The Personal Program

ALL SERVERS ARE EQUIPPED WITH WHAT MIGHT BE COMPARED to an inner piloting device, which carries sundry directives, instructions and parameters designed to guide them upon their path in a particular way toward certain ends, like a kind of program. Such a program is personal and unique to each individual Server, and is willingly accepted by them in accord with divine consensus and practical need prior to their physical incarnation.

Among its various influences, the personal program determines the geographical location and the time of physical birth, as well as the human parents of the incarnating Server*. Astrological considerations are meticulously calculated in advance in order to institute certain patterns and events within the life of Servers whose potential for successful completion of their voluntary assignment has been foreordained. In fact, aside from karmic considerations, the major criterion that determines the Servers’ eligibility for physical incarnation upon Earth is their goal-fitness, and their program is designed to provide repeated opportunity for success. Yet it is ever the Servers’ own free will that dictates whether a favourable choice is made by them in response to life’s opportunities and, therefore, whether a positive outcome is realised; the program is but a guide.

* Many Servers sense at a young age that, unlike their peers, for them there is an absence of the usual parental bonds. This is because it is often the case that the soul of a Server has no prior karmic link whatsoever with either the mother or father. It is quite possible that theirs is a first-time encounter, and that the parents are chosen purely for convenience, i.e., in order to provide certain conditions that may facilitate the Server’s life-objective.

Each personal program carries privileged intelligence in the form of encoded information that is stored at various levels within the Server’s psychic constitution, and collectively this information is of critical import to the unfoldment of the Divine Plan upon Earth today. Borne by a countless profusion of subtle bio-energetic nerve pathways, such data may be activated and so recalled when it is earnestly invoked, either by Servers themselves or through them by others who may seek their aid. Such invocation not only releases vital and relevant knowledge into the awareness of the Server, but also may evoke beneficent forces from higher planes that will proceed to purify and uplift the consciousness of all who are involved in such a positive interchange.

The blueprints of personal programs conform to the same fundamental design for every Server: one that seeks always to impel the individual to assist in raising the planetary vibration, to sound the call to service, to respond to appeals for help, and to act as a guide for others, leading them into the New World. These, then, are the common directives of all programs. However, it may be recalled that there are diverse classes of Servers, each of whom incarnate with different parts to play within the boundaries of the Master Plan, and the unique character and expression of their roles are directly related to their particular duty, stellar or dimensional derivations, level of spiritual attainment, propensities, skills, and even the time and place at which they are born on Earth. Variations in the manifestation of the personal program are therefore multifarious. However, a basic comprehension of the general principles underlying the common structure of all programs will avail awakening Servers today of a very useful advantage that will validate and explain to them many of their idiosyncrasies, while also aiding in the process of remembrance.

The personal program provides a kind of matrix in which Servers may demonstrate the surrender of the lower self to the higher, the sublimation of the personal life into that of the divine, just as they have repeatedly demonstrated during past incarnations upon this or other worlds. However, natural laws are sometimes quite dissimilar upon different planets, being dependent upon the unique characteristics and Will of the ruling solar Deity of the system to which the planet belongs. Therefore, as exemplars of the New Way of conscious spiritual development for humanity, strategically-incarnating Servers must adjust and re-present their past wisdom, knowledge and abilities in line with current Earthly conditions, laws and needs. In this way, not only are Servers restricted by the veil of forgetfulness, but in order that they may set a perfect example to mankind, they must also become adept at relating appropriately amidst the peculiar circumstances that arise upon planet Earth, even though they may have already gained substantial levels of spiritual mastery while in dedicated service performed at other times and places.

Such necessary adjustments to their familiar and preferred way of service are often a source of consternation for awakening Servers, as their spiritual perceptions indicate unequivocally that something is gravely amiss in the way that the people of this world conduct their lives. Awakening Servers will generally regard typical Earthly existence, together with the attitudes that it engenders in the vast majority of human beings, with utter incredulity. Why should they have to wear a social mask in order to avoid misunderstanding and distrust, and to escape persecution by those whom they seek to befriend and help? Why is it necessary to tread so cautiously or to play what to them are unnatural, soul-stifling roles in order to be validated and accepted by others? Why are they so often intimidated into suppressing their natural inclinations, while consequently remaining only of very limited service to humanity when compared to their full potential? Why is it that they are prevented by society from being who they truly are, spontaneous and loving beings, free of the need or desire to censor their heartfelt expressions of what they see and know to be true? Why does mankind fail to recognise the truth offered sincerely with altruistic motives, and so decline to welcome their service with due appreciation and co-operation in order to help in effecting positive changes that are so urgently needed today worldwide? And why does there still exist such apathy and resignation in a world that has become so conspicuously sick under the present established ways of living? 

As they attempt to reach out to unhappy humanity, these and other bewildering questions are prone to plague Servers, until they come to realise that insensitivity and lack of concern for the most pressing issues of the day are quite normal upon Earth: the dark planet. Indifference and other reactions born of fear and ignorance are a common result of the directives of a Server’s program, which is designed to break up and to ultimately dissipate all outmoded mental constructs and inefficient systems of subsistence by introducing that which is new, good and true.

Truth is a correspondence with reality, and when words of Truth are heard by the open and receptive ear they elevate one’s spirit and may even bring about permanent and positive transformation. In a world where selfishness, fear and denial predominate, however, and where the simple Truth is still an infrequent and unwelcome intruder to the barricaded hearts of so many, the bare facts may appear most threatening to those who remain attached to their illusions and who are thus unprepared to receive that which is bright, new and liberating. The impersonal Truth is anathema to the ego which for its own ‘security’ and comfort clings to and thrives upon falsehood. “Men love not the light, for light reveals their wickedness; men love the dark.” – Jesus.

Negative reactions to the Servers’ candour and often passionate – because urgent – appeal to humanity* represent an integral part of their Earthly trials. Once recognised, accepted and transcended by applying detached wisdom, however, such trials will serve to instruct and temper the awakening soul, yielding positive and useful experience, and sometimes even invoking beneficent forces into the world that on some level will be received and greatly appreciated by mankind.

* There exist certain parameters within a Server’s personal program that sometimes act like a kind of safety valve, and mental blocks may occasionally be experienced when attempting to share too much information of a sensitive nature at the wrong time or with the wrong person. Divine intervention is instant and will always prevent too grave a mistake from being made by the over-zealous personality of a Server. However, should the Server continue in their attempts to be of assistance to those who really do not wish to be or who simply cannot be helped, they may find that they become enervated or confused, clearly indicating that they are doing something wrong.

*  *  *

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to one who is striking at the root.” – Henry Thoreau. 

Unlike most people in the medical and caring professions today, the more advanced Servers are not solely interested in patching up those wounds which are repeatedly self-inflicted due to ignorance; they have not incarnated merely in order to offer band-aidsand commiserations for humanity’s suffering. Servers are here today to uproot the underlying causes of mankind’s afflictions, and to thereby effect permanent healing worldwide. Yet the great dragons of custom and conformity continually thwart their efforts to introduce anything new and unorthodox, even if tangible proof of its efficacy is offered, and so it is often the case that Servers are coerced by society to compromise upon their real service-potential. Such attitudes at best seek only to incarcerate Servers within the mediocrity of ‘normal life’; misery loves company, as does ignorance. However, it is quite impossible for Servers to compromise themselves without experiencing undesirable repercussions, for their program will compel them to live in accord with what they feel and know. Consequently, in ultimately refusing to conform to certain established yet outdated and inefficient methods, Servers find that they regularly evoke disdain from those who are steeped in tradition and limited thinking. Some Servers may even be persecuted in their own homes and by their colleagues. Others, as a result of humanity’s rebuttal of them and their unfolding program, may necessarily recede into the background of society, and may therefore appear to be less active outwardly, and so again be misjudged. Yet to those Servers who have achieved some remembrance of who they are and, therefore, a measure of comprehension of their program as it relates to human life on Earth, none of this will matter; their way is clear, their terms of service are known to them, and their spiritual understanding, conviction and vision will continue to grow in readiness for the Harvest Time.

It is a fact that the closer one gets to one’s spiritual goal, the steeper becomes the path leading to the mountain top, and the more insurmountable will life’s obstacles at first appear. Such signs illustrate progress and are inevitable; they constitute an important aspect of the Law of Karma. Spiritual progress indicates greater readiness to resolve past karma and to pass more challenging trials for the sake of speedier spiritual advancement, and divine Agents will see to it that karma is apportioned to each soul perfectly appropriately in order that it may be balanced at the earliest and safest opportunity. To the esoterically-aware, therefore, difficulties and challenges along life’s road are recognised for what they really are: benevolent opportunities, and are thus happily welcomed (even if sometimes only after the event!).

An elementary understanding of universal law, the state of the world and the prudent acceptance of apparent personal injustices will avail Servers of necessary detachment in the face of all derision and rejection. They may then review their life-patterns and experiences impersonally, and thereby recognise and learn well the lessons afforded them by their program. It is so easily forgotten upon Earth that Love and Intelligence pervade the entire universe; absolutely everything in Creation is sustained and overseen by divine fiat: “. . . not one tiny sparrow falls to the ground without thy Father’s knowledge.” – Matt. 10:29. Therefore if pain or struggle are known at all, and if afflicted Servers wish to learn and so obviate future educational hardships, they should seek to uncover the important lesson that is always nested within their reaction to life’s spiritual opportunities. Lessons learned by Servers courtesy of their program will presently synthesise themselves into greater empathy and compassion for humanity and Earthly life. Thus, the Server progresses, and the corresponding divine premiums are certain.

Insightful and informed, then, Servers will continue to be motivated to initiate a sincere and spiritually-invocative attitude in all areas of their lives, and this will allow them to progressively sense the reality of their guiding program, and to consequently harmonise their consciousness with the great Law of Service to which the group-soul naturally pays obeisance. By responding spiritually and, therefore, appropriately to the invariable opportunities that the tensions of the world provide, Servers are sure to receive the incoming new energies that are available to them and so may begin to consciously manifest the purpose of their incarnation by exemplifying the way of attunement to the new and adjusted laws of the Aquarian age.

Cumulative revelation and remembrance will inevitably be experienced by Servers as they pierce the veil of forgetfulness by living progressively more in accord with their program and preordained mission. This they do by acting appropriately instead of reacting blindly. Guidance along such worthwhile lines has been offered by the countless sages, wise thinkers and true spiritual teachers throughout Earth’s history*, yet unawakened Servers, like the majority of human beings, have not generally trusted themselves or the universe enough to apply those very simple principles that would allow them to live by life’s grace as all the saints have done. TRUST – not fear – is indeed an all-important key to success in these times, and when Servers begin to listen well and continually to their own inner teacher, resisting the influence of the typically fallacious opinions belonging to others who are themselves so often lost in error, they shall instigate a simple yet powerful process that will guide them unerringly forward along the Lighted Way.

* Krishna, Lord Buddha, Jesus and all the truly Great Servers throughout religious history succeeded in following the behests of their own personal programs to perfection.

*  *  *

During the waiting period Servers sometimes embody and demonstrate the opposite characteristics to those which they will express once they awaken, and such polarisation is an important aspect of their program. Limited by both the veil of forgetfulness and by certain necessary restrictions inherent within the personal program, Earthly existence is so often a source of much anxiety for Servers, who may, nevertheless, eventually and completely transcend every shortcoming, weakness and need of the lower self in order to exemplify success and mastery in a particular sphere of human achievement. It may be remembered that Servers incarnate to play the drama of human life at all levels, and they are ultimately destined to reawaken later into the relative perfection of their true Nature, and to realise that their temporary roles as, for example, criminals, prostitutes, tramps, etc., were assumed as a part of their program so that they could experience, learn, transmute and thus serve at that level.

As has been mentioned previously, under the direction of the group mind and during the earlier stages of their unfolding program, Servers collectively demonstrate all human patterns of dysfunction. The pain and inner conflict that such afflictions engender is never forgotten and necessarily draws upon the resources of the heart. These disharmonious patterns thus provide the needed crisis-points for Servers whereby they may ultimately learn to master certain aspects of the human condition. It is often the case that in the earlier stages the personal program proves to be rather stringent indeed, yet awakening Servers will always be compelled to sublimate the negative elements of their program into their corresponding positive, creative expression. In thus emerging triumphantly from the dysfunctional human experience, accomplished Servers will ultimately express, while in physical embodiment, certain unique aspects of the group-soul that are permitted by the parameters of their program. Once their trials have been overcome, duly evoking greater confidence, remembrance and illumination, Servers will be able to enter the next stage of their progressively-unfolding program, and will hence be qualified to lead humanity from darkness into light.

Should Servers fail to move forward upon their path by repudiating the ‘legitimate suffering’ of the human experience, perhaps by anaesthetising themselves in an endless search for distraction and self-gratification, and should they thus stray from the intended designs of their program, they will find that ever greater difficulties will arise in their lives, and much more so than is normal as a result of the shortcomings of the average human being. Imprudent attitudes and reactions to the challenges elicited by the personal program may create grave problems for a Server and exemplify to humanity how not to behave upon the eve of the New Day. However, even such avoidable ordeals will yield their own particular benefit in the long-run despite their typically more painful nature, for they are actually necessary lessons effected by contingency parameters within the personal program in order to encourage Servers to resume their journey upon the straight and narrow path.

When a Server has recognised the wisdom of paying attention to and trusting their own program, they will find that they are provided with an infallible source of spiritual guidance that will lead them safely (even if not entirely unscathed!) through all their Earthly trials. A recognition of the whispered messages of the personal program can be assured by understanding and retaining one very elementary fact in these critical times: a Server’s state of consciousness will rise when acting in alignment with the Divine Plan, or deteriorate when doing something that is detrimental to the greater good, and thus unfavourable for the Server also. When such subtle inner guidance is ignored, the group-soul will always recede, and this may result in gloomy depressions, despondency, spiritual anguish and the like, all of which are sure indications that the Server is contravening his program.

If Servers sense that something is amiss in their life; if, for example, they experience inexplicable sombre moods, then there is certainly an important lesson that is trying to reach their conscious awareness, courtesy of their program, and which is waiting to be duly recognised in order that they may proceed from where they are. Upon their Earthly mission, and no matter how thick the veil of forgetfulness, the group-soul speaks perpetually to Servers through absolutely everything: Nature, people, dreams, feelings, moods, common events, etc., and always with the one sole objective to be of assistance. Should Servers maintain a mindful awareness during these final years preceding the Harvest Time, they will be able to recognise certain vital hints that occur in their lives, and which are afforded them by the relatively omniscient spiritual intelligence of the group mind. Should Servers follow well the behests of their own program they will know progressive positive impetus, clarity and spiritual upliftment together with that joy which ever accompanies divine purpose. The delight of beholding Nature speaking as she reveals her secrets in a steady flow of harmonious synchronicity is but one reward bequeathed to Servers once they (re-)learn how to trust and follow the stream of grace available from within.

Servers would do well, therefore, to wholeheartedly follow their own inner guide – their personal program – as best they can, even if that guidance leads them through trials that may at first appear quite formidable, irrational or perhaps entirely insurmountable. With their gaze fixed one-pointedly upon the road ahead, they may confidently walk the True Path that leads to victory and Liberation, remembering always the biblical proposition: “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil”. Servers’ ordeals are designed to ultimately release the transmuting power of wisdom within them, and so enrich the world. In triumphantly radiating the light of transformation, awakening Servers affect not only those who are exposed to their auric field, but also sow seeds of a new and higher vibration into the subtle energy grid of the planet, thereby making it easier for all humanity to make the journey into the New World.

*  *  *

It should be mentioned that Servers will generally find that traditional spiritual practises fail to yield the results that are indicated by the various teachings and textbooks, and this is due to the timing element within their program. For example, a Server may practise meditation for twelve hours a day over a ten year period or more but with little effect when compared to the great yogis and mystics of yore, for the group-soul will not allow them individually to push past a certain level of awareness or spiritual attainment in their present incarnation before the appropriate time.

Spiritual exercises, such as meditation, are not employed by Servers in the same way as they have been by mankind generally down through the ages. Awakened Servers know that their spiritual practises are performed solely for the training and upkeep of the etheric, emotional and mental bodies. It is these lower vehicles of consciousness – created anew in each corporeal incarnation as is the physical body – that are to be matured, and not the soul of the Server. Actually, a Server’s already spiritually advanced group-soul naturally meditates upon its own plane as it simultaneously works and serves, and effects of this sometimes filter down into the Server’s waking consciousness causing spontaneous, profound and seemingly unprovoked spiritual senses and experiences, although such activities of the group-soul need not synchronise with that of the Server’s personality.

Meditation and the like should therefore be regarded by Servers as spiritual maintenance rather than a means to attain a new goal, one that has, in fact, already been achieved by them on the other side of the veil of forgetfulness. It is sometimes the case that meditating Servers attain a somewhat surprising level of inner harmony and joy rather quickly during the early stages of spiritual practise while in Earthly incarnation, yet only to be thrown out of their peaceful state by the group-soul with the stark reminder of the suffering in the world, and the subtle reprimand that they have not incarnated for their own sake. If, however, the Server meditates with the sincere attitude of doing so for others, the group-soul will remain acquiescent and may even confer blessings in various ways. Such is the essential difference between the meditator of the past who typically sought after self-liberation, and that of today who, if they practise at all, must practise for others in order to receive the Aquarian grace and subsequently embody the New World Consciousness.

*  *  *

When the initial phases of a Server’s program have been successfully accomplished due to wise commitment and corresponding action, the general directives of the intermediate stages will readily evince themselves. Provided Servers continue to follow their assignment, fulfilling their duty with entirely selfless motives, previously inhibited higher psychic faculties and  spiritual awareness will begin to be restored. Their ability to wield the secret forces of Nature will again be elicited, and so their greater function as divine agents upon Earth shall once again be evidenced by them.

At this stage, Servers may begin to work occultly upon the hidden side of life. They will become aware that by invoking certain beneficent forces into the world they are able to produce life-enhancing energy-currents and thought-forms upon those higher planes that are today unpopulated by humanity’s predominantly dense mental and emotional projections. Elevated spiritual vibrations – being much more subtle and penetrating than are the more gross vibratory energies generally produced by mankind – have a much greater longevity and far wider field of influence for conferring blessings and bestowing healing in the world. Additionally, the higher frequencies that characterise the consciousness of all awakened Servers positively affect the subtle energy fields of the Earth in readiness for the time when humanity’s own consciousness ascends, and is therefore able to attune to and benefit from those spheres that will have been prepared for them. The creation of positive etheric, astral and mental energies is a most valuable service indeed, and such silent esoteric work constitutes a vital part of a Server’s world duty.

Awakening Servers may be encouraged to know that the enhancement and strengthening of that great reservoir of spiritual force to which they automatically contribute by way of their benevolent nature and activity may represent their greatest service prior to the final Wake-up Call at the Harvest Time, and is, in part and of itself, a fulfilment of their program. Servers lacking recollection of occult law may fail to appreciate that while the immediate effects of esoteric work – conscious or subconscious – may go unnoticed by most, the genuine and most productive causes instigated by the radiation of positive energies conferred upon higher and more subtly-efficacious planes will continue to reverberate throughout the spheres of planet Earth for generations to come, blessing and awakening even those who have no particular disposition toward spiritual good. A Server’s unseen metaphysical activity is actually one of the highest forms of occult meditation; one which has ever been practised by every agent of the Divine Plan throughout cosmic history. The hidden side of this kind of service may be appreciated, then, as being of significant cumulative value, and such worthwhile accomplishments constitute a vital part of the overall positive effects that may be rendered by following the directives of the personal program.

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