The New and the Old

ALL THAT IS OF THE NEW – philosophy, religion, science, spirituality, etc. – is today revealing itself in conspicuous contrast to the old and outworn standards as a major division develops on a grand scale. Unremittingly the split between the two yawns steadily wider and is now beginning to evidence itself prominently in the physical world. Such a division is apparent to those who are aware and who therefore consciously recognise the current indications of what must ultimately transpire. The mass-media, however, cannot be relied upon to impart the truth of the times for it is not good for business!, and the serious investigator will need to look elsewhere. “Seek and ye shall find; knock and the door will be opened.”Today’s earnest and thoroughgoing enquirer will soon discover that immense changes have commenced their inevitable unfoldment upon Earth, and that we are living in very unique times. 

The gravity of the period and the magnitude of its impending major effects cannot be easily overstated. There exist numerous references in many and diverse texts, including established scriptures, that suggest the days of what Christianity terms ‘Armageddon’ are near at hand. Secular and scientific minds are also making intelligent inference, based upon modern research and contemporary trends, as to what is occurring in our solar system and, therefore, what may ensue globally as a result. For example, unusual planetary configurations are expected in the time leading up to the second decade of the twenty-first century, and much evidence has been examined by our scientists which indicates that a shift of the planet’s poles is probable at some time during that period*. A plethora of other prophecies and geological predictions currently abound, and it is partly due to such grave forecasts as well as the present, tangible physical-plane symptoms of today’s world-transformation that a greater appreciation of the interconnectivity of everything within Creation is emerging amidst humanity.

* It is known that such great shifts of the Earth’s axes have occurred many times before throughout the ages.

New and higher levels of perception are dawning for many people in the world, as previously hidden realities are being revealed to those who are receptive. Psychism is in much greater proliferation amongst the general populace today than has ever been known before, and many sensitives are beginning to benefit from the guiding Law of Synchronicity and other miscellaneous occult phenomena, which are now manifesting spontaneously in their lives.

As a new world-ethic emerges in the awareness of awakening humanity, more and more individuals are seeing that separation on any level is destructive; a relic of ignorance from the past, and that co-operation and unity are the goals and indeed the prerequisites of the immediate future. Antagonism and fear are at last being recognised as harmful to all life, while active goodwill is seen as the touchstone that will transform the world.

The Aquarian transition is today well underway, and as new life-energies flood the planet, animating world awareness and so coercing change, every human being is faced with a vitally important choice. Whether they wish to or not, whether they understand or not, each and every person is today being compelled to make a choice that shall greatly affect both the present course of their lives and their future soul-development, throughout incalculable incarnations. It must be emphasised that this choice will be determined by each individual’s demonstration of his decision. It will be his ability to express and, therefore, evidence his choice that shall affect the vibratory rate of consciousness, and it is this which shall establish whether that person has opted to move forward with that which is new and vital, or whether he has chosen to stay with the old and redundant ways of being.

*  *  *

Now, there exist in the world separative and destructive forces that humanity has itself created or attracted in its ignorance of universal law. These are the forces of the lower self, and since their collective influence in the world is a most detrimental one they are regarded by many people as evil forces. Due to the rapidly expanding light of the emerging new paradigms for Earth, these forces already belong to the old world, and their tyrannical reign upon the planet is finally about to end. Under the laws of the Aquarian age all that is of the old is now falling into decay and will eventually dissolve completely in order to be replaced by the New. Those who remain within the relationships and thought-patterns of the old world consciousness will attract the old, degenerating energies into their lives, thereby disqualifying themselves from entering the New World.

One of the most significant maxims for this transition time warns us that whoever is in conflict with anything through resistance, worry, fear, aversion, dependence or selfish desire of it is automatically of the old to the same degree as that conflict. All those who do not recognise the need for or who fail to realise a truly spiritual and, therefore, selfless attitude will know progressively greater struggle and discord in the critical times ahead, as rising waves of new energy sweep our planet. As the Earth makes its forthcoming and prophesied leap in consciousness, we may either gracefully surf these incoming waves of opportunity or be overwhelmed by them. If the materialists of the world continue to weave their habitually exclusive and selfish designs throughout their lives, they are bound to witness the effects of the purifying energies of the Aquarian age as terribly destructive, for the imminent world changes are set to eliminate those things which they value most.

As the planetary vibration rises and as new, subtle yet potent forces pour into the invisible planes corresponding to our physical planet, a new order of life is emerging, together with the birth of a New World Consciousness. Outmoded ways of the past are and will continue to rapidly prove themselves unworthy of the new realities and thus they will nullify themselves through a process of atrophy that will eventuate in their complete and permanent eradication from planet Earth. We are living in a period of radical purification and a parting of souls. The gates of both heaven and hell are now opening wide, and every single person in the world must now make a choice one way or the other, for no one can serve two masters. 

A critical time of decision has arrived for everyone. The present opportunity is so great and the need for definite and positive action is so demanding that, whether we like it or not, we are all faced with a challenge. We are confronted with one of two vital choices: either to embrace the new way of being and its intrinsic responsibilities, or to reject them in the bold acknowledgement that we are not concerned or that we are unable or unprepared to make the needed changes and sacrifices in our lives. In the very near future, one way or another, each individual will have made a necessary choice to affiliate with either the Islands of Light or the caverns of darkness; there will be no grey areas. Therefore, each member of the human family must today choose between love and fear, wisdom and ignorance. Whatever we decide in this matter will definitely affect the remainder of our days here on Earth, for we shall either throw what weight or aid we can into the One Divine Work of planetary redemption, and so prepare wisely for what is to come, or we shall join the ranks of those who regard the whole proposition as uninteresting, unbelievable, too demanding or unworthy of their time and effort. It is this second group who work subconsciously or overtly, unwittingly or deliberately, to delay what must inevitably come to pass.

The new world-paradigm necessarily possesses a dynamic expulsive power and is therefore the natural adversary of the old and obsolete, and to this fact a growing number of forward-looking individuals bear testimony. Yet the old cannot withstand the New, for such is the Divine Plan for planet Earth. Correspondingly, the degenerative forces of the old do not have the power to affect anyone who attunes to the New. Thus, each person today has both the marvellous opportunity and spiritual responsibility for raising their consciousness as they can in these “end times” by aligning themselves with the superseding paradigms. 

The law is set. All those who are able to genuinely express unconditional love during the birth of the Aquarian age will automatically attune to that which is bright and new. It is thus that they shall witness all their past limitations and conflicts dissolving away as spiritual contact is established, as clarity of vision and purpose is restored in their lives, and as they rise up with a song of gratitude and joy to greet the unprecedented light of a New Day.

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