The Veil of Forgetfulness

WITH THE RARE EXCEPTION OF VERY ADVANCED SOULS, the events of one’s prenatal existence are rarely recalled. The physical plane is the only plane of forgetfulness, and this has over time been imposed upon third-density consciousness by those conditions inherent within the Fall from Grace. Reincarnating mankind, therefore, is required to mature and grow by making fresh choices in each new incarnation without recourse to the actual experiences of previous lifetimes. Prudent decisions made in the new incarnation, however, will lead eventually to complete freedom from the need for further third-density experience. Such emancipation from the difficult but necessary and rewarding life-experience of the physical plane has in past been termed by some spiritual schools as ‘Liberation’, and denotes a non-compulsory promotion from the dense material world and an auspicious movement forward in the eternal stream of spiritual unfoldment.

Now, all Servers who have chosen to incarnate physically upon Earth (even those who are here for the very first time) must adhere to the laws and conditions of the physical plane, and so during the earlier stages of their corporeal embodiment they are also subject to forgetfulness. This is another of the many burdens that Servers dutifully accept as an inherent factor in their voluntary descent into the vibratory fields of third-density existence. The veil of forgetfulness is designed to mask the memory of their origins, purpose on Earth, higher consciousness, etc., to the degree necessary for them to experience fully the typical human condition. It also affords them needed camouflage until it is time for their public recognition. However, the veil does not inhibit all of their sensibilities, and this is why most Servers will feel alienated within society to some degree, for they sense that there is so much more to life than that of which humanity is aware, and they often suffer painful lessons in order to arrive at the definite acknowledgement that Truth and divine Love are generally quite unknown and unpopular strangers here upon Earth.

The personal veil imposes certain restrictions upon the soul that frequently serve to evoke a common pattern throughout the lives of Servers. This pattern often includes trials and challenges that may produce considerable friction and distress for Servers up until their circumstances become better understood by penetrating the veil to some degree. Generally, difficulties will repeat themselves until Servers have learned necessary lessons by way of their physical incarnation and so become qualified to empathically assist humanity. One of the most significant distinctions of the dense material world in comparison to the more subtle spheres is that it offers repeated opportunities to learn how to love unconditionally despite its abundant dualities and illusions, and Servers are generally inhibited from remembering who they are until they choose to use their free will wisely by loving and helping others. This last point is of vital importance and is most worthy of serious consideration by anyone who is beginning to suspect their nature and, therefore, their purpose upon Earth.

As necessary as the veil of forgetfulness is to the overall success of each Server’s mission, the masked condition is designed to be but temporary. Servers invariably possess certain inner senses which, when heeded, will always impel them to serve the directives of the group-soul rather than those of the personality, and in order to penetrate the veil of forgetfulness and so consciously remember their duty, Servers must listen carefully within; they must trust their Greater Self, and then act upon their insights and true spiritual impulses. It is the duty of all Servers to ultimately negate the mandatory imposition made upon them by the veil, and they may hasten this important process of awakening by applying in their lives two rudimentary measures: i) sincere and intelligent seeking of Truth, and ii) active service. By law, both these activities, if done in earnest, will ensure assistance from the invisible worlds, and so help lead Servers into a progressive emergence from the veiled condition.

It should be remembered that Servers have already reached a higher level of spiritual attainment than the average Earth-bound soul. Therefore, the physical, emotional and mental components of the individual that together comprise the personality of the Server are to be regarded solely as the lower vehicles of expression, communication and service. However, in accord with the Law of Forgetfulness, once new vehicles are taken on in physical incarnation the veil must be pierced anew, self-knowledge reattained and divine contact re-established as a personality before real spiritual service may be rendered. Therefore, the art of spiritual discrimination must be recultivated by incarnated Servers in order to help effect purification of the lower vehicles which, without exception, will have become tainted by the polluted ethers and countless other detrimental influences upon Earth. Purification is a process that must be furthered every day in order that the veil of forgetfulness may be progressively attenuated as higher spiritual contact is fostered. Negative purification, i.e., the release of harmful patterns from the emotional body, and positive purification, i.e., the education of the mental body, will bring about the balanced preparation of the Server’s personality, rapport with the group-soul and so also with the Divine Plan. This process of alignment and purification is essential both to the thinning of the veil and the fortification of the Server’s vehicles so that they may be prepared for contact with Divinity, and the way of purification exemplified by Servers is a road upon which humanity must also embark if it is to enter the New World. In helping to liberate humanity from the prison of self, such alignment of the personality with the purposes of the divine Will is the goal of all Servers today, and shall enable the Law of Service to be progressively and spontaneously demonstrated upon Earth.

*  *  *

There exist certain personal benefits to the veil of forgetfulness also. Firstly, it restricts the amount of inflowing force or home-vibration until the personality is ready to receive it, able to take responsibility for the consequences of such power, and thus to wield it safely in the world for the good of others. Secondly, the potent effects created prematurely by a high-frequency aura upon Earth would undoubtedly result in excessive persecution from those who do not possess spiritual understanding. An unveiled personality in the public arena would thus suffer inordinately at the hands of many human beings who would become quite dazzled by an awakened Server’s innate radiance. Mankind is still not ready today to behold the full light of the New World Consciousness, the precipitation of which shall be introduced to Earth via the lower vehicles of Servers. Therefore, the veil is left intact to some degree until the right moment, and this also provides opportunity for further preparation by the personalities of Servers, as sufficient strength, confidence and wisdom is regained from their experience in physical incarnation.

However, the more diligent and advanced among Servers are today successfully penetrating their veil of forgetfulness to a significant degree, and are consequently attaining at least a fragmentary recollection of their mission. However, should these awakened ones choose to ignore their newly-recalled spiritual duty to humanity, and instead fall prey, even to a small extent, to selfishness under the surreptitious influence of those materialistic forces that still hold sway over the Earth, they will subsequently suffer hefty penalties that will be imposed upon their personality by their own group-soul in order to encourage them back along the right road. Such consequences are often quite disturbing for Servers who may find that they have plunged to an all-time low of depression, confusion or worse, whereby no light may be found by them anywhere. Such a quandary will last for as long as they continue to live for self and not for others. These measures may appear to be somewhat severe when regarded casually, yet they are actually a part of the Servers’ basic training, implemented by no other factor save the directives of their group-soul in order that their future service may be carried out according to plan. Such measures may be rightfully recognised, therefore, as being most appropriate when considering the important task of Servers which, in being a part of the Divine Plan for mankind on Earth at this critical time, must be given every opportunity to succeed. Servers who may have become lost in a cloud of personal problems may profit by contemplating their attitudes and reactions to all phenomena related to their malaise until they uncover what life has been whispering to them by way of their disquietude.

The planetary deadline is so very close today that recent arrivals among Servers necessarily carry a thinner veil of forgetfulness, and will consequently witness far less limitation imposed upon them. The awakening and positive engagement of these more youthful Servers will also be better facilitated than their predecessors because their innate spiritual faculties and teaching skills will be better recognised, appreciated, more enthusiastically evoked and consciously required by a more awakened and readied humanity whose attentiveness to the laws of life will have been galvanised by crisis during the rapidly changing and climactic times ahead.

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