The Purpose of Incarnating Servers

IN ORDER TO GAIN A BASIC OVERVIEW of the origins of the pattern of migrating helpers of the race, something of the genesis and development of modern man needs to be understood. 

Ages ago, when Earth’s primates had not yet evolved into bipedal self-conscious creatures, celestial co-creators came to this planet and seeded a variety of new humanoid races (as well as a miscellany of vegetable and animal life) as part of a great experiment. This well-intentioned intervention from the stars unfolded over an extended period of time and at different points all around the planet under the direction of technologically and spiritually advanced representatives of diverse worlds situated at various locations in the universe. Thus the process of genetic co-creation was of considerable complexity in which many civilisations were involved and who still today maintain an active interest and karmic investment in a multitude of life-forms upon Earth, including mankind. The principal idea of the planetary experiment with regard to humanity was to create a race of great diversity that would so develop as to eventually express a truly divine consciousness upon the physical plane, and so demonstrate love, wisdom and spiritual intelligence upon what was then known as the ‘Jewel of the Solar System’: Terran or planet Earth.

It was thus, far back in time, that a karmic link was established between these interstellar progenitors and humanity, a relationship not unlike that between parents and their children, and consequently those who were responsible for the creation of modern humankind have since been actively and lovingly protecting and serving their ‘offspring’, sometimes even incarnating into human bodies themselves in order to further the planetary experiment and to aid in the upliftment of consciousness upon Earth. Since its emergence from out of primeval antiquity, however, humanity has succeeded in attracting to itself various other Guardians and Benefactors in addition to its original parents*, and it will be presently seen that mankind has never really been alone upon this tiny planet floating on the edge of the Milky Way.

* It should be mentioned that the ignorance and selfishness demonstrated by mankind over the ages has also invited to Earth numerous alien groups of a decidedly belligerent and tyrannical nature. These warlords also created certain races of human beings. As fascinating as this particular subject is, however, it is beyond the scope of the present volume.

Approximately 18 million years ago, in the middle of the Lemurian epoch, the general Plan for the unfoldment of consciousness of all life on Earth, including humanity, was entrusted to a group of spiritual luminaries emanating chiefly from the advanced civilisation of Venus who accepted the duties and responsibilities of Earth’s new inner planetary government, and who have been directing and aiding our world ever since. This great body of Lords, Masters and Initiates is frequently and reverently referred to as The Great White Brotherhood*, The Christ-Hierarchy or simply The Planetary or Spiritual Hierarchy, and some among them have also repeatedly incarnated upon the physical planet in the past in order to effect certain vital functions. Today, in line with the present occasion and need, certain members of the Earth’s Hierarchy of Great Souls are again taking physical incarnation, and in unprecedented numbers. 

* Numerous volumes have been written about the Great White Brotherhood and the level of spiritual attainment, duties, activities, etc. of its members. Much of this material may be obtained from the Theosophical Society. It is recommended that serious students avail themselves of a basic understanding of the structure and general function of the planetary Hierarchy, which is too large a subject to be dealt with here.

Furthermore, during the long history of the human race on Earth, in addition to the loving guidance of the planetary Hierarchy and in response to invocations from various practising occult bodies upon the planet, other very advanced entities from multifarious origins throughout the Cosmos have also attempted to give spiritual assistance to humanity at different times. Such counsel in the past, however, nearly always became distorted by the grasping and misconceiving minds of mankind, which proceeded to exploit higher truths and mystical secrets for selfish purposes. The eventual fall of Atlantis and ancient Egypt are typical results of this repetitive pattern. In fact, the repeated misuse of human free will has so distorted and corrupted the intended design for mankind’s harmonious spiritual development that our globe has today come to be known as ‘the dark planet’ by various sentient lives with whom we share our universe, for the original Divine Plan for Earth has gone awry. Consequently, our cosmic ancestors as well as the aforementioned auxiliary Servers have moved closer to the planet at this time and are today attempting to help humanity back onto its destined path, while restoring the integrity of their past teachings (as well as updating them), and simultaneously offering further assistance wherever it is earnestly sought.

The majority of records describing visitations from and communications with such ‘god-like’ beings have been destroyed in the past by natural disasters and by evil forces working through the reckless egotism of misguided and fanatical religious missionaries, conquerors and pious tyrants. Yet clues still remain to be seen, for example in Mexico, South America and Australia; meanwhile intriguing but previously lost or hidden historical information is resurfacing in the world today, and for very good reasons, for humanity is at last being primed to receive and understand the whole truth!

A relatively small number amongst the ranks of Servers who have incarnated upon Earth during the past have done so in order to anchor certain energies into the planetary consciousness, and to thereby maintain some awareness upon the planet regarding the destiny of humanity, a very important and intermediate phase of which shall be known at the completion of the present world sub-cycle: the Piscean age. Theirs has been a strictly holy work, while a far greater number of ‘lesser’ servants of God have become prominently successful as innovators, reformers and leaders, conscientiously inspiring mankind and generally contributing toward the expansion and progress of human consciousness. Some have named these Servers ‘The Starseed’, denoting that their origins are other than Earthly*, and many incarnating seeds throughout Earth’s history have helped to secure the now imminent successful germination of an unparalleled spiritual epoch for humanity: the birth of a New World Consciousness.

* In truth, the vast majority of souls presently in human incarnation upon Earth have not originated or evolved from the lower kingdoms of this planet (i.e., from its mineral, vegetable and animal evolutions) as may be the case for the native ‘animal-man’ who is still to be found today constituting certain primitive tribes in Africa, South America, etc. Therefore, the soul who is a member of modern humanity might also be regarded as a ‘visitor’ to Earth. However, the term ‘starseed’ includes certain classes of migrating souls who are not here today on Earth primarily to serve. A far greater proportion of starseeds have been and continue to be attracted to this planet in order to learn from the Earth experiment, to balance their own karma, and some arrive here for far more sinister purposes! Therefore, many starseeds actually contribute towards the problems on Earth due to their own ignorance, even though that ignorance may be of a uniquely extraterrestrial or starry nature! Our term, ‘Server’, refers to a soul who has been charged with a specifically beneficent assignment upon the planet that is in alignment with the Divine Plan, and who has also successfully managed – perhaps during numerous Earthly lifetimes of serviceful activity – to remain free of becoming ‘Earth-bound’, i.e., karmically tied to the ordinary rounds of human incarnation. A starseed, therefore, is not necessarily a Server. A greater appreciation of these esoteric concepts, together with their various implications, may be gained by reading further.

However, as previously stated, and due to various negative influences such as frequent interference by cosmic evil, the original Plan has not unfolded in the way that was anticipated, either by the early co-creators or by humanity’s more recently appointed Guardians: the Spiritual Hierarchy. Since our planet is vitally connected to and therefore affects the progress of many other world systems in the galaxy, this situation has created a much greater requirement for additional divine assistance, and the numbers of Servers who are in attendance on Earth today, both embodied and incorporeal, has increased substantially in order to meet this important need and to restore balance upon an imprisoned planet that has strayed so far from universal law and which has consequently become near-saturated with ignorance, karma and the tyranny of evil intent.

In order to grasp an even deeper understanding of the purposes of and requirements for the greater influx of incarnating Servers at this time, it will be helpful to consider something of the present status, intent and mode of operation of the Earth’s own planetary Hierarchy, the functions and purposes of which are reflected both upwards and down throughout many different spheres of universal life: “As above, so below”. Like mankind, the planetary Hierarchy is itself presently at a point of spiritual crisis. Many of its members now stand before the Portal that leads to the Way of the Higher Evolution, and the entire personnel of the Earth-Hierarchy is patiently waiting to make a united move forward, parallelling – on its own level – the move forward that humanity is about to take.

Now, under the Law of Synthesis, mankind’s spiritual Elders are able to move forward and upward only in so far as their efforts encompass all densities down to and including the physical plane. Humanity and its Hierarchy of Great Souls are essentially inseparable; the efforts, successes or failures of one inevitably affect the other. Hence the necessity for the incarnation upon Earth of members of the Guardians of the race, and the demonstration of their united ability to work from the physical plane all the way up to the highest in order to move collectively through the succeeding portal and further along the Way.

Much earlier this century, having surveyed the maturity of consciousness and, therefore, the spiritual potential of humanity, some members of the spiritual Hierarchy instigated an innovative and enthusiastic proposal to incarnate upon the physical plane in order to expedite the inevitable process of world initiation, and for the first time in such numbers since their last major incarnation during Atlantean days. However, their hopes did not go according to plan, principally due to the lack of co-operation by humanity itself, the heart and minds of which have been kept under the sway of materialism, selfishness, separation and fear. Secularism and self-seeking still predominate upon Earth today, and so the required and favourable conditions that the planetary Hierarchy had wished to instigate in order that certain members could externalise themselves in the physical world, have not been brought about. It was consequently decided by humanity’s Elders that further help was required, and this is another reason for the great increase of interstellar Servers at this important juncture of Earth’s onward journey.

The Call was sounded, and today the positive response is being felt. Approaching the Earth from a multitude of regions throughout numerous worlds and dimensions, Servers incarnate voluntarily bearing a complete propensity toward helpfulness, the most vital aspects of which are intended to be rendered at the appropriate time and in certain ways unique to each Server or group of Servers, but always in compliance with the Divine Plan for mankind and the planet. From one perspective, such a departure from their celestial home and projection outward into the far grosser densities of Earth might be regarded as a tremendous act of sacrifice, yet it would be more spiritually correct to say that such a going forth is a profound gesture of love for humanity and its planet.

The following poem by Paramahansa Yogananda – who was himself a devoted servant of the race – expresses succinctly the love and attitudes of all awakened Servers of the Divine Plan:

God’s Boatman

 I want to ply my boat, many times,

Across the gulf after death,

And return to Earth’s shores,

From my home in Heaven.

I want to load my boat,

With those waiting, thirsty ones,

Who are left behind,

And carry them by the opal pool,

Of iridescent joy,

Where my Father distributes,

His all-desire-quenching liquid peace.

Oh, I will come again and again!

Crossing a million crags of suffering;

With bleeding feet I will come,

If need be, a trillion times,

So long as I know,

One stray brother is left behind.

I want Thee, Oh Lord, 

That I may give Thee to all.

Free me, then, Oh God,

From the bondage of the body,

That I may show others,

How they can free themselves.

I want Thine everlasting bliss,

Only that I may share it with others;

That I may show all my brothers,

The way to happiness,

Forever and forever, in Thee.

*  *  *

The spiritual level attained by the various types of Servers, their unique origins, and their particular, individual purposes and expressions upon Earth range within a very broad spectrum, and the specific classification of even a fraction of these details presents a most daunting if not impossible task. However, it may be generally stated that the (re-)incarnation of the more accomplished Servers today is not necessitated due to personal karma, nor is it inspired solely by their desire for experience, as is usual for most Earth-bound souls as they proceed upon the regular cycles of karmic learning and reconciliation.

In addition to those Servers who have in past been summoned to Earth and who have responded positively by visiting this planet before, what might be termed ’emergency recruits’ have only recently been entreated by a call for further assistance sounded by active Servers themselves who have recognised that many members among their own ranks upon Earth have been unable to rise above the planet’s negative influences and have consequently lost sight of their purpose in incarnation. Due to the fact that so many needed Servers have, during the last few decades, been distracted from their mission, delay in the manifestation of the Divine Plan for Earth has resulted, causing much dire inconvenience to certain aspects of its schedule. The world-ego is well-practised in its designs, and today continues to work insidiously toward hindering and subduing potential instruments of divine service in the world.

All Servers have been called to assist in the urgent process of global cleansing by elevating the planetary consciousness in preparation for humanity’s emergence into the Aquarian age. Therefore, it can be seen that the overall objective of Servers at this critical time is to raise the planetary vibration and thus to stimulate human consciousness so that mankind may more readily make contact with the world of spiritual ideas and henceforth co-operate with the Divine Plan. Success in such an effort will result in humanity’s positive orientation toward that which is currently of moment in the world, the intelligent acceptance of today’s great challenges and opportunities, and the consequent transformation of global awareness in preparation for the birth of the New World.

It is the duty of Servers to highlight the immediate circumstances with which humanity is confronted, and therefore to indicate the needed changes. In their task of catalysing, stimulating and reorienting mankind back toward a realisation of its innate divine nature (and consequently the very meaning of life), Servers strive to evoke higher aspiring attitudes and deeper spiritual understanding in a race that has long forgotten both its origins and purpose. By revealing the glories of the true vision of the Aquarian age and the imminent destiny for mankind, they seek to enkindle the smouldering embers of the world-soul which has become lost amidst nearly six billion bewildered personalities (not to mention the innumerable other incorporeal beings who reside within the subtle spheres of the planet). By offering contemporary truth, Servers attempt to fan the flame of the human spirit back to life, so that as many men and women as possible may be prepared to joyfully welcome to Earth the majesty of that which now lies just a little way ahead for the whole planet.

The zodiacal sign of Aquarius is the water carrier: a man who has on his shoulder a pitcher of water so full that it spills over, and yet the flow never diminishes. Awakened Servers – symbolically the water carriers of the Aquarian age – are able to tap the limitless source of divine Love, and, through their efforts to create a better world, allow this ‘water of life’ to flow to all who thirst.

The present-day duties of Servers may be concisely enumerated as follows:

1.   To hold before the eyes of humanity the vision of the current phase of the Divine Plan for Earth.

2.   To educate mankind regarding the most pertinent and urgent issues of the day.

3.   To guide others toward a realisation of their own innate divinity.

4.   To inspire mankind to enter upon its destined work of planetary service.

5.   To restore balance and, therefore, to help heal planet Earth.

6.   To receive illumination from the higher worlds and to share this wherever appropriate for the furtherance of mankind’s spiritual interests.

7.   To act as a bridge between the old and the New – the lower and the Higher – by receiving light and power from above, and, using both of these under the inspiration of loving purpose, to eradicate evil, reinstate virtue, anchor the new Aquarian frequencies into the physical plane, and so help build the New World of tomorrow.

Presently, it is still the case that very few amongst humanity fully realise what is occurring in our solar system and upon the planet. They fail to really grasp the one true vision of the immediate future and do not truly see the beauty and magnitude of the emerging Plan. However, it is with that small percentage who are humbly aware of the import of the times and who will constitute the critical mass required to birth the New World Consciousness, that the Servers can work, because these individuals, even when lacking a thorough understanding, are able to recognise truth and purity of motive; they share the same sense of responsibility, appreciation of the impending, unprecedented spiritual opportunity and need for co-operation that is similarly felt by all awakening Servers today. It is intelligent altruism, selflessness and love that will be the calling cards of those members of humanity who shall arise with the Servers together as a group to greet the imminent New Dawn.

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