The Overshadowing of the Soul

The Soul is the transcendent energy that gives life to body and mind, but the Soul is also an unknown and misunderstood part of man. Ego’s ambition overshadows the innate desire to develop an intimate intuitive contact with one’s Soul.

The art of Wu Wei is the art of acting from intuition in a state of self-forgetfulness where the ego has the role of observer. Wu Wei, thus is acting without ambition-driven intention.

The ego has a well-defined framework, a composite of conscious and subconscious intentions, motives, and goals. The ego has ambition and generally predominates. It overshadows those personality parts that search for the ultimate intimate intuitive contact with the Soul. These more receptive parts are open to the intuitions of the Soul. Our ‘selves’ are our enemy.

The ego thinks and acts from a choice between the extreme opposites’ good and evil.’ However, what is good or bad is determined personally and depends on society’s prevailing social, cultural, and religious values. The Soul has no interests in religion; the ego, on the other hand, does have them. The frequencies of the ego are within the “bandwidth” of the frequencies of society.

The frequency of the Soul is outside the frequency bandwidth of the world.

As you descend deeper into yourself, you travel from the individual to the semi-collective level of consciousness. In the semi-collective layer, there are aspects that you share with several people. You resonate with each other; you are on the same frequency but within the esoteric and religious frequency bandwidth ranges of society and the world.

The semi-collective level of consciousness is often subconscious but still a part of the ego, the personality, and the spiritual and religious identity. Any resonance here has nothing to do with the Soul, but it may feel like an intimate intuitive contact with the Soul.

There may be a moment of deep self-knowledge for ego consciousness in which it unmasks its mechanisms, and the Soul Desire is intuitively perceived and understood. The conscious ego can now choose to be receptive to the Soul’s intuitions and keep the self in the background as an observer.


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