The New World Consciousness

THE AQUARIAN AGE BRINGS WITH IT NEW AND ADJUSTED LAWS for the advanced progress of mankind in various fields, and these laws are perfectly suited to the expanding world-consciousness today. As the whole planet moves onto its next and highest turn of the evolutionary spiral, humanity is being exhorted by the new laws and by the divine Agents who implement them, to realise unity and true spiritual fellowship: a new and harmonious way of being. Such an ideal is not only possible in this concluding period of the Piscean era, but is also a prerequisite for the redemption and healing of both the Earth and mankind.

Many of the old ways of religious thinking and living have proven to create more problems than solutions, and those individuals who will aid in the emergence of the New World Consciousness are now readily relinquishing the old methods altogether and are turning whole-heartedly toward the new presentations of truth. A great change of attitude is underway throughout the world and it is being recognised, particularly in the West, that the old ways of self-oriented spiritual advancement no longer apply as they once did, and that the search for personal enlightenment cannot be a part of the new world-ethic. In the new era selfish spiritual ambition will be entirely superseded by earnest dedication to the collective good. Those who are awakening today to the need for change have learned from the old ways and they are ready to surrender them for something much more currently significant, vital, opportune and expansive. Intelligent humanity is now ready to transcend blind faith and the need for external objects of worship, religious intermediaries, techniques of self-liberation and complex philosophical ideals. These methods are simply no longer serving the present spiritual needs of mankind. A growing number of aware and thinking people in the world today are recognising that personality must give way to impersonality, self must yield to Spirit if peace is ever to reign upon Earth, and it is these awakening individuals who comprise the critical mass which shall enable the New World Consciousness to be born and to become permanently established.

In order that the new world-paradigm of a united awareness may become a reality, ideas originating from the spiritual planes must make an impact upon the consciousness of mankind, for the mind of the race is the only available instrument through which the Divine Plan can manifest itself upon Earth. The sublimation of the world-mind is most necessary in order to heal our ailing planet, and the incoming energies of regeneration that constitute the new etheric blueprint for the construction of the New World may only be evoked by selfless and co-operative attitudes and activities.

The New World Consciousness emerging today is qualified by righteously-motivated co-operation for the common good, by altruistic example and by a purposeful dedication to serving the world. The New World Consciousness is of a gregarious nature: a group consciousness. Such genuine solidarity is vitally needed upon Earth as the planet is still presently dominated by a separative mind-set, and only the potency of synergetic union as a collective force for good can dispel the accumulated darkness of ages past, overcome global negativity, and thus manifest the present world objective.

The New World Consciousness understands that the only way to reverse mankind’s suicidal course toward disaster is by using Law against law, the Higher Forces against the lower, effectively transmuting all that is obsolete and undesirable into something which is new and worthy. This is accomplished by sowing new understanding where there is ignorance, showing compassion where there is blame, returning charity for greed and by giving love in exchange for enmity. By exemplifying a united awareness, individuals who demonstrate the essential qualities of the New World Consciousness are already today introducing a higher vibrational pattern within the Earth’s auric field, and the new spiritual frequencies of energy evoked in their positive activity are contributing to the restoration of our planet together with all its diverse life-forms.

Today, the first glow of the New World Consciousness is emerging in the Western world, for it is destined that the Western races will move forward in the Aquarian age into spiritual pre-eminence, without obliterating the Eastern contribution, and the functioning of the Law of Reincarnation holds a clue to this necessary cyclic pattern. The tide of life moves from east to west as moves the sun, and those souls who in past centuries excelled in Eastern mysticism, are back again today as compassionate servants of the race, happily embracing the more advanced principles and laws that pertain to Western occultism.

The Latin word ‘Occultus’ means hidden. The occult, then, is the science of that which is hidden from the five physical sense-organs and the intellect. The previous reference to occultism (and the context in which the word is used throughout this book) signifies the attainment of an intelligent understanding of universal laws and esoteric principles, and, driven by unselfish motive, a conscious wielding of the hidden forces of Nature for the good of the whole. It does not imply sorcery, black magic, lower psychism, common mediumship, etc. It is difficult for those who know nothing of the occult to realise just how great, how serious and how all-pervading are their own limitations. The understanding in the new cycle regarding the inner life and the occult dynamics of the universe of which we are an integral part, will generally be much broader than ever before, and mankind will, therefore, carry a brighter lamp of awareness throughout the world, thus helping to illuminate the road ahead for humanity.

Those who epitomise the New World Consciousness are already constructing a bridge from the old to the New. In blazing a lighted trail into the Aquarian age, they are today preparing the way for all those who choose to follow. They inspire others to take advantage of the present and unprecedented spiritual opportunity, and so help to convert current potential into a splendid reality for every person who would know success at the Harvest Time. The expansion and radiation today of the New World Consciousness, actively present in the hearts of all awakening individuals, is one very potent reality which can salvage mankind, enable humanity to move forward onto the spiritual path, and thus evoke the New Spirit which can and will build the New World. The rapid growth of networking and self-sufficient community-living around the world is already indicating how the future will unfold.

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