The Waiting Period

THE EARTH-TRANSFORMATION OF GREATEST CONSEQUENCE will take place most swiftly and will be a tangibly objective result of that which has already transpired within the higher worlds. The stepping-up of the planetary frequency has, up to this time, been gradual and relatively subtle; its effects have even passed unnoticed to date by many people. However, it is the rending of the veil between worlds that is sudden, and not the developments of the preparatory stages leading up to the great shift.

The duration of the period up until the planetary deadline and the prophesied shift in global consciousness is dependent upon a multitude of variables ranging from interstellar and interdimensional activity right down to the thoughts and actions of humanity; everything and everyone is connected and interdependent. Many Servers are today waiting in conscious anticipation for others to find their positions and to ready themselves in order to welcome together to Earth that great Light which is already poised upon the horizon of the old world. Some physically-incarnated Servers have waited patiently (and others, frustratingly!) for decades as the greater unfoldment of the Divine Plan for Earth has been repeatedly delayed due to the pervasive planetary domination by materialistic forces, and, therefore, humanity’s lack of preparedness.

The more awakened Servers may sometimes retain certain impressions from their dynamically service-oriented multidimensional life, which are often recalled from dreams, and since they sense in their relatively limited waking state that they actually possess a much broader awareness, spiritual activity and sphere of positive influence than they are able to demonstrate in their everyday terrestrial existence, they often harbour a deep longing to proceed at full speed upon the physical plane also. Yet, as previously mentioned, the world is still not ready, and during the waiting period Servers may consequently and quite understandably feel somewhat ineffective or even redundant in their physical bodies while in ordinary third-density consciousness. However, regardless of how desperately they may try, no matter what spiritual disciplines they may diligently practise, and despite how many rituals or prayers they may perform, Servers are unable to bring their highest faculties and greater spiritual awareness down into physical objectivity before the appointed time when all will stand in readiness, and, for most, their mission unfolds on a strictly need-to-know basis. In part, the gross vibrations that are still prevalent upon Earth today prevent the Servers’ greater consciousness from manifesting, yet once the group-soul is girded and ready, when the required number of world Servers are in their place, when the planetary deadline has been reached, and when the waiting period finally comes to an end, a torrential inpouring of divine force will catalyse the dawning of a supreme Power and Intelligence in those who have prepared themselves adequately to receive and transmit such Light. Meanwhile, the unawakened Servers’ life pattern generally reflects on many levels the typical condition of humanity before its own destined awakening.

The waiting period may be regarded as the preliminary stage of the Servers’ intelligently-unfolding mission, whereby preparation is made – mainly upon the inner side of life – for a full spiritual awakening, via the personality upon the physical plane, where a significant increase in activity and service will subsequently result. Frequently, this period of waiting for Servers is tainted by anxiety, frustration, bewilderment, doubt, alienation, lack of direction and purpose, and, of course, all the other usual concerns and woes that similarly plague humanity. Such afflictions are often particularly poignant for Servers, however, due to reasons already discussed. The gross psychic atmosphere upon Earth that holds down the field of human consciousness within which they have volunteered to incarnate will feel like a veritable prison to most awakening Servers. They may also discover that they become at least tacitly outcast from and by society, for as their awareness unfolds and their remembrance is restored they will find it impossible to fit into social systems that are set against the principles of harmony, spiritual progress and divine purpose.

Greater numbers of Servers today are realising just how markedly incompatible are their own ethics and spiritual ideals when compared to the commonly-accepted and established world standards. Standing with the spiritual Sun behind them, the shadows of the world become accentuated in the Servers’ perception; they are able to see what others cannot. In therefore being acutely aware of humanity’s suffering on all levels, and in beholding negativity and escalating imbalance everywhere in the world, Servers may become coerced by their divine sense of Right to reject the present systems of government and livelihood altogether, even while lacking suitable alternative means of survival. Due to their innate clarity of perception, their sensitivity, integrity and well-meaning propensity to reveal the Truth while living in a land of lies, Servers are often subject to all kinds of struggles and persecution during the waiting period; difficulties which, nonetheless, are guaranteed to yield most favourable results when faced and overcome. In meeting the challenges of the waiting period with faith, understanding, fortitude and patience, the ability to express love unreservedly toward all the multifarious manifestations of the physical world will become natural and spontaneous.

Challenges for Servers in the waiting period, then, are certainly not wanting. However, in terms of spiritual opportunity these challenges are most useful. In fact, they are sometimes specifically designed and presented by the intelligence of the group-soul in order to evoke the employment of free will in choosing to begin the important process of seeking solutions and to subsequently make further choices based upon the knowledge and experience gained from that search, just as humanity has to do if it is to change its present pitiable condition. In receiving the knocks and bruises from the experiences of life upon Earth during the waiting period, it is anticipated by the group-soul that Servers will proceed toward a deeper understanding of the nature of mankind’s problems and, therefore, obtain a firm grasp of the demands to be met for the successful execution of their collective mission of world service. Although the waiting period may seem cumbersome and slow to many, Servers would do well not to underestimate the importance of this time in which they may lay the foundations of their greater future duty to humanity. “He who is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much. No initiate has ever passed the great test of initiation who has not accustomed himself to pass lesser tests every day of his life.” – The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul.

Due to their temporary yet very real human limitations, Servers are ever tempted to repeat the same habitual mistakes made by mankind. The path of least resistance is a well-trodden and easy road, and some Servers will find that they have also strayed onto the path of thorns that leads into a darkened land fraught with both dangers and hard but necessary lessons. However, those Servers who shall know victory upon their mission will eventually cease to tread what is known in esoteric circles as the left-hand path: the way of service to self. They must, at some time during the waiting period, come to realise that as long as they choose to imitate humanity in identifying and struggling with the problems of the lower self, or personality, they will never find a way out of their loneliness and suffering, for they are looking in the wrong direction! Successful Servers will discover that their personal anguish and world-weariness will dissolve once they recall how to triumph over the burden that all humanity bears; a burden which has accumulated over ages of perpetual selfishness and ignorance. Servers must remember that liberation from personal suffering is attained only when identification with the greater suffering of the human family (and of all life upon Earth) is made, and thus true Compassion is awakened. The mighty spiritual power and infallible wisdom of the group-soul is made available to the Server who is able to rise above the ordinary world of the personality in thought as well as deed, and so live for a greater cause than merely their own happiness. “If you would give your life for the selfish self, then you will lose your life. If you will give your life in service to your fellow men, then you will save your life. If you would find the spirit life, the life of man in God, then you must walk a narrow way and enter through a narrow gate.” – Jesus.

Third-density experience in the waiting period presents multiple occasions to learn how to love through the seemingly impenetrable illusion of separation. It does this by imparting its lessons by way of the particular obstacles and hardships that only the physical plane can provide. However difficult such lessons may be, they do offer a commensurate spectrum of opportunities for expeditious growth and, therefore, conscious spiritual advancement. Education on the physical plane ultimately bestows upon successful souls their rightfully-earned passage into higher, more expansive levels of experience. Thus, for an Earth-bound soul who has for the first time balanced all third-density karma and learned adequately the lessons of the physical plane, their development will continue in more subtle realms with full continuity of consciousness from one incorporeal embodiment to the next. For the successful Server on assignment upon planet Earth, rewards are, of course, greater, and apply differently due to the higher turn of the evolutionary spiral that they have already reached prior to their Earthly mission. 

*  *  *

It is to be observed today during the waiting period that a significant number of awakening Servers are assuming an unjustified satisfaction in their partially-remembered spiritual status, and this is a cause for concern. Those who become aware of vague soul-memories sometimes misinterpret them and become convinced that they need not subscribe wholly to the laws and realities that pertain to the physical plane. Such misapprehension of states of consciousness that are real and valid only in the absence of the lower, personality vehicles is today responsible for much imprudent complacency amongst Servers. Therefore, delay in the execution of their mission is known as complications arise and new karma is created. Instead of wilfully and intelligently penetrating the veil of forgetfulness by seeking and serving, Servers sometimes take too much comfort and security in their sense that ‘something wonderful is approaching’ and that they need do nothing but ‘wait for the party to begin!’. While such prescience does indeed contain an underlying truth, smugness together with its corresponding spiritual passivity will not conduce toward the Servers’ adequate preparation, and so will certainly detract from the purpose of their incarnation. Self-satisfaction amongst Servers in the waiting period is, of course, most unhelpful to the furtherance of raising the planetary vibration, and may also ultimately leave their vehicles unfit to receive the powerful spiritual energies that are soon to be released in the world.

The personalities that the group-soul inhabits constitute vital instruments through which the directives of the Divine Plan may manifest upon Earth. Therefore, Servers will wish to keep their mental, emotional and physical bodies in the best possible condition in order that an optimum service may be accomplished through them; a service that the Servers’ greater multidimensional consciousness perpetually renders upon many planes simultaneously on the other side of the veil between worlds. Servers who choose to ignore the lessons offered them within the waiting period (like those of humanity who today opt to remain selfish and spiritually inert) are much more likely to witness the negative effects of the incoming streams of Aquarian energy, the nature of which is purificatory. Servers should bear in mind that since they are generally more sensitive than the average person, they will experience the effects of the inflowing energies first, and also that if they do not prepare adequately in the time preceding the planetary deadline, then they may fail humanity as well as their own group-soul to the same degree as that of their own neglect. Furthermore, and due to their inherent understanding, Servers are duty-bound to offer their knowledge to humanity. If complacency or indifference forestalls them from effecting that duty, then they contravene the Law of Service by which their souls live. In thus denying their own spirit, they inevitably suffer and may incur further karmic penalties.

*  *  *

The waiting period is an important time for Servers to learn to transcend their doubts and fears, and to subsequently begin acting interdependently with one another and humanity for a worthy cause. During the waiting period the typical Server’s temporary limitations, imposed by the veil of forgetfulness, compel them to unite and to form co-operative groups whereby their diverse but complementary skills may be employed to help manifest the group-vision. In offering themselves up once again as surrendered instruments of the divine Will, the process of their own spiritual reawakening – their remembrance – will automatically unfold.

There are other advantages to be realised within the waiting period also. Although these may sometimes be regarded as lesser forms of service, they are of important consequence within the overall mission of the individual Server and should not be overlooked. They include:

1. Preparation of the way for others by exemplifying the essential requirement on the spiritual path of a humbly-seeking attitude. Earnest enquiry into the truth of the times and the purpose of their incarnation will inevitably avail Servers of necessary insight and experience, and this will, in turn, lead to the attainment of conviction born of an adequate comprehension of those subtle senses that were previously but vague whispers from the soul within. In thus acquiring a truer understanding of their place within the Divine Plan for planet Earth and in gaining an appreciation of their potential contribution toward the furtherance of that Plan, the spirit of the Server will begin to confidently manifest itself once more in waking consciousness, synthesising and integrating into one cohesive whole the knowledge and experience of past lifetimes together with that of the present incarnation.

2. The registering for posterity of important discoveries and realisations upon the path of seeking in all areas of human innovation, and the collation of those observations and events for the absorption of the group mind, thereafter becoming a part of its cumulative experience and understanding.

3. Raising the planetary vibration. By their very presence, and even while still in the veiled condition, the auric fields of Servers – having a higher-than-normal vibratory rate – will assist in the transmutation of gross energies around the world. Additionally, in striving for spiritual understanding, the Server will further contribute toward the good of the whole by radiating helpful and stimulating energies along their path.

4. Inspiring humanity to fresh efforts in its own search for Truth, while simultaneously helping to recall to their purpose other tarrying Servers whose veil of forgetfulness may not yet have been penetrated in any significant way.

5. The transmutation and activation of the Earth’s subtle energy grid. Servers often find themselves responding to an inner compulsion to visit various places in the world. Sometimes these locations reveal themselves to be established, forgotten or undiscovered sacred sites where the Server may spontaneously – consciously or unconsciously – assist in preparing Mother Earth for her imminent rebirth by helping to release important data and vital energies that are stored within the planetary intelligence, and which are essentially related to the impending great shift.

6. Living the new world paradigm and, therefore, demonstrating the practicality of manifesting the true vision of the Aquarian age. As everything belonging to the old and outmoded world standards atrophies, approaching eventual collapse and complete disintegration, Servers will lead the way into the New World by willingly sacrificing those material securities and typical social comforts that have become the norm for so many today in the West. In exchange they will actively embrace a greater Cause: the furtherance of the One Divine Work upon Earth.

7. Galvanising others to move forward on the spiritual path by offering a field of service to all.

8. Generally assisting in the re-education of humanity in preparation for the New Day.

The majority of these services during the earlier stages of a Server’s mission and before the all-important Harvest Time are preliminary and so will not be rendered indefinitely. Indeed, they may generally only be effected in the waiting period and before full remembrance for the following reasons:

i) As the veil of forgetfulness is attenuated and awakening ensues, the auric fields of Servers will become highly magnetised. Consequently, the regular contact and relationship that may have previously been practicable with the mass of humanity will become progressively inexpedient due to incompatibility of vibration. The more intense and powerful emanations of the Server in the near future will cause problems for those who remain in hiding within the shadows of selfishness and fear.

ii) As they recall their collective purpose and consequently undergo the restoration of their innate higher faculties, Servers will necessarily become more dedicated and specialised in their field of service, and are much more likely to withdraw from the world at large for more vital esoteric work in closed circles. 

iii) As vibratory frequencies are increasing today upon Earth, darkness is becoming magnified in the world as antagonistic forces make their final and desperate attempt to maintain control and domination. As all humanity continues to be coerced to face and deal with its inner impurity, the inherent and growing hypersensitivity of Servers will coerce their retreat from the intensifying maelstrom of global catharsis. The more remembrance that Servers attain, the more will they be distanced from those of humanity who fail to choose love and service as a way of life. In fact, in the very near future, one way or another, each individual upon Earth will have made a necessary choice to affiliate with either the Islands of Light or the caverns of darkness; there will be no grey areas.

*  *  *

The patience of Servers is very often pushed to the limit in the waiting period, for in their homesickness many feel quite ready to return to their native world. However, Servers certainly did not incarnate upon Earth merely to turn around and return home before first successfully effecting their mission. Servers who make expedient choices during the waiting period should be encouraged by the fact that the latter phase of their mission will prove to be so much more tangibly positive, joyful and productive than the initial stage of inevitable blindness and struggle. The greater details of their noble duty to mankind and planet Earth will very soon be recalled by successful Servers, as their mission is accomplished in complete remembrance.

Meanwhile, do not identify with this transient dream-life. These are ever the watchwords of the Server during the waiting period, for as objectivity is maintained in all things – keeping eyes, ears, mind and heart open – it will be observed that everything in the world is in a tangible state of flux, with much greater change still to come. The concerns and anxieties of yesterday’s reality may be regarded retrospectively as just a fleeting chimera in the light of a new and brighter reality today. Servers who have to date persevered in their duty with grim determination, and who may have grown weary, feeling as if they might expire from sheer loneliness and isolation in a foreign and hostile land, need struggle alone no longer, for the good news is now abroad, and an ever increasing number of Servers are awakening today, and are seeking to reunite.

Progressive contact with the group-soul is presently being attained by those Servers who have learned the lessons of their waiting period, and who are, therefore, able to understand, accept, forgive and release their past, thereby dissolving any accumulated bonds of third-density karma. Thus freed, they may begin to arise effortlessly upon the ever-new inflowing waves of spiritual opportunity. As more Servers are awakening and embarking consciously upon the path of seeking and service today, they are attracting to themselves other individuals who belong to their own immediate spiritual family as well as questing members of humanity. On a global scale, the speed with which the inevitable process of regrouping upon the physical plane progresses determines the time of the accomplishment of the great collective function that Servers have incarnated to execute in the world and, therefore, also affect the duration of the waiting period.

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