The Rise of Co-operative Communities

THE COMING UPHEAVALS WILL GREATLY AFFECT ALL SOCIETIES WORLDWIDE. One observation soon to be made by humanity will be the inevitable disruption and eventual collapse of conventional methods of trade, together with the cessation of the production of those deleterious and unnecessary luxuries that mankind enjoys today, e.g., those which are based upon the exploitation of diminishing natural resources, those which produce pollutants in the manufacturing process, and those products that necessitate the infliction of cruelty and slaughter within the animal kingdom. The tendency to extend commerce across large distances and internationally in order merely to appease human habits, tastes and desires is today being identified by the expanding global awareness as wasteful, superfluous and, moreover, detrimental to balanced and healthy living.

One of the greatest original factors that contributed toward separation, iniquity, suffering and disease in modern society was the invention of money, and consequently a very active trading climate that fostered tendencies toward greed, ownership, power and conflict. The societal financial systems today conduce toward worldwide domination of the many by the few wealthy and influential. Where a monetary system exists and is exploited by greed – as it has been for so long all around the world – monopoly, corruption, manipulation, injustice, decadence and consequent suffering will always follow closely behind.

In the words of Timothy: “We brought nothing into this world, and it is certain that we can carry nothing out, and having food and raiment let us be here with content. But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition; for the love of money is the root of all evil.”

However, there exist today alternatives that are able to replace the monetary systems, and so remedy the problems created by world trade and its associated misdemeanours. One such alternative is the equitable bartering system which is completely free of monetary exchange. New methods such as these have already been established and are operating successfully in certain communities throughout the world. In the near future, and following the total collapse of the world’s false economies, all humanity will be coerced to utilise such alternative means. However, those who possess a true vision of the coming changes and needed adjustments are already today reverting back to more traditional values of sustenance and sharing, for they are most aware that a period of time approaches when community and co-operative living will be essential to the survival of the race.

As the old methods of livelihood decline toward eventual demise during the coming years, those with foresight will pull together in order to support one another throughout the transition period. Their clear apprehension of the future will reveal to them that a gradual and calculated renunciation of everything of the old will prepare them in stages for the necessary, final and complete abandonment of all ineffective social, economic and political systems in exchange for that which is new and better. Such trailblazers are already today beginning to demonstrate new ways of subsistence, and they are using a new currency.

Universal law guarantees that success will be known when a number of sincerely dedicated people work together with enthusiasm, perseverance and a common, unselfish focus, for such truly spiritual activity is in alignment with the Universal Activity. Spiritual communities are today remembering that there are sure occult methods whereby they may manifest anything that they need for the collective good. When groups of committed people can love enough, together they are able to create an ethereal conduit that draws energy from the higher dimensions, and this can manifest upon the physical plane in whatever form is required to further their work. It is LOVE that is the new currency of the Aquarian age, and to be without this currency during the coming times is to be entirely destitute.

Applicable throughout the birth of the New World, and in accordance with the new laws of the Aquarian age, the following statement of fact will be evidenced everywhere: should an individual be unprepared to happily and spontaneously give of everything that he is able in order to serve the common good; if there is any measure of fear, self-regard and, therefore, reservation in that person, then they necessarily exclude themselves from the ranks of the true servants of the world, and so they cannot be a part of the One Divine Work upon Earth today. There can be no compromise in genuine spiritual service. Furthermore, in the times ahead, all that which is held to oneself; anything that is not offered selflessly in service to others, and everything which is not contributed toward the One Great Cause will be taken away. Such is an often overlooked, yet integral part of the divine Promise made to humanity long ago and which is shortly to be realised by all those who love.

Presently, new communities are materialising all across the world, and these may begin with only two trusting parties. Kindred souls are being attracted to such incipient communities by their working focus, magnetic vibration and by the Law of Karma. Simple living and high thinking will allow these communities to enjoy natural, healthy and purposeful lifestyles in which the spirit of children and adults alike may be lovingly nurtured. Awakening members of the human family are today taking responsibility for providing conducive environments and effective educational systems in which the souls of children may be encouraged to unfold and grow naturally, and whereby their personalities may remain entirely free of becoming conditioned and impaired by the imposed attitudes and rulings of social systems which are themselves constricted, tainted and governed by erroneous beliefs, outworn traditions and inappropriate methods.

For decades and up to date, unusually evolved souls have been and are still incarnating upon Earth in loving response to the world’s dire need for help. They are the precursors of the future new teachers* of the race, and are here to assist mankind in making its necessary preparations for the Great Transition. Such spiritually advanced individuals understand well how to promote the natural development of children on all levels – physical, emotional, psychological and especially spiritual – while avoiding the unnecessary pain and struggle that has been unfortunately experienced by the majority of young people in the past who have been conditioned and moulded by society with its focus upon material achievement. The new teachers are here today to lead the way forward, and members of humanity who recognise the present world-crisis and who possess some discernment of current needs will join and collaborate with these strategically-incarnating servants of mankind, and will thereby construct new and efficient communal foundations for a much more salutary way of life.

* It should be noted that those who are waiting to recognise their own preconditioned idea of the ideal and perfect spiritual teacher – as portrayed perhaps by the serene and graceful personalities of the saints of past religions and biographies – are likely to miss the opportunities offered by the necessarily more rigorous and demanding new teachers of the race who are typically compelled to greet the planetary deadline having successfully contributed toward as large a harvest as possible. The subject of servants of the race, their purpose in incarnating at this time, their origins, qualities, duties, life patterns, etc. have been detailed in a book entitled Servers of the Divine Plan: the Destiny of Ages is Nigh (see end of book).

The builders of the New World shall take and utilise the best from the past, synthesising it with the new in order to prepare for the spiritual prosperity of the coming Aquarian generation. Societies in the New World shall be thus beneficently fostered and so given the opportunity to realise a greater potential for becoming spiritual civilisations. The future of the planet rests in the hands of mankind today. However, neither in hopes for the future nor regrets about the past is the present built. The current and pressing need in the world is for the awakening to action of those who possess the vision, spirit and heart-felt aspiration to create havens for refuge and preparation during the coming storm, and who also possess the initiative and willingness to foster that which is new, life-giving and contributive toward the healing and upliftment of humanity and planet Earth.

Conversely, no community will survive during and after the tribulations unless it is built and maintained upon the sure and sturdy foundations of a joint spiritual aspiration and a selfless ethic. True community resides in the hearts of its members as a spiritual attitude, and not as some external objective or even a common desire to attain it. Therefore, communities in the new era may consist only of true friends; that is to say, individuals who, having attained a united awareness, do not look to one another for personal advantage, but who instead naturally and joyfully set their gaze outward and upward in the same direction for the good of the group and, of course, mankind, thus exemplifying divine friendship.

It should be understood that, contrary to popular belief and during the transition period, communities having the most far-reaching and beneficent influence will not be primarily healing centres; they will be centres of spiritual service bearing many different functions, only one of which shall be personal healing. It is the responsibility of genuine spiritual communities to offer a field of service to those who wish to help raise the planetary consciousness by purifying their own. Selfless service, in raising the vibratory rate of consciousness, induces a process of transmutation and necessarily confers comprehensive healing, yet does not focus solely upon it, and this is a vital key to success during the birth of the New World. Healing is an integral part of any truly divine work, but should it be the prime focus of any community, then such a centre will be extremely limited from the start, for there is something of far greater moment than personal healing and which is calling humanity today from divine spheres.

Following the efficient, logical framework exemplified by all successful esoteric schools of the past, the occult structure of Light Centres in the Aquarian age will incorporate inner and outer circles. These concentric rings of serviceful activity will reflect the degree of spiritual attainment and, therefore, capabilities of those souls that work within their boundaries. In accordance with their own abilities, level of commitment, purity of motive and merit, aspirants will be naturally drawn inward towards those groups who demonstrate greater spiritual influence and responsibility. Each man will find the appropriate position or office that will present the best opportunities for him, while simultaneously harmonising with the group purpose and, therefore, the good of the entire community.

It should be emphasised that the function and format of spiritual communities in the New World will be utterly unlike the various educational bodies that exist today, for the Aquarian age is not a time for workshops, courses and lectures; it is an era of active participation for the common good. So many words have been spoken and recorded for the masses throughout history by the greatest teachers, yet still selfishness, immorality and disease are rampant upon Earth. During the past, and in its selfish spiritual passivity, humanity has generally failed to learn important lessons, the karmic result of which has been so much pain and suffering. However, yesterday’s tragedies do not count for naught, for they have not gone unnoticed, and growing numbers of people today are moving forward toward actively devoting their lives to something beautiful, meaningful and very worthwhile. In such expedient activity they are realising that the result of genuine dedication to a valuable group-cause is inspiration, healing, purpose, fulfilment and therefore harmony and happiness, irrespective of environing conditions; true happiness and joy is an inner state, not an externally-dependent condition.

Humanity is inherently a gregarious species, yet for so long it has harboured a separative and therefore abnormal way of life which has clearly threatened both the race and the planet with destruction. It is time for us to awaken and arise from our living death, to stop taking and looking for what we can procure for ourselves, and to begin experiencing the true Spirit of life by giving of what we have for the benefit of all, be it time, energy, support, money, skill and most importantly love, and this in order to initiate steps toward the manifestation and active realisation of fellowship on Earth.

Balanced and spiritually progressive living may only be realised through selfless expression and the giving of love and understanding to all alike. Today, this fact is beginning to dawn upon the minds of mankind as an inspired and practical vision of the future New World requirements. Empathic and responsive altruism is becoming an overwhelming motivation of, as yet a small, but steadily growing minority; a minority, nonetheless, that shall constitute the critical mass, lead the way and change the world.

Throughout eternity there can be no escape from relationship, from constant interplay between person and person, soul and soul, life and life. Success and survival during the birth of the New World is a question of US, not I. In earnest, loving collaboration, individual strengths and assets are used to benefit the whole community; resources are pooled, and the experience, knowledge, skill etc. of one person becomes accessible to everyone else. This is just one of the benefits being realised today by those sincere groups who are working together toward a common goal, and this globally-expanding pattern is in perfect accord with the great stream of transitions that are preceding the birth of the Aquarian age.

Those individuals who are consciously attuning to all that is new today are finding themselves polarising positively toward seeking to be of service to others. Motivations born of spiritual understanding and based upon a shared vision of future world-unity are impelling all members of the new societal fellowships toward whole-hearted co-operation. Those members of humanity who will emerge triumphant in the New World shall tread the path together, helping one another toward the realisation of a life of balance, rapport and unity. Their life pattern and expression may be analogously compared to that of healthy brain-cells working symbiotically as one greater and singularly focussed creative mind.

Union is harmony and strength, and well-regulated and simultaneous efforts always produce wonders. This has been the secret of all successful associations, communities and civilisations throughout history. We may carefully regard the astonishing accomplishments achieved by the ant and bee colonies as an example of the very real possibilities that can be actualised by a one-pointed group mind. The question may arise, however: can we, or should we, really model our lives upon the crude examples given by insects!? Well, why not? “As above, so below”, and, therefore, as below, so above! Ants and bees have been exemplifying a vital universal principle to mankind for millions of years, ever since our Planetary Hierarchy – the spiritual Guardians of humanity – first arrived upon this planet in order to govern and hasten progress in the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms. Together with wheat, ants and bees were introduced to Earth by these exalted spiritual luminaries, and it may be prudent to consider that such enlightened beings would certainly act for definite reasons. Perhaps it is time – and indeed an opportune one today – for humanity to take heed of those examples that were left for us eons ago.

Mankind’s destiny is already inscribed within the ancient pages of the Divine Plan for Earth, and thus it is known that all those awakened ones in the new era will exemplify to humanity how to live consciously as one creative intelligence, coalescing in accord with the universal Law of Unity. As heralds of the new human race, they will thus personify the forthcoming Divinity in manifestation upon Earth, and such souls are awakening today in remembrance of their duty to mankind. Their common directives and activities will reflect the structure and collective functional mode of all the great spiritual Intelligences who are actively serving the Divine Plan throughout the universe; they are the seeds for the future efflorescence of living super-social entities that are destined to flourish upon Earth in the Aquarian age.

It is through such divine societies that congenial environments for the ultimate planetary diffusion of the New World Consciousness will be fostered, and through which the physical incarnation of the spiritual Hierarchy of Great Souls will help to precipitate and maintain true fellowship upon Earth. Communal living may be rightfully seen, therefore, as an integral part of an ineffably vast and glorious blueprint conceived within the Universal Mind itself long ago. This Plan is now beginning to be appreciated and applied by mankind upon the physical plane again, just as it has been successfully by various old and even ancient civilisations of the past, only at the end of this present major cycle the whole world will join together in the sweetest chorus ever sung upon Earth: a divine hymn of united purpose and global co-operation.

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