The Portal to the New World

DEDICATED GROUPS ARE TODAY MAKING CONTACT with divine Intelligence upon the inner side of life with the sole intention of uniting in holy service for the greatest possible good. Thus so, certain spiritual forces are made available and are facilitating the dissolution of all personal concerns in the joy, security and purpose of group communion, while simultaneously opening an invisible channel within the centre of the group through which these forces may flow. Inevitably, grace streams forth via the higher planes and through such purposefully-constructed conduits of spiritual blessing, thereby illuminating the consciousness and opening the hearts of those present. Such a process catalyses the rapid transmutation of all gross auric energies, thereby releasing personal psycho-emotional blockages and producing various healing wonders as it leads to emancipation from all worldly pain and suffering. The unselfish and intelligent use of such a powerful method of conducting divine energy in these favourable times gives rise to the construction of a potent ethereal circuit that blazes a stream of electric force through every opened heart and bestows Revelation upon the whole group as each individual’s consciousness fuses and unites with the group mind and is subsequently lifted into luminous spiritual realms where the experience of unconditional love for everyone and everything is known. Thus are portals to the hidden worlds opened and traversed.

Yet this is not all; indeed, it is only the beginning, for in employing the Law of Invocation synergetically within the group, the corresponding influx of divine force not only uplifts and sanctifies the consciousness of those responsible for its induction, but then proceeds to radiate outwards from the centre, simultaneously effecting the transmutation of negative energies in the surrounding environment by purifying, healing and vivifying all the kingdoms of life on Earth: mineral, vegetable, animal and, of course, human. Such auspicious activity today is, in part, responsible for the summoning, anchoring and worldwide distribution of the new Aquarian frequencies of light-energy. These new energies are preparing the way for the descent of the Christ-Consciousness in many by fostering the emergence of the spiritual human being upon the planet, and are thus contributing toward the establishment of the “Kingdom of God” on Earth.

The manifestation of metaphysical portals may be greatly facilitated by the positive influence of certain Earth-energies, and havens for refuge, healing and preparation are being established by Servers around existing Earth-vortexes upon the physical plane in readiness to be used as portals for consciousness to travel into the higher worlds. These havens are destined to become veritable beacons of light due to the intense spiritual activity which they will engender. Awakened Servers are being attracted to assist in the construction and consecration of such ‘arks’ which, among many other things, will offer the needed protection from the ‘global flood’ that is now imminent. Amongst the ranks of such Servers, those who have integrated unity consciousness into their lives will act as gatekeepers of the portals, and will thereby fulfil the ultimate part of their function as harvesters.

As the Piscean age draws to a close, those who have adequately raised their vibratory rate of consciousness by responding positively to world need and, therefore, by serving humanity together in groups, will have the opportunity to pass through the Portal of Initiation prior to the major planetary Initiation itself. Other servants of the race will be able to follow later as they are duly honoured, rewarded and liberated at a time that is in alignment with their personal and group programs, and to a level that is in direct proportion to the degree to which they have given of themselves in selfless service over numerous incarnations.

It should be understood that the Portal of Initiation leading to the New World may only be traversed in group formation; such is a law of the Aquarian age. All those accomplished candidates for ascension will assemble on this side of the portal, as it were, and once the group conduit has been opened by righteous and timely invocation, a flood of Servers will pour through. Upon the inner side, these triumphant individuals will behold a ‘stairway of light’ spiralling forth from the mundane realms of the physical plane. This endless stair will be very familiar to all Servers, extending ever-upward and disappearing from sight as it merges into fathomless brilliance above. The border of these ethereal steps will be lined with deceased loved ones, angelic guides, prophets and saintly personalities of past Earthly accomplishment and renown, together with a myriad miscellany of curiously familiar divine Agents from other lofty civilisations who will be waiting in readiness to assist all those worthy souls along the way, as well as to share in the spiritual merit harvested from Earth by the Servers. A momentous greeting and most loving reception indeed awaits those who achieve what they originally set out to do by passing a long and stringent test spanning lifetimes of trials. All is balanced and rewarded perfectly by divine Order at the Harvest Time.

Via a profusion of intentionally-opened portals around the planet, there will occur multiple ascensions of groups of Servers preceding multiple resurrections, when many will return to Earth etherealised and functioning in full multidimensional consciousness. This phenomenon will continue up until the moment of the final Great Transition, which shall seal the door where evil dwells, and so liberate humanity on Earth. Such is graduating mankind’s predestined fortune – or Deliverance – spoken of in diverse prophecies and found in numerous scriptures of old. Together, then, successful Servers and those amongst humanity who have prepared themselves adequately will progress through levels of group unification as they experience numerous lesser initiations in preparation for the great global Initiation that will escort them all through the Portal and into the New World.

*  *  *

Once the planetary deadline has arrived, many Servers will have successfully completed their task of ushering Earth into the new cycle and they will no longer choose to remain within the planetary sphere during the succeeding transitions. For these accomplished Servers, Judgement Day will represent an invitation for them to return to their familiar home-density, and, for some, to venture beyond it. Others, even those in close proximity and who may have collaborated personally with the first wave of returning Servers, will not yet leave Gaia; their group program will inspire them to continue in their service of building the New World on Earth during the Aquarian age together with humanity.

At the Harvest Time, those successful Servers who have chosen to leave the Earth spheres will ascend through various worlds and densities on their homeward journey. Having previously reunited with numerous other incarnations of their group-soul upon the physical plane in order to realise together the consummation of the terrestrial element of their grand mission, the most evolved Servers will pass up from third-density Earthly experience in group formation and through the fourth and fifth densities as they are greeted with unprecedented veneration and praise by legions of Celestial Hosts within the unseen worlds, and as they partake in the ineffable glories of the long-promised Great Rejoicing. Continuing onward and upward through the Christed frequency (the sixth density), they will journey on into the seventh sphere: the Buddha realms, where the most exalted Lives within our Cosmic Physical Plane are waiting to move up into the next Octave of evolutionary experience: the Cosmic Astral Plane, an unplumbed region of Infinity where a bright new chapter in the Story of Creation is about to begin.

The reality of such a triumphant return is supernally metaphysical and subtle beyond utterance; the divine reward and supreme exultation awaiting those successful Servers who will once again become transfigured and absorbed into the transcendental refulgence of one perfectly united spiritual consciousness, are incomprehensible and inexpressible in words or concepts. Their well-earned prize will be most befitting, for the liberation of Mother Earth to which they have consecrated themselves – mind, body and spirit – will produce such a tremendous release of divine force in our solar system that the entire Milky Way shall quiver in grateful response; being inseparably connected, every single life throughout the whole galaxy will, on some level, be gracefully and irreversibly touched.

“Behold the great key-keeper of the age has turned the key; the mighty gates fly wide and all who will may greet the King. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the King. Take heed! Be strong in mind; be pure in heart; be vigilant in helpfulness; the kingdom is at hand.” – Jesus.

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