The New Race

AS THE PLANET PREPARES TO MAKE ITS DESTINED EVOLUTIONARY LEAP, a new, more highly evolved human race is emerging. As previously mentioned, a great influx of advanced beings have been and are still today incarnating upon Earth in order to aid in birthing the Aquarian generation and to exemplify a new way of living to mankind. Unity consciousness is the hallmark of these accomplished souls and, therefore, similarly the person in the New World.

A special and distinguishing mark of a member of the new race is a recognition of the great need for unity, that prime ingredient that enables spiritual fellowship to be realised, and which necessitates discrimination, compassion and self-sacrifice. The essence of action by the new race will be the union of many to achieve a single and humanitarian goal, not the dominance by one who is looked up to as a guru or saviour. Those who lead will do so with a group-consciousness and so with empathy, insight and love, which will impel their philanthropic activity. Understanding and compassion have ever guaranteed spiritual success, and working with, rather than against others will be the mode of operation in the Aquarian age. The forerunners of the new race – those who have incarnated to exemplify the New World Consciousness – will demonstrate a synthesising spirit, being disposed to unite diversity of opinion and of character, able to gather around them the most unlike elements and blend them into a working whole for the collective good.

The propensities of the new race include a natural, rapid and sympathetic response to suffering, power to comprehend principles easily, quick intuitions and keen perceptions. Thoroughness, sensitivity, a sharp sense of justice and dedication to truth and righteousness are amongst their virtues, as are natural happiness, a contemplative intelligence, a pronounced passion to learn, and an eagerness to help others. Essential spiritual qualities are more naturally demonstrated, and growing from this there is a liberality of tolerance, as well as loving understanding. All that is narrow and exclusive, all that tends to separate one from another, that emphasises differences instead of likenesses, is the antithesis of the person in the New World.

The new humanity emerging today is equipped with special senses, among them being those of perceiving the nature of the emotions and thoughts of others, and clairvoyant and prescient faculties are more developed in them than has generally been the case heretofore. Therefore, the techniques of developing the consciousness of mankind in the next planetary phase of development will be more advanced than those used in the past. They will not be the same as those hitherto employed in the East, which have motivated the new teachings that are today emerging in the West. This does not mean that the earlier methods were not correct or appropriate. It is such that the capabilities and understanding of the person in the Aquarian age are so relatively advanced that the past methods simply no longer apply to them, just as the fundamentals of arithmetic taught in elementary school fail to aid in the progress of the college graduate. These preparatory lessons were necessary in the early stages; the power or the ability to divide, subtract, multiply and add were conferred, but it is the power and the ability that are now being used by the new race, and not the exercises. These developed faculties, together with true spiritual understanding, are used not in efforts made toward self-advancement, but in service to humanity and the world.

The intuitive love prevalent amidst the new race will employ the developed intellect of mankind to build a new civilisation that shall be based upon the ideals of equity and harmony. The society in the New World, being in close sympathy and rapport with the higher spiritual planes, will be very sensitive to those divine forces liberated during and after the planetary cleansing. It will readily receive the new energies that shall reinforce and stimulate it to fresh and positive impetus. The work of the new race will thus increase, this being reflected in an expansion of its breed and in the spread of goodwill, charity, altruism and international peaceful association. In summary, then, it may be said that the new race will bring into the world intuition, love and wisdom, while yet blending all that is best of the intellect and the emotion of the past races.

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