Truth: The Gateway to Love

AS A MAN CONSECRATES HIMSELF to the spiritual life, he soon discovers that Truth is the gateway to Love. He begins to see clearly that the seeking of Truth, aimed towards its full realisation, is the way that leads to divine Love. Where Truth is, Love is there also, for Love and Truth walk hand in hand. Love is Truth, and Truth is Love.

Divine Truth begets divine Love. The light of Truth is evoked through complete honesty, humility, and an uncompromising seeking to be one with it. Only through a love of Truth can divine Love be experienced. Divine Love is unconditional, which means it is always Love, it never stops being Love, and can be nothing other than Love. However, such Love can only be known through living in Truth.

Love cannot dwell in an unholy temple filled with untruth, crowded with noisy, self-oriented, unenlightened ideas. Amidst such noise and distraction, Love’s whisperings can be neither heard nor heeded. Love – sweet, gentle, and nurturing – may only take up residence in a human temple that has had all shadows pierced and dissipated by the sword of Truth, and thus has been purged of the prideful mind and fearful heart. The light of Truth disperses the clutter of thoughts and releases the mind from egotistic ideas, separative beliefs, and conceptual opinions, which are at best but distortions of Truth. The Truth silences the tongue of the noisy ego, creating the necessary space that allows the soft and gentle cadences of divine Love to be heard in the heart.

Truth purifies the heart and mind, thus restoring true Vision and enabling one to experience Love’s radiance. It empties out the self of all untruth and creates a sanctuary within where Love may then dwell. When the heart and mind have become united and have learned to simply love Truth for its own sake, in its own light, without trying to add to or remove from the already perfect Nature of Truth, then will Love glow in fullness.

Jesus said “Men love not the Light, for it reveals their wickedness; men love the dark.”

The light of Truth does indeed reveal the tyranny of darkness, driving it out from its hiding place. Truth exposes all falsehood, which has been propagated for countless generations on Earth to deceive a gullible humanity. Truth is totally revealing, and in times of crisis its sword is driven into the world-heart by divine Will, cauterising all fear, untruth, dark matter and dense, unintegrated energy in order to open up the way for Love.

*      *      *

Many people all over the world today believe that unconditional Love means to respect everything, and think that they are being loving when they love the personality-self and its enterprises. Yet while God is Love, “God is no respecter of personalities.” Truth, then, does not validate the personality-self; Truth knows that the idea of a separate self is an illusion and that to assign substance to that self is delusion. Truth and Love see only what is Real. Truth and Love do not regard that which is a mere illusion at all. Thus, Love cannot love the illusory personality-self; Love can only love what is True, because it is Real.

One whose feelings are coloured by a conditional, personal or self-serving love – the kind of love that is opinionated and reactive – expresses a false or imitation love. It is a pseudo love because it does not vibrate in Truth. This kind of love is fleeting and lasts only until the falsehood that supports it is challenged and exposed to the light of Truth. When threatened, the artificial attractiveness of this love may swiftly turn into the ugly face of jealousy, possessiveness, suspicion, mistrust, or hatred.

In this age of the cultivated intellect great numbers of people are very occupied with their own versions of truth, but this is the greatest delusion of all, for there is and has only ever been One Truth, which is God’s Truth or divine Truth. Truth is neither knowledge nor acumen, yet the light of Truth bestows Wisdom upon the man whose ways of being are aligned with Truth. Truth does not at all value beliefs and opinions. It does not care for this view or that view, this idea or that idea, which are mere projections of an unenlightened mind. Any self-conceived notions arising from ignorant perceptions are not recognised at all by Truth, as these have no basis in Reality. Truth recognises only its own Nature: that which is Real.

No measure of hopeful actions, studied words and unrealised gestures of ‘love and light’ or ‘peace on Earth’ can open up the way to true Love and everlasting Peace. At best, such notions may inspire people to seek out Reality, but only the unadorned Truth itself can heal the world and mankind, and transform this planet back into an Eden, as it was in the beginning before the birth of delusion.

Behold! God’s Truth is returning to Earth, for mankind’s self-created evil is today suffocating the planet. The great day of cleansing at the end of this major cycle is almost at hand. In these remaining years leading up to the global transition and the opportunity of an age there is an urgency for man to put away all his dualistic ideas about love and light and peace on Earth, and his expectations of what those may or may not entail, and to step onto the path of self-emptying in honest, humble surrender. It is through such right attitude (way of facing) and surrender of free will to the divine Will that divine Love may again express itself through the human race.

*      *      *

At the present time on Earth and with regard to the need of the hour, Love comes behind the sword of Truth because mankind has become exceedingly deluded, its consciousness darkened due to its false I-dentification. Love cannot gain entry into humanity’s heart as long as that heart vibrates in the denseness of its self-conceived fantasies. So polluted, tenebrous, and chaotic has the Earth become with mankind’s delusions and ignorance that relatively few people in the world today can see or hear the subtle sound of Love’s eternal song. It is all but non-existent to the sleeping consciousness of humanity. And so Truth must clear and make straight the path for Love’s return. Truth must prepare a fertile field on Earth so that Love may blossom again within the hearts of men. The mighty power of Truth will bring all falsehood to its knees in these last days of the age so as to restore Love upon the throne as king of this world. 

As Truth – followed by divine Love – returns to our ailing planet, those who love the Truth and who are therefore consecrated to serving the Truth without compromise or self-concern, will greatly rejoice at the shattering and dissolution of the world-ego together with all its lies and darkness. The arrival of Truth on Earth may be called The Great Day of Purification, for that is precisely what is about to ensue globally.

After the twisted appendages of man’s delusions are cut away by the sword of Truth and thrown into the Fire, he can once again become an empty and worthy vessel to receive divine Love. Truth, therefore, is the great Redeemer or Liberator of men. Its light will soon set humanity free from the black shadow under which it has struggled to breathe spiritually over the ages. Then will Love fill the hearts of all who are able to receive, lifting them up into a transcendental state of joy and freedom.

Truth is also the great Equalizer of men. Truth sees all in the same light and justly serves all. Its inexorable might will shortly bring all men to a place of sincere repentance on the same level of humility, where no single man may overshadow another in any way, and mankind will again know Unity. 

But many people today still dread the ultimate arrival of Truth on Earth. Those who love the dark, fear the sword because the approaching light of Truth portends the end of a world corrupted in which they have selfishly thrived, and the reappearance of Truth on Earth means the beginning of a new world where justice and equity shall reign. Truth will bring an end to selfishness, an end to greed, an end to every delusion and of egotism, and an end to the victim and aggressor paradigm, which has become an habitual reality for the majority of mankind today. 

It is always the case on a dark and dysfunctional planet that Truth returns first to pull out the rotten roots of miscreation that have spread error and evil in the unholy soil of selfishness. At the time of the end – The Great Day of Purification – the mirror of Truth will be held up for all to see at last what they have become and which master they have served. When man is left with no other choice but to face the Truth and himself in utter honesty, to look, to see and to weep in genuine repentance, then can Love open  his heart and reveal to him the way of devotion and holiness. 

It is honesty that is the beginning of the path that leads to Truth, and Truth is the gateway to Love. And only through Truth can Love return to Earth as the heart and minds of mankind are purified and transformed back into alignment with the Universal Harmony.

“O mighty diamond vajra of Truth, bring to an end. Destroy! Destroy!” – Buddhist chant.

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