The Second Awakening

The second awakening comes with the realization of an artificial ceiling in consciousness. This ceiling, the higher self, consists of dogmas, teachings, and beliefs of the religion or New-Age spirituality you feel at home.

Sometimes it comes like a bolt from the blue; consciousness has a moment of clear insight into the nature of the artificial spiritual ceiling and human nature.

You realize the hypnotic, claiming, and manipulative nature of what you once fervently professed and recognize it in others.

The shocking realization is that these consciousness-clouding properties also resonate within you! You share these traits with all your group members, but is this what you want?

This insight can lead to a moment of reflection and choice. You don’t just give up on the group where you feel at home. Realize, however, that only some people get such a keen insight! New-Age spirituality also has dogmas, convictions, and sometimes even precepts. You click socially, but do you still belong in that circle spiritually? Would you happen to know if your participation still nourishes your Soul?

More people have this experience, and it may be time to find people like you who see through the artificial ceiling and continue on their path toward Spiritual Service, raising their frequency by focusing on their Souls instead of the higher self.

Ⓒ Cosmic Soul