The Soul’s Path

The transcendent Soul is free from time and space, and this fact has three fundamental and far-reaching spiritual implications:

1 The microcosm is an individual’s universe. The Soul animates the microcosm, so the Soul is bound to the Wheel of Life and Death, Samsara.
2 All our metaphysical, transcendent, mystic, spiritual, and religious experiences are personal and happen in our microcosm. “The Other Side” is in our microcosm, and Astral journeys transpire here.
3 Embarking on the Path of the Soul is a transformative journey that allows individual Souls to align and function as a unified, energetic entity. Engaging in spiritual Service within a global group setting presents unparalleled opportunities for personal and collective transformations, initiations, and Soul liberation.

The Essences of the Soul’s Path.

The Path is universal.

The Path of the Soul aims to liberate the Soul from the attracting gravitational pulls of the energetic web of the “world” that have led to incarnation.

Creation and Society (the Matrix or the World) are very different. Man originated and developed Society. In an energetic sense, it is created by and loaded with -exclusively- human concepts (thoughts and images). The world is ​​in the human being down to profoundly psychological layers. Where man comes is the world; it is everywhere, on all continents.

The world is ​​a conditional living environment. The energetic ‘web’ of the world contains all kinds of unspoken agreements, norms, and values ​​from, in particular, religion and spirituality. All people are supposed to adhere to these socially and culturally governed agreements and help each other to adhere. The invisible web forms an unmistakable ‘grip’ on the Soul through man’s constant focus of consciousness on that worldly reality.

The Path of the Soul is the final stage in a universalizing process of the energetic personal contents of the microcosm and is a purely inner “consciousness-soul” affair. The ego-consciousness is shifting more and more to an intuitive consciousness that is unconditional and without judgment.

This final stage involves dissolving and overcoming the last hurdle that stands in the way of complete reconnection (perfect resonance) with the Soul: the artificial Ego.

The artificial Ego consists of one or more inner Archetypal ‘images.’ Such an image has profound, emotionally charged meaning for everyone and is located deep in the prehistoric part of our psyche.

In Primordial times, man’s consciousness was one with the Soul. By adopting (the status of) an artificial Ego, man alienated himself from the Soul at one moment. Now, identification with the unnatural Ego and its worldly position forms the deepest and final binding anchor with the world from which the Soul can get deliverance.

The artificial Ego is illusory, but as long as someone’s identification with the Ego’s status meets a need, one will cling to it and thus cling to the world’s artificial Ego instead of merging with the Soul.

Enlightenment is a state of extended awareness of self in both daily consciousness and subconsciousness during nighttime, and it enables us to proceed on the Path.

Following the Path of the Soul activates the inner intuitive senses and opens intuitive communicative telepathic channels.

Incarnation, the Soul’s descent into the physical body, is not a one-time event (birth). Incarnation is an ongoing process of energetic attraction and assimilation leading from purely subtle energy, a thought, to a manifestation in physical form. The Path of the Soul is a creative metaphysical inner process.

Q: If the world is everywhere, how can we break free from it?

A: The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual attachment to the world is deeply ingrained within us. Achieving detachment from the world is the goal for those seeking spiritual growth. It begins with becoming aware of and experiencing our connections with the world. By learning to maintain an observational attitude that remains engaged but doesn’t get entangled in the drama, we can cultivate a calm and present awareness in the present moment. This is the first step.

If this information resonates with you and you feel a connection, please feel free to reach out.