The Second Awakening -update-

Spiritual awakening is a complex process of awareness and acceptance of one’s qualities and shortcomings in time and space, the incarnation. The first awareness is the relationship with the other, the group, the outside world, and their mirror role*. The mirror function works through resonance, so you first depend on the group leader or the teacher for spiritual growth. Such a group can completely absorb someone but think of a spiritual course or community where one feels at home, as there is no impetus for further development.

Spiritual processes go through many stages and lives in which different facets are explored. In addition, many sources, religions, and spiritual movements use different rules, dogmas, and names for (probably) the same things. When the heart is truly awakened, one realizes there must be a universal source and, therefore, a universal spiritual truth that unites all people spiritually.

The earnest spiritual seeker and aspiring disciple discovers the artificial ceiling in consciousness. This ceiling, the higher self, consists of dogmas, teachings, and beliefs of the religion or New Age spirituality they are affiliated with. The higher self field is specific, lacking universality. Leadership here even expects people to adhere to all rules of conduct and dogmatic norms. This is fine, but the disciple’s goal is the universal Spirit from which he came and for which he longs to return. The second awakening is the awareness of his longing and his positive response to it.

Sometimes, it comes like a bolt from the blue; consciousness has a moment of clear insight into the nature of the artificial spiritual ceiling and human nature. One suddenly realizes the hypnotic, claiming, and manipulative nature of what one once fervently professed and recognizes this in others. The shocking realization is that these consciousness-clouding qualities resonate in every human being! We share these qualities with everyone and exist in our group members. This insight can lead to a moment of reflection and choice.

You may want to teach your fellow group members, but only a few people have such a keen insight about the artificial ceiling, and any attempt to educate them wastes energy. The Path of the Soul is an inner path; You open all the inner gates yourself. Devoted disciples recognize each other mainly by what they radiate. Once you understand how the artificial ceiling works, you only have one thing left to do: look for the universal resonance of a group of like-minded people on the way to the path of the Soul.

Q: How can I recognize the universal field?

A: You significantly recognize what it is not!

Anyone who has ever been to a guru meeting has seen how contagious the enthusiastic adoration of followers can be. They create an atmosphere where someone can quickly lose themselves and surrender. The Archetypal 5th field is the facade, or artificial ego, of spirituality and religion. This field needs followers. With followers, the guru gains his status and power.

Self-knowledge through inner work increases psychological insight and sensitivity to this Archetypal field’s extremely subtle manipulation and coercion.

The universal field serves the All, is unconditional, all-encompassing, and is not of this world. The (aspiring) disciple familiar with inner work can perceive the universal field in the heart center. Until one finds kindred spirits, it is best to continue meditating and expand one’s meditative attention in the here and now over the time one is awake.

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Ⓒ Cosmic Soul*

*The inner mirror reflects. If that reflection reflects someone’s qualities, that relationship feels like a warm bath. If it demonstrates a shortcoming, the association offers a challenge in recognizing and accepting what is seen as a shortcoming.