The Urgent Need for Preparation and Purification

IF WE COULD LOOK DOWN FROM OUTER SPACE UPON THE EARTH with clairvoyant vision we would see the psycho-emotional aura of the planet as a murky ball of seething mist, steam and fog. We might stand aghast at beholding this great dark cloud of subtle matter, which would evidence itself to be of a density and thickness that indicated not only impenetrability but also those conditions that are unfavourable to life and which make all things appear unclear and distorted. Thus it would be appreciated that there is a pressing need for change and global decontamination, for preparation by all those upon Earth who would be ready to weather well the approaching purificatory storm and, moreover, who would be advantaged by it. 

Tribulation will be experienced globally during the coming years, and effort spent solely in sympathetically administering to emotional or mental suffering and in applying temporary remedies to the growing external symptoms of a world ailing from an internal, spiritual sickness, is not perhaps the most expedient exercise of one’s labour in these exceptional times. Patching up the multiplying wounds of humanity, while being both a necessary and noble duty, is becoming an extremely daunting task for humanitarians today, and soon enough there will not be a sufficient supply of band-aids to go around, or indeed nurses to apply them!

Due to the tangible results of their ministrations, many healers today may fancy that they accomplish a complete service. However, in the majority of cases and upon closer scrutiny such a view may be seen to be erroneous. Once relieved of the symptoms of their ailment – be they physical, emotional or mental – most people tend to become quite satisfied; they often revert back to their routine pattern of living and so fail to begin a search for the underlying causes of their illness. If discovered and understood, however, the essential reasons for their trouble would indicate an appropriate new direction in life for them to take in order that they may move forward while simultaneously effecting a permanent remedy for themselves.

The majority of individuals today seek healing for themselves alone, i.e., with selfish motives. Such personal objectives will not serve to raise their vibratory rate of consciousness; indeed, to the contrary. It may be that certain curative applications do free patients so that their spiritual seeking and service can then proceed unimpeded. However, should a greater understanding of the essential causes of disease fail to be elicited in addition to personal relief, then in light of that which presently looms upon mankind’s horizon and when regarded spiritually, such treatment is without lasting value. Should the complete solution be absent from healing services, if the root-cause is left unaddressed and re-education neglected, then temporarily-cured symptoms of illness will only reappear in one form or another, for true healing must necessarily include right understanding.

The purpose of disease is not merely to provide humanity with an opportunity to discover how to eradicate it! Disease is an effect of a corresponding cause. It therefore bears within itself an important lesson for its creator, a lesson that  cannot be learned as long as one’s attitude toward the self-created disease is antagonistic, as long as one wishes only to stamp it out. However, in remedying the cause of the problem by learning the lesson, the effects of disease will eventually disappear by themselves, never to return. Such is true and permanent healing.

The proliferation of new healing techniques today during the birth of the Aquarian age, in encouraging a focus upon selfas they generally do, often serve to feed the fires of desire in the patient and pride in the healer, thereby diverting many from the real and serious issues with regard to the present period. True and permanent healing is inner, spiritual healing, of which humanity is most desperately in need, along with the preventive medicine of contemporarily-relevant education. Such befitting measures will contribute significantly toward the vitally-required change, preparation and purification of a race which has ventured distressingly close today to self-destruction due to its prevailing ignorance.

Practical discernment is urgently needed at this critical hour, a discernment that will lead to healing through helpfulness. Generally, the greatest good that anyone can confer at this time upon Earth – for others as well as for themselves – is to help toward raising the planetary vibration, and this may be achieved by truly benevolent thinking and selfless, loving activity. As a healer expands his awareness to embrace the greater purposes and laws of life, his desire to see tangible results in the material world will begin to fall away as he becomes conscious of the deeper levels to which his healing ministrations penetrate. True, spiritual understanding will enable such a person to appreciate his contribution toward the more important needs of the soul, and therefore the causal levels of the human psyche, without placing undue importance upon immediate or physical results. Love is the greatest healer, of course, although its effects may sometimes not be instantly recognisable on the physical plane.

The most potent catalyst for education, purification, comprehensive healing and spiritual progress in these times preceding the birth of the New World is to be found in positive and purposeful human interactions, for under the Law of Relationship, life presents its lessons most expeditiously. Indeed, relationship is the mirror in which we discover ourselves. However, due to the intensity of the period we would all do well to make an earnest endeavour to swiftly heal any unhealthy or unbalanced associations, or remove ourselves from them where such healing is impossible, for all attachments and tensions within relationships will cause progressively more distress in the rapidly changing times ahead. Depending upon the purity of one’s motives and orientation toward helpfulness, rests the possibility of utilising today’s spiritual opportunities successfully; the grace of the Aquarian age may best be attracted in meaningful and loving relationship with others.

“Every one to whom I speak has in him all the fires of God; but they are lying dead. The will is bridled by desires of the flesh, and it brings not the ethers of the fires to vibrate into light. Look, therefore, to your soul and note, is not the light within you dark as night? There is no breath but Holy Breath that e’er can fan your fires of life into a living flame and make them light. And Holy Breath can raise the ethers of the fires to light in none but hearts of purity and love. Hear, then, make pure the heart, admit the Holy Breath, and then your bodies will be full of light, and like a city on a hill, your light will shine afar, and thus your light may light the way for other men.” – Jesus.

Purify and Prepare! is the urgent cry of the New Spirit heard everywhere today by those with ears to hear. The impending and necessary cleansing of the Earth and of all sentient life thereupon may be difficult or moderate for each individual depending upon the degree of preparation attained. Efforts made and time spent upon the urgent process of purification – the most vital aspects being psychological and emotional – is now crucial faced with what lies ahead. It is extremely important to begin to effect the required preparations immediately so that a smooth and positive transition may ensue. Effective and lasting purification begins with right understanding. Anyone who remains unacquainted with the nature of that which is transpiring today is at an extreme disadvantage and will become progressively more handicapped during the approaching years as the incoming streams of Aquarian energy intensify. Today all is moving, changing, becoming. This fact must be seen and addressed in order that a true recognition may be gained regarding the present world-transformations, together with a lucid perception, acknowledgment and intelligent acceptance of the ever-widening rift between that which is new and that which is  now swiftly becoming obsolete.

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