The transcendence of the Soul

Imperceptible Transcendence

One perceives worldly reality through the eyes of ego-consciousness. The veil of the personality, one’s character, colors the gaze of the ego-consciousness and is unique because of the complex composition that personalities have.

The Soul has no ego consciousness. The ego-consciousness can become aware of their supersensible Soul. How do you know you are in touch with your Soul?

In retrospect, one can realize having been in resonance with transcendence. The Soul is an impersonal, transcendent life-giving, and life-sustaining part of the individual man. The Soul is always and everywhere present. Where you go is the Soul. Where a person loses himself in their actions in a thoughtless trance-like concentration, you are receptive to the Soul. However, once one becomes aware of the trance-like state, the magic is broken. Only when you once again lose yourself in the action that you come back into Soul Resonance.

Forget yourself, but that’s easier said than done.

Losing yourself is easiest when you do something you love to do. The work is then so lovely that you no longer think about things that otherwise demand attention. Sometimes losing yourself comes naturally, and sometimes that requires meditation practice.


Synthesis of Yang and Yin, and balance in thinking and feeling

Contact with the Soul is through intuitive communication through the awakened heart center. The ego-consciousness through meditation and intuitive development has brought about perfect cooperation between thinking and feeling.

How do you know the difference between the Soul and the ego’s intuitive telepathy with the higher self or Archetype?

The Soul is perfectly impersonal and neuter. The ego, the higher self, and the Archetypes are personal, have a certain Yin/Yang ratio and their plans.

The intuitive receptivity of the ego has a likeness to telepathy. The intuitive perceptions relate to the personal and individual walk of life through the world. The subconscious drives and needs of each individual’s personality define the direction of the walk and the specific involvement with something.

Intuitive impulses hardly ever come from the Soul because the consciousness is focused on the world and must first penetrate the veil of the personality and the subconscious primordial psyche (the Archetype). The culture (world) resides IN each individual down to the deepest subconscious layers of the individual, semi-collective, and collective consciousness.


Transcendental Love Energy

Many layers of culture surround the pure Soul. Spiritual development means an awareness of that inner culture, and the Path means a complete release from it. The Path frees the Soul from the ties to the world.

As above, so below. As inside, so outside. Unlocking expanded consciousness is closely related to unlocking deeper layers of the psyche. To those who dare to face their deepest shadows, transcendent secrets reveal themselves.

What then is the Soul, and what ‘role’ does the Soul play in daily life and the world?

The Soul dwells in transcendence and is unattached to this world. In other words, the frequency of the transcendent Soul is lacking in the world. The Soul is unconditional and without judgment and gives life and movement to the physical body until physical death. Incarnation after incarnation, the Soul enters a ‘covenant’ with man. Incarnation is a process of energetic attraction or karma.

The Soul is transcendent Love energy. It flows through compassion and entirely on its initiative (without the ego’s intention) from an unconditional and judgment-free heart to where one wants and can receive this transforming and initiating frequency.

Kirsten de Groot

Ⓒ Cosmic Soul

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