion will be a world religion. With the dawning of unity consciousness as well as greater intelligence and awareness generally upon the planet, no longer will mankind be so disposed to segregate itself by multifarious and complex presentations of the One Universal Truth as has been the case in the past, and to great disadvantage worldwide. Free of dogma and distinguished not by doctrines, the New World Religion will not be exemplified by theological psychologies or through organised sectarian groups and churches, but by an earnestly-loving inner attitude and natural orientation towards the truly spiritual life. The tenets of the new way will be scientifically-based, i.e., they will elicit greater practical insight into the Ageless Wisdom and will re-present esoteric principles that shall be proven by application and subsequent experience. As true, heart-inspired religious ceremonies and prayers take place at the same hour with common understanding and with identical spiritual intent all around the globe, the powerful, collective invocation of the united family of humanity will penetrate far deeper into the hidden worlds, and more than ever before will consequently evoke a correspondingly profound response from divine spheres. In demanding attention and succour from the higher planes, such forceful and vertical appeal will assure the reinstatement and preservation of “Heaven on Earth”, and this new way will emerge fully when humanity is ready to really live its teachings.

The New World Religion will largely contribute toward the re-emergence upon Earth of what have been known in the past as Mystery Schools, together with their public acclaim, support and respect, although in the future there will be far fewer mysteries and secrets withheld from humanity than has, due to ignorance, necessarily been the case heretofore.

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